1. dudenhoeffer

    Vortec 5.3 Swap - making a "thumpy ticky" noise @ back in Intake Manifold

    I posted this video on a couple Vortec forums, noone so far seems to know what the cause of this noise is... I posted this video: So I'm going to throw it up here and see if all you "toyota guys" can shed some light on the situation. Happens when warm. Takes a minute to start again when...
  2. scoobiedubes

    Wanted Early two barrel F135 intake

    I’ve got an offenhauser setup ready to bolt to the F135 in my 66 FJ45LV but I’m looking for the harder to find Toyota intake manifold, to keep the setup more Toyota. There’s one on eBay but I’m not willing to fork over $500 when I have the other setup ready to go. Willing to trade my offenhauser...
  3. Ebike toter

    Looking for donation- cracked 2L-TE Head

    Hi all.. I am starting to design a new 2L-TE inake & exhaust package complete with 3"exhaust & intercooler.. I need an old "useless" head to 3D laser scan & knit into my completed engine bay laser scans. So if you've got a cracked head reach out to me... I can put your "junk" to good use... Cheers
  4. Grouchy

    Wanted Looking for Downie header and an Offenhauser for FJ40 (6154-DP or 6154-C)

    Hey all! I picked up a 1974 FJ40 that has all the original parts under the hood. I am working to change out the intake and exhaust. I am hoping to find a Downie header and an Offenhauser intake. Anyone have one they want to part with? Thanks all! Craig
  5. badass

    Wanted 2F Intake Manifold Needed

    Hey guys I need a 2F Intake manifold for my 79 fj40 ASAP. Let me know what you got

    For Sale 99 Landcruiser Intake System

    1999 Toyota Landcruiser 100 Intake - Asking $40 Likely fits 98-03 Southern Calif. No shipping. Thanks! Rolf 909.319.8579
  7. Chachi254

    There are two ventilation ports on the valve cover, a PCV port and ????

    What is the other port/hose on the top of the valve cover that routes to the intake? I have been experiencing a TON of smoke upon acceleration from stop after long drives without stopping. I have an oil-catch device between the PCV and the PCV port on the TB but there's no oil being collected...
  8. S

    A one banana mechanic tackles the head gasket....couple questions

    Hello all, so for the second repair ever on my truck I am diving deep into the Head Gasket repair. I am actually looking forward to it as its a great way for me to learn about my engine, cooling system etc. One of the reasons I got and LC was to learn and be able to maintain it myself.:) I...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 for 1993-1994 Air Flow Meter and Intake Hose

    SoCal From a good running 94 the Air Vane or Air Flow Meter $145 Intake Hose to Air Flow Meter - No cracks or issues, Very Good Condition $60 Shipping extra, at cost.
  10. T

    Would you be interested in a new air box if shipping didn't double the price?

    I ran into some initial problems with a new airbox for my HDJ81's 1hdt, but I'm going to stick with it until i get it sorted out. I'm currently having it done in mild steel, but i have a friend who does stainless welding. There have been a lot of talk about these airboxes that have a plate...
  11. sigorama

    For Sale Early FJ40 Intake Manifold and Header

    $350 plus shipping. View more pics. Have lots of other FJ40 parts available. See pics. Keywords: 1965, 1966, 65, 66, FJ-40, Early, F, 4-1, 4 in 1, TEQ, big window carb, exhaust, pipe, manifolds
  12. B

    Desmogged '75 FJ40 vacuum routing help

    I know there are already some good threads on this general topic, but I haven't come across one that seems to cover my exact setup (if you happen to read this and know of an existing thread with answers to my questions, please post a link!). My FJ40 was desmogged by its previous owner, and all...
  13. J

    recognize this fluid leak from bolt connecting intake/exhaust manifolds?

    Hi, '74 FJ40 with original F155. I just noticed a fluid leak from or near one of the bolts connecting the intake and exhaust manifolds together. The obvious thought is gasoline, which it smells like gasoline, but it doesn't evaporate like gasoline should (no, i haven't put a match to it)...
  14. Roswell Cruiser

    For Sale 100 Series - K&N Cold Air Intake System (NEW) + Jet Performance Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor (NEW)

    Hey yall- I have a K&N 57-9021 FIPK Air Intake System and a Jet Performance 69144 Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor which fit a 100 Series Land Cruiser. Both of these parts are new in the box and never used or installed. The K&N box has been opened, the Air Sensor box is still closed. I thought about...
  15. J

    FJ40 Intake / Exhaust Manifold

    Just wondering......... Has anyone blocked off the heat riser on a FJ40 2F stock exhaust manifold either using a block off plate or welded a plate over the heat riser opening and installed the stock intake and exhaust independently without bolting together? You would need to grind the bottom...
  16. J

    Exhaust Manifold

    I'm looking for some advice regarding the exhaust manifold surface that mates to the heat riser/intake. Do I need to clean up the surface any further(see pictures) or will the gasket compensate for the irregular surface? If so, what should I do to clean up? I do plan to eliminate the heat...
  17. julio71fj40

    For Sale Intake Manifold

    This came off of my F engine. Good shape. Looking for $30 plus shipping. I would throw in the oil filter mount for another $20.
  18. julio71fj40

    For Sale 6TO1 Headers

    Never had an exhaust leak with them. $50 plus shipping.
  19. E

    Wanted Looking for Machined 2F Intake and Exhaust Manifolds

    1978 FJ40 - but really can be from any 2F engine. Looking for two high quality manifolds - both intake and exhaust - each with no cracks and a set that was machined at the same time so they are flush/level. Thanks for any leads or help! Much appreciated.
  20. brianh699

    ebay intake tube

    Just thought I'd share with anyone looking. On my last oil change I went to check my air filter and the intake tube broke into two pieces. I didn't have the $ for an OE tube and couldn't find much info on aftermarket ones. I pulled the trigger on this one and I'm quite pleased with the quality...
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