1. F

    shudder miss under load acceleration

    read many many posts about this problem. 1999 lc 300,000 miles upon acceleration shudder miss at idle lack of power on acceleration determined NOT driveline related suspected coil issue removed coil plugs while running one at a time, each cyl affected eng sound (unplug maf sensor so engine...
  2. sammybones

    Suggestions for load bars

    I'm going to replace my factory roof rack. I don't need a rack or basket just load bars for my canoe. So far all I can find are the ones from Rhino Rack. Ideally I'd like them to sit up a little higher than the Rhino Rack load bars do. Any suggestion would be most appreciated.:)
  3. Leggiez

    Van Load bars?

    I've been looking for the cheapest roof rack solution in hopes of transporting 2 kayas and maybe even adding a cargo box of some sort. I have looked at everything from $1000 and up safari racks to those cheap van load bars. With that being said is it possible for me to use the van bars? I have a...
  4. J

    Is 45 psi a lot for 285 75 16 AT KO Load E

    Hi There I was chatting with Tire Rack about a new set of 285 75 16 Tyres. The one I have an E Load Range which means they should be run at 45 psi. I usually ran them at 34 psi. I tried 45 psi the ride is a bit firmer but truck seems a bit more nimble and will probably do a bit better on fuel...
  5. Taco2Cruiser

    GVWR, how much can a 200 safely carry?

    We all use our 200s differently, from daily driving with families, to towing, weekend camping, to full long term expedition travel. Safely carrying extra weight seems to be an ongoing concern, as it should be. Lives are at stake. I for one use mine for long term remote travel and harder rock...
  6. napir

    '96 Stalling Out Under Load

    Just started this morning, I was driving along and hit the throttle and the truck got super sluggish, throttle hesitated then finally I got some power. Came home, took some video of what's going on. In the first video towards the end, I have it WOT and there's no power and then you hear it...
  7. D

    Would A Load Resistor Solve This LED Issue?

    Greetings from a new member. I'm hoping you folks can diagnose a problem for me. I have read the info on using a load resistor to eliminate hyper flashing of LED tail lights in cases where a dual filament bulb (e.g. 1157) is replaced with an equivalent LED. However, I have a different LED...
  8. RotorHead04

    Cruiser wants to die at idle /low RPM with any load on engine

    I was out with the wife and child running errands when my Cruiser developed a new issue that increased in intensity relatively quick. Truck has been running fine, it just got a "tune up" with new plugs, coil packs, fuel filter, air filter, and cleaned the throttle body. I noticed while parking...
  9. V

    Maxxis buckshot II's 764 mud terrain

    265X70R17C Very happy with them so far. They are the answer to toyota limiting its consumers to a 17 inch tire since it is the only non directional mud terrain (I know of) in that size in a load range C. Yokohama Geolander is another 6 ply available in that size and was my second choice...
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