1. jLB

    Strange overdrive behavior in 99 LX

    On the drive to Silverton, in our old 99 LX, I noticed an unexpected behavior when disabling overdrive... Overdrive Off switch illuminates the light on the dash as expected. (The light is "on" with the switch in the "out" position. The light is "off" with the switch in the "in" position.)...
  2. C

    Cruiser has a hard time with OD on inclines

    Hey guys, A brief intro as this is my first post; I recently bought an ‘04 100 series after quite the extensive search. She’s still just a baby at 120,xxx miles and since purchasing her I’ve dumped thousands into baselining her and getting preventative maintenance under control - timing belt...
  3. MFK

    92 Prado Auto Transmission Troubles

    Hi everyone. My 1st post here. I need your help. I have a 82 LJ78 for the last 4 years. I got tired of the underpowered 2LTE engine and swapped it with a 1KZTE but kept the transmission from old engine. Now, it is giving me troubles (tranny has been rebuilt once as it was slipping in all gears...
  4. J

    Am I BLIND? Where is the Overdrive button?

    Hi everyone, I've been doing extensive research on how to tow with the LX470, and have read a number of accounts to TURN OFF overdrive while towing, even on the highway. But I can't find the button to press for the life of me... Could someone please kindly help. Or is it not available on the...
  5. diesellibrarian

    FJ62 Overdrive Switch

    Hi everyone - I'm trying to rectify some of the terrible deeds that were done to the wiring of my 62 by some previous owner. When I pulled the O/D switch, I found that none of the wires were attached to anything (strangely, the O/D still seems to kick in at around 50 mph). I have looked at...
  6. 83Lettie47

    Fairey Overdrive

    Hi there I just wanted to know other peoples knowledge on the topic I have two overdrive units but built into the transfer case and been trying to get one that sits on the back of the transfer case for a future build I have found a guy that has one but just wanted to know what those ones are...
  7. HemiAlex

    H55F Swap Checklist: Post 85

    I'm getting ready to do this swap with my friend @FARMAN33 I've got a new H55F and rebuild split case from Georg. That will make most of this a direct swap into my 87. We will not be using anything from the old set up aside from the t case linkage. Here are the odds and ends that I've got...
  8. YoungStingy

    Master brake cylinder going bad? And vibration in Overdrive..

    Hello fellow 100 series owners, Had my lc100 ‘01 for a little over a year now. Put 20k on it since purchase. Put a lot of monet in it fixing it up. I’m nearing a cross roads in what to do. Ever since I’ve owned it, I notice the MBC shakes briefly occasionally. I assume it’s the factory...
  9. Sam Haring

    For Sale  Ranger overdrive and other parts fj60 ls motor swap

    Brand new still in packaging ranger overdrive unit bought through advance adapters in January, I sold the fj60 so now I am selling the parts- $1250 Also available is AA motor mount kit-$100 11" clutch and flywheel setup - $500 (Flywheel is custom fit for the 4.8) 2006 4.8 L20 Chevrolet 10k...
  10. kindoflikerambo

    Wanted  Fairey Overdrive PTO Gear wanted. Give me some love mud!

    Hey all you Mudder folks out there! (Could've had some fun word play there but I'll keep it classy) Share the love and sell me your Fairey Overdrive PTO gear that your broken down Fairey isn't utilizing pretty please! If you know any member who might have one, be a gent send them my way. Mark...
  11. saucebox

    SOLD  Ranger Torque Splitter FS,UT

    Up for sale is a new (-ish) Ranger Torque Splitter to adapt the Chevy V8 to the Toyota 4 speed transmission. 27% overdrive model, found here (760024M-27 : Toyota Land Cruiser 4 speed Ranger Torque Splitter Overdrive 27% | Advance Adapters). I no longer have the original box, but have all the...
  12. Footwork

    Part number for overdrive wire

    I was replacing my shifter knob with new leather and I messed up the chip on the O/D button. I cannot find a part number for the chip and 2 wires that go to the blue connection. Thanks in advance...hopefully
  13. J

    For Sale  *SOLD* Fairey OD *SOLD*

    For sale Fairey overdrive out of my 1977 FJ40. Two pieces are damaged (see picture) but overdrive worked fine prior to being removed from vehicle.
  14. Coolcam

    Fairy overdrive delete

    Alright I know this has been posted countless times but I swear I have searched through every post from this site and others and not founderstand my answer. I have a stock 1980 fj40 4 speed with the fairy (fairey) overdrive. My o/d crapped out. All I want to do is remove the od and get her back...
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