thermostat housing

  1. Dragerman

    Wanted  1989 FJ62 Cold Start Timer Switch

    Hey guys, I am currently in search of a Cold start timer switch (8946220040) that will fit on my 89’ FJ62. Just bought the Cruiser and that piece is broken. Only having a problem finding this part, but if you also have the Thermostat housing lower (16333) and Thermostat housing gasket (16343)...
  2. 1

    88 FJ62 Dash Temp Gauge Help

    Hi all, Just finished changing the following on my 88 FJ62. All parts are from CCoT. water pump hoses belts thermostat aftermakert dash temp gauge sender radiator cap pretty sure all is burped sufficiently but not 100% certain. No leakage Despite being a bear of a job, it seemed to go well...
  3. S

    Thermostat Housing Threading

    My water pump blew up (coolant everywhere) at the end of last year so I replaced it and all the hoses. While I was doing that I tried to take the thermostat apart and sure enough, both bolts snapped. The FJ went into storage over the winter and there was a tiny bit of coolant under it every time...
  4. jjh123

    Thermostat question

    So I have begun replacing parts on my cooling system starting with the radiator and all of the radiator hoses. Today I decided to take apart the thermostat housing, and to my surprise there is no thermostat. I have had no issues with my engine running cool, it typically holds 180* on long drives...
  5. leucadiacruiser

    3FE Water Temperature Switch leak

    I replaced the upper thermostat housing in my FJ62 with an aftermarket housing and now am having an issue with the stock water temp switch leaking when engine gets up to temp. I read a few threads saying teflon tape is a no no, as the switch is grounded through the threads. Searching the stock...
  6. Wadesters

    Wanted  FJ60 (1985) Top thermostat housing

    Hello, Looking for FJ60 (1985) Top thermostat housing (isn't it the same as a late model FJ40)? Four bolt holes. Anyone have one? Need it shipped to zip code 30265 Thanks!
  7. mtweller

    Quick ? on thermostat housing plumbing

    Redoing the plumbing on my 2FE and trying to decide which housing I'm going to run for the thermostat. I have a question about the 2F with oil cooler: In this photo, cool water is flowing FROM the water pump -> oil cooler -> thermostat upper housing, correct? I don't really get that...
  8. pandasfj

    For Sale  fj62 lower thermostat housing So.Cal

    Lower t stat housing with temp sensor. Front right threads have been rethreaded but still in good condition. $25 paypal fnds n fam. plus shipping .
  9. beecherjeeper

    Lower Thermostat Housing

    Did a search and came up empty. Anyone know of a source for the lower thermostat housing for a B engine, 2-hole base plate? There are none that I can find in the Philippines. Thanks.
  10. pandasfj

    Wanted  fj62 lower thermostat housing

    Need a good lower housing in clean condition. Thanks.
  11. masonbarnard

    Wanted  fj60 lower thermostat housing

    Just like the title says, i need the lower thermostat housing. I have the Jim C plug, and im getting a new BSV. But if you have it with bsv's i dont care. Ill pay for speedy fast shipping. please PM or comment. Thanks, Mason
  12. 65swb45

    For Sale  FJ60 tstat housings, SoCal

    Uppers only; no lowers available. $40 each plus the ride from Burbank. Minimum order requirements apply. No PMs please. Post or call the shop.
  13. saleach

    Thermostat gasket leaking

    Hey guys, I replaced my water pump and timing belt a few weeks ago and I am having trouble getting a good gasket seal at the thermostat housing. (See pics). I have done the gasket twice. The first time I followed the directions on the permatex gasket maker (red). I put the material all around...
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