remote start

  1. Irish Reiver

    Keyless entry & Remote Start systems OBD1

    I want to replace the old keyless entry system which has now failed with a new model that also has a remote start function. My truck is a '94 so OBD1 (not sure if that matters). Does any one have real world recommendations ?
  2. JonD

    New head unit / backup cam / remote start

    Finally treated Vicki to some upgrades I had been planning on from the start. Headunit: Sony XAV-AX100 6.4" Media Receiver with Bluetooth: Cell Phones & Accessories Remote start: PRIME G9 | Remote Car Starters | Compustar Not sure about the brand of backup camera as I had a...
  3. Turbo55

    Normal? Door actuators cycling clicking noise when door closed.

    I have searched high and low for 4 hours but have had no luck. One of you will likely say the answer is here, here, here, and here (and be right). :p When I close any door (key in ignition, not in ignition, even started) all the doors make a cycling "clunk-clunk" noise exactly like the door...
  4. tampacruiser95

    Remote starter for 80 series

    I searched and see lots of people referencing issues they think may be caused by a remote starter, but nothing definite. Does anyone have one and like it? Any brand you recommend/don't recommend? Anyone have one and hate it?
  5. S

    Remote Start Help

    Ok Mudders. I am new to the club and have received tons of great info from everyone. I have an issue the wiring on the viper remote start in my LX450 that was on the truck when I bought it. The viper replaced the factory RS anti-theft. The viper works great and install looks clean and intact...
  6. Classic85

    HDJ81 Remote Start Install - 24V Starter Failure

    Has anyone had this problem? extensive searching with no results. Aftermarket AUTOPAGE RS665-2WA alarm and remote start. When pressing remote start engine starts but starter will not shut off, continues to spin. It is appears to be intermittent, the pause time is set to setting 1 which I...
  7. okcruiser

    Strange ignition-starting problem

    My 1995 has developed a strange starting issue that I need some help on. After sitting for several hours (usually overnite) it will not start. Turning the key results in a click but no starter engagement. Battery has tested fine. No amount of jiggling the key helps. Here's the strange...
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