1. Lillopad

    For Sale Hubs from '85 FJ60 ** SOLD **

    Worked fine when I pulled them last year. I will ship anywhere in the lower 48 on my dime. $80 for the pair OBO. Thanks, Kevin
  2. S

    FREE Complete Front Axle FJ40

    I have a complete front axle out of my 1966 FJ40. It's all there and everything is moving freely. Should be usable as is but will need brakes. It would be good for parts too or a restoration or a SOA conversion. I'm located in Washington State. Come and get it, no shipping, local pick up...
  3. Too Tall Ted

    Wheel Bearing quality survey - chime in now!

    Hi Mudders, Looking for your experiences with wheel bearing replacement and how well they held up. I'm personally reluctant to buy China for fear of failure like I've seen in friend's vehicles. I'm hearing some major brands (SKF, Timkin) are manufacturing in China so I'm wondering if the...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Brake Calipers, Rotors, Back Plates, hubs, spindles, knuckles

    SoCal FRONT ONLY FRONT ONLY FRONT ONLY Please specify year of your FJ80 since 91-92 uses a different system. Also have axle housings, steering arms, etc. Prices range from $40 to $125
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ40 - Early front axle part out with Warn brand Hubs

    SoCal Prices run $50 to $100. Warn Hubs Birfields Steering Arms Inner Axle Shafts Knuckles Shipping available
  6. PaulGrant

    70 Series 4x4 operation (hubs, buttons, switches etc.)

    Hi there guys, This may seem like a silly question since one would assume that if you own a 4x4 then you should have all of this under your belt. I just cannot figure this out since my truck has manual locking hubs. My truck has manual locking hubs. It also has the 'HUB LOCK' switch. I also...
  7. B

    Replacement 6 spline Warn premium locking hubs

    Do you guys have or know where I can get replacement (used and in good condition) 6 spline Warn premium locking hubs? I have a 1971 FJ40.
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Front Axle housing AND parts.

    SoCal UPDATE - NOVEMBER 12, 2017 Complete Front Axle Housing for non locker 91-97 Axle Shafts - Both Side Driver Knuckle Passenger Knuckle Steering arms One Birfield One Spindle Calipers Hubs Rotors Misc front axle parts etc Send Personal message for requests and prices. Shipping possible...
  9. M

    Part Time Hubs

    I have a '99 LC that I would like to install part time front hubs on. Can it be done and if so does anyone have the correct ASIN part number? Also is there anything else that needs to be done when the hubs are installed. The wheel bearings have just been packed with new seals.
  10. SteveH

    Locking hubs mis-assembled

    I suspect it's 'Tire World' - the manual hubs on an FJ62 I'm working on are both locked when in the 'free' position, and only turn 2/3s of the way toward 'lock' (and this makes no difference in their status). I jacked up the front of the truck and went through all possible combinations to...
  11. abosely

    Certain yrs Mini-Truck Knuckle Balls, spindles & hubs same as 60/62?

    Are there a year range that the mini-truck knuckle balls, spindles & hubs are the same as FJ60/62? Where I live FJ60/62 are few & far between, but there are lots of mini-truck of all years around. If they are the same in a certain year range it will make getting some a lot easier. Cheers, Allen
  12. aljollano

    Wanted Locking hubs for '81 fj40

    I'm looking for a pair of locking hubs for my 81, brand is not a concern as long as they are in working condition. Thanks. A.J
  13. K

    For Sale FZJ80 ABS front steering knuckles and rear full float hubs

    I swapped to hell fire knuckles. So I have the stockers. THey have new (but installed/removed) timken trunion bearings and both steering arms that INCLUDES THE OVERSEAS one for a front-side tie rod. I will ship them out for 200 to within the 48 states. OBO if its up for a while. REAR FULL...
  14. MCbuilder

    Convert HZJ105 to 6-bolt hubs

    Anyone here have any idea why Toyota put 5-bolt hubs on some or all of the HZJ105's? I'm pretty far away from civilization and both of my coworkers' 80's have 6-hole wheels. Kind of annoying that we can't share extra spare tires when things get ugly. Also puzzles me why Toyota would want to...
  15. T

    Wanted FJ80 Rear free float hubs

    I am looking for some rear full float hubs off an 80 series. Let me know what you have got. Thanks
  16. stainless 40/45

    For Sale 1987 fj60 hubs

    just pulled in vgc,have all cone washers missing 2 cap bolts $125 shipped or best offer
  17. BigRogers79

    100 Series Trailer Hubs

    Curious to see what other 100 series owners have done with the lug pattern on their off road trailers. As we all know the 100 series utilize the 5x150 bolt pattern which can cause some issue in finding a matching hub pattern to run a similar or matching wheel to the tow rig. Outside of using...
  18. drew151

    I painted my locking hubs red today. . . Not bad

    I've always wanted my locking hubs to be red so I painted them today. I don't think it turned out bad. I figured it couldn't make it look any worse. It took me about 30 mins and cost me about 50 cents.
  19. UZJ40

    For Sale 40 front axle with discs and Aisin hubs

    Great condition front axle out of an early 80's BJ40. 4.11 gears and Aisin hubs. No rust. $500 picked up in Las Vegas, NV, or I can ship via Fastenal. Thanks
  20. D

    Aisin Hubs Axle Groove Question

    I just wrapped up my birf overhaul with the new Aisin hubs on my 97 LX450. I had the 2nd groove machined on my axle and everything went great until I had to put the snap rings on. the new groove and ring seated perfectly but I wasn't sure if I still needed the original clip. The outer...
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