1. reddevil

    For Sale  1984 Toyota FJ60 244,xxx miles (possible trade for Tacoma)

    Having given much thought and debate, I am putting up for sale my FJ60. Just purchased an FZJ80 which is taking up my time and really don't want the 60 to sit around and not be appreciated. I have owned for several years and am the 4th owner (3rd owner only had it for six months and needed to...
  2. edog333pizzaE

    For Sale  Locked nice 96 235,000 first 5500

    Runs great, lockers, ac, 3 rows of seats, new this spring BFGs, metric 33s 4 wheel drive is smooth no clicking birfs no rust Went broke so i have to sell the truck , never wheeled more than dirt roads, No check engine light Needs brakes soon, and i dont think i will smog at this price but...
  3. D

    For Sale  96 flz 80 triple lock 230k 6500?

    Has too go hate to do it. Very clean in and out, purchased in Tn. So only one winter in Mi. and it kicked winters butt. All the diffs lock everything works want more pics just ask.
  4. Fast Eddy

    Suzuki LJ20 "Jimny" on BaT - nice

    1972 Suzuki LJ20 Jimny "water-cooled 360cc two-stroke twin, four speed manual transmission and two-speed transfer case" ... "sounds like a dirt bike".
  5. mongoose2231

    For Sale  Rear hatch bezel in nice condition.

    I have this nice bezel that I was keeping as a spare. It had a bit of surface rust on the back side. I meadia blasted it and then primered and enameled it. It should last forever now. The front side chrome is in very good condition. The plastic toyo logo has a bit of fading in a couple spots. I...
  6. S

    Nice service vehicles

    Spend some time in Morocco last two weeks; primarily Marrakech and Essaouria. Lots of Prado TDs and quite a few full size LCs also. Cops are outfitted well. Curious; anyone have a general $ on the Prado TD (Africa pricing)?
  7. RolandFJ40

    Wanted  Looking for a really nice 81-83.

    If you have one of know of one for sale let me know thanks.
  8. Nifski

    Wanted  Nice 80 with lockers, Are you thinking it's time to let her go!

    Looking for a Toyota or Lexus with lower mileage 160k or less in great or good condition, shoot me a note and a pic if you are on the fence and may want to sell and want to keep it simple. Stock or mild modified ok. Lighter colors a plus. Will Travel. Thanks, N
  9. a77fj40

    craigslist  Nice 40 - Not mine and a little overpriced...

    ...but maybe he'll negotiate. Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser
  10. shmukster

    Nice Trekker available on "bring a trailer"

    Good looking truck, Aaron! No Reserve: 1981 Toyota Winnebago Trekker 4x4
  11. OregonB

    Lexus dealer experience

    Had some trepidation in first visit w/my recent '05 LX buy to the Lexus dealer. Went to get the recall done (passenger side curtain airbag module replacement). They gave me a swanky loaner, so I drove it home, put on a clean shirt, and ran a few totally unnecessary errands as a poser in that...
  12. Von Chaos

    Nice rack?

    Finally finished my rack. Now all i need is Tepui to donate a RTT
  13. seventysixers

    For Sale  Nice fj60-62 parts (UT)

    I have many good fj60-62 parts for sale. All prices are plus shipping text if interested 801-209-7396 Fj62 sun visors 50$ pair Glove box and door 25$ Glove box knob 20$ Spector taillight lenses 30$SOLD Headrests 20$ each Fuel door with lock and key 20$ 4high button 20$ Roller 15$ New Heater fan...
  14. FatHero

    Nice local GX460 with lift and tires

    Hi fellas - not my rig. Saw this in a parking lot and had just a short chat with the owner and I asked his permission to take a couple of pictures and post it here. I'm a 100 and 200 series owner and I'm not very familiar with the GX, especially mods for them but I thought some of you folks...
  15. Ali M

    Nice 2016 LC Builds videos from Jultimate in AU

    I came across these two on youtube. A Silver and White 2016 LCs with bullbars, drawers, rhino rack and lift. My 2016 LC is white and it is such a hard color to match with exterior parts such as ARB bumpers etc. but the black ARB bumpers on the white LC in the video is not looking bad either...
  16. PortFJ62

    Nice One Alaska

    House Joint Resolution 69 aims to allow the killing of hibernating bears and wolf pups on Alaskan federal refuges Passed Congress and on to the Senate. Makes me sad.
  17. BBQ BOY

    Would y'all sell this to buy a nice FJ40?

    This is definitely the wrong place to ask this, I know, but I miss my old 40. HOWEVER< I love this thing too!!! a nice 40 would compliment my FJ55 though.
  18. Rustic76

    For Sale  Nice HJ47 on eBay

    No affiliation, just passing this one on. Looks like a very nice troopy. 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 | eBay
  19. L

    found a nice 91 should i hold out for a later model

    is the new 4.5 better than the 4.0. is the new trans A442F better than the old A440F? and no disc brakes in the rear and no abs. some opinions. thanks
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