1. yonah

    Slee 200-Series Accessory Mounting Tray (new product?)

    I just checked Slee's website and saw this piece of gear for the 200-series: --- It's been a couple of months since I last visited Slee's site, but this...
  2. ItsBavid

    How are y'all attaching shovels/axes to the side of your roof rack?

    I just installed the Bowfin cruisers rack and we're about to take our first long trip; Colorado and New Mexico. We've got everything set up except how to mount our shovel and axe. Any recommendations? I saw a couple people use the Thule attachments but only for the stock rack so I'm not too sure...
  3. 64Rotorhead

    Shocks FJ40 Outside Frame, rear shocks

    I've seen a lot on here but not on this particular question. First off, I'm a newbie, first build. I've read a bit about designing for shock mounting, locations etc. This basic article was helpful: Everything you wanted to know about Shock Absorbers - 4x4Review Off Road Magazine I realize it...
  4. DieselEd

    AHC Bracket to ARB Compressor Bracket Conversion

    I face so much creative and helpful content at this forum, so I thought I have to share my modifications on the AHC Reservoir Bracket to convert it to a ARB Compressor Bracket. Please keep in mind, that I deleted my AHC completely and wanted to use that spot for something usefull. Since I have...
  5. GeologistFelix

    Source for ARB bumper mounting brackets?

    So, I got a great deal on an ARB bumper yesterday, but it's missing the hardware and the brackets that mount to the ends of the frame rails. I found the part numbers for the brackets, hardware, etc., but haven't been able to find them for sale anywhere except a 'Mud thread from 2013. I emailed...
  6. Overlander78

    Help! need some FJ40 wisdom on sims/difs

    To be more specific, what issues would I encounter trying to mount a 65' tub on a 78' chassis/drivetrain. I know the Air conditioning isn't a thing on the 65' model so that would be left out. But as far as body mounts/ drivetrain fitment, what should I keep in mind? any major things that will...
  7. K

    Rear lower link mounting solution?

    i always seem to get caught up on the frame side bracket for my rear lower links when crawling. Is there a lower profile solution? A way to recess it into the frame? I did find a new bracket but don't think it'll provide any additional clearance. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. 89GASHOG

    Wanted  fj62 headlight mounting rings

    I'm looking for the outboard mounting rings, plus springs and screws if anyone has them. My retaining rings seem to be OK, but I'd take those too. As seen in this diagram 81113, etc. RING, SEALED BEAM MOUNTING, NO.1 RH. HEADLAMP (LAND CRUISER (FJ62)) for 1989 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER. #8111390B04...
  9. 1

    2F Engine Temp Sensor Mounting Points?

    Hey guys, Just wondering where i can mount a mechanical water temp gauge in my 2F engine. I've had a look around but haven't been able to see anything. I read the manual and it didn't say anything about temp sensors, only the thermostat in the water head. Any help is appreciated. Rohan
  10. jerryb

    HID relay harness mounting location?

    I searched a bit. I couldn't find where people are mounting these. IF ballast can set in the space behind the side marker, in the fender, where is a good spot for the relays? Thanks for any help Jerry
  11. Elfman

    Drivetrain mounting ideas

    STILL working on the NV4500 install. I've run into the classic stumbling blocks along the way here and I'm searching for some alternate mounting solutions for the T-case/ Trans. This project is CRAMPED!!!! All the way from garage space to space in the rig for this friggin humongous trans! Any...
  12. boozewz

    Blue Sea Fuse Block Mounting Location

    Can we see some pics of where you guys have mounted these inside the wagon? Most of the images are in the "what have you done this week" thread, so the search wasn't too helpful. I am debating to put mine in the cargo hold above the bottle jack storage. Can either insert it flat horizontally...
  13. CHCP

    Wanted  [ME] 4 Rear Body Mounting Bracket #1

    Wanted: Four Rear Body Mounting Brackets (#1) TEQ part number 51741-60010. New, NOS, Excellent to Very Good Used for summer restoration and installation of a Aqualu 3/4 aluminum tub this summer!
  14. 1973Guppie

    Mounting Propane tank at an angle?

    Hoping someone can answer this question. I am working on my revising my rear bumper to hold a 5 pound propane tank for camp cooking. I have a good idea but the way my rear 4x4 labs gas can carrier sits the best solution is to mount the propane tank at a slight angle, like 25 degrees angle...
  15. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4Runner 5 Passenger Seat Belts Complete Set Front & Back W/ All Mounting Hardware Bolts

    - This is a 1 single / same vehicle matching set of 1985 Toyota 4Runner 5 Passenger Seat Belts sets Complete Set Front & Back W/ All Mounting Hardware Bolts - Toyota Interior Trim Code #1 Grey / 1/79- Later FJ40 Trim code #1 - The 1985 Grey Color Fabric Belt Webbing & All Grey Plastic...
  16. Subterranean Nik

    For Sale  Warn Zeon 8 winch w/ 40 mounting plate - Knoxville, TN

    For Sale - Warn Zeon 8 winch w/ mounting plate (brand new, pulled from a recently sold truck). $900 firm (basically you get the ccot ~$100 mounting plate for free). PM if interested. Located in Knoxville, TN. Nik
  17. MastiffDad14

    Arb Compressor mounting ideas with AHC

    I'd like to add an arb compressor twin or single have not made up my mind yet, I tried searching for mounting locations for AHC equipped trucks but I have not comd up with anything. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Wits' End 200 Series OBA mounting discussion

    Over the past few months I've been neck deep in On Board Air (OBA). I've been heavily focused on the 8o Series but since I've had access to a 200 it was a no-brainer to work out similar solutions. The two most difficult pieces of the system are the compressor and the air tank. For the...

    Wits' End Accessory Mounting Quarter Panel- need input

    UPDATE: 6-22-2017 Okie dokie folks, I don't have 100% of the details worked out because I had a last minute idea I want to try and include. But I have enough info to set a price and start production within the next week or so. The new metal shop I've been working with has brought up a couple of...
  20. HemiAlex

    Mounting a winch to an early 60 ARB bumper

    I bought my early ARB bumper used. The previous owner had a winch on it, but he would never respond to my messages on how to mount it. Should the bumper have a plate for the winch to attach or does a generic plate come with the winches? I'm confused, help.
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