1. C

    For Sale New Oasis XD 4500 12v air compressor

    $1400 obo. Boxed up and ready to ship. It is brand new with all parts and paper work. This is like having a shop compressor on your vehicle or trailer. It was slated to go on a project I am working on but the plan changed. My loss is your gain. I'm in Nevada City, CA
  2. E

    running york oba air...How long can these run without overheating?

    I cant find any mention of heat or duty cycle. Any help would be great. If it matters I run a 210. Thanks Eric
  3. bryson

    For Sale York 210 for OBA system SLC, UT

    For sale is a York 210 compressor. It spins freely, the clutch engages/disengages properly, and suction and discharge pressure are easily felt at the ports. I do not know it's history, but I was planning to rebuild it as part of my project. It may be usable as-is, but I cannot guarantee...
  4. V

    Wanted York 210 air compressor

    Well I've decided I want to do an Oba system for my 1996 fzj80 land cruiser and was wondering if anyone has a lead on a 210 york .local to southern California would be a huge plus.thanks
  5. sunrk

    OBA AOB Endless Air etc. options for diesel 80's

    Here in oz there used to be two mobs doing on board air stuff but it's always been based on modifed Sanden AC compressors, not the York compressor that's popular with USA people. I've got no idea at all what sort of air compressor is common on big rigs, but they've all got one. Also here in oz...
  6. Berzerker76

    Where did you mount your VIAIR gauge panel?

    For anyone running a VIAIR OBA setup in their 80, where did you end up mounting your gauge/switch panel in the cab? I've got a couple ideas of where I might put it but thought I'd see what others have done before I do any cutting or drilling. Chances are at least one of you has come up with a...
  7. mjeckell

    Show me your OBA quick connect locations

    I am having some difficulty picking some good locations for my quick connect locations throughout the car. Please post pics of your locations. I have 4x4 labs bumper, Hanna sliders, and slee short bus up front for armor. I am considering 1 up front and two more on left and right side of vehicle.
  8. Berzerker76

    OBA switch wiring question

    I'm hoping one of you electrically inclined types can help me out here. I'm in the process if installing a VIAIR on-board-air system in my rig and thought about adding an electronically controlled purge valve to the system for 5h!ts and giggles. I'm planning to use this momentary switch to...
  9. Behemoth60


    I've been dabbling with a PTO driven On Board Air solution. With all these fancy JDM's in our world, many of them have Air Conditioning, which consumes vital engine space for an engine driven compressor. As we learn to hate the factory PTO winches and replace them with something else, it...
  10. itbrokeagain

    3fe oba

    Turned the ac compressor into oba on my 91. It works surprisingly well and was very easy. I would like to wire the idle up to the pressure switch. What controls the high idle for the ac on these?
  11. tlin

    Onboard Air (OBA) - what are you running?

    Quick search didn't show much (OBA | onboard air) other than discussions whether recycling the AHC pump/compressor would work for airing tires (clear answer being 'nope!!!'). In the 80 world, the Puma compressor is loved by many (esp. the local CSC club here in Az.) but isn't one I want for the...

    Wits' End 200 Series OBA mounting discussion

    Over the past few months I've been neck deep in On Board Air (OBA). I've been heavily focused on the 8o Series but since I've had access to a 200 it was a no-brainer to work out similar solutions. The two most difficult pieces of the system are the compressor and the air tank. For the...

    Wits' End for the 200 World

    Hey folks! I'm usually in the 60 and 80 Series forums but I've had my eye on a 200 Series for some time. I had a neighbor that was going to be selling me his 2009 but that fell thru last Nov so I'll be on the hunt again soon. In the meantime I was trying to figure out what I was going to build...

    On Board Air Kits ala Wits' End...still working out da bugs

    Lots of stuff getting completed and off my plate finally. But lots of hiccups along the way. The York OBA Kits are in shipping purgatory, the SB50 cables are waiting on sleeving, the D-Pillar is waiting on time from machine shop to bust me out another proto, all lockboxes have left the building...

    Wits' End York On-Board-Air Schematic and Discussion

    I seem to be getting a lot of questions lately about the York OBA setup since I started taking pre-orders on the bracket and pulley kit: Bringing back the York OBA bracket and pulley kit! Rather than writing a novel with each PM or email that comes in or sit on the phone for a good hour trying...

    Bringing back the York OBA bracket and pulley kit!

    Since starting Wits' End last May, the number one thing I keep getting asked to make (other than the battery disconnect, the D-Pillar mount, the second row bug screens, etc etc) is the York bracket and pulley kit. For those of you that have been around long enough you'll remember that I did the...
  17. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale SOLD: York OBA Compressor + 2F Mount + tank (PA)

    On-board air, York compressor w/ 2F mount and air tank. PO had tank mounted at the back of the frame tucked up, so it's dirty but I believe it all works fine. (125 p.s.i.) I think PO pulled the compressor from either a volvo or a saab. Asking $150 for all of it. No shipping. Some pics...
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