1. Drake2

    SOLD  WI - F header, 2 Piece - Price drop

    From a running 73 F engine that locked up. Unsure of the brand but there are a couple of part numbers 2302A & 2302B. They are also labeled F and R and can only assume they had planned on putting them back on. Good condition and I do not see any holes or other issues. $50.00 plus shipping
  2. Miguel Angel


    Hi. i'm looking for a good used header for my fj40 1982 2f engine. Send pics and price!. Please let me know if you have one! thanks
  3. nmcbride89

    For Sale  FJ 62 exhaust downpipes, nuts and gaskets (Baton Rouge, LA)

    I sold my FJ62, so I have no need for the downpipes that I purchased awhile back. These are the pipes that connect to the headers and include mounting locations for O2 sensors. I also have OEM gaskets and locknuts that are included in the sale. The pipes are in good shape, except for one...
  4. Grouchy

    Wanted  Looking for Downie header and an Offenhauser for FJ40 (6154-DP or 6154-C)

    Hey all! I picked up a 1974 FJ40 that has all the original parts under the hood. I am working to change out the intake and exhaust. I am hoping to find a Downie header and an Offenhauser intake. Anyone have one they want to part with? Thanks all! Craig
  5. sigorama

    For Sale  Early FJ40 Intake Manifold and Header

    $350 plus shipping. View more pics. Have lots of other FJ40 parts available. See pics. Keywords: 1965, 1966, 65, 66, FJ-40, Early, F, 4-1, 4 in 1, TEQ, big window carb, exhaust, pipe, manifolds
  6. J

    Wanted  Header-Smog Legal

    I am looking for a smog legal header for a 1977 FJ40. Jeff
  7. Jdc1

    Trade  New, Never Used JT Outfitters Tri Y header for Late 1F Exhaust Manifold

    Looking to trade new never used header for an operational later 1F exhaust manifold in good shape. I had the header sandblasted and then painted with VHT header paint. Exhaust flange included. I'll pay shipping from Akron, OH on the header, you pay shipping on the manifold.
  8. joesfj40

    For Sale  CA Smog Legal Downey Header

    Afternoon Everyone, What you see in the photos is what you get. 1 Header 1 EGR Cooler braket 1 EGR stainless flex tube 1 EO Smog Sticker with instructions I bead blasted everything so it's pretty much paint ready. Link below to all the photos I took along with the original catalog photos I...
  9. JVZii

    Wanted  [GA] FJ40 Hardtop Rear Header

    I am looking for a hardtop header for a later model FJ40. This is the piece that goes over the ambulance doors on the back. I do need a couple and condition is important as the ends are difficult to repair.
  10. bmzero

    Replacement Manifold vs. Header

    When I bought my 60 it had an exhaust leak. I was able to quickly identify that it was leaking at the connection between the manifold and exhaust pipe flange. No big deal, I thought. After me swapping two gaskets and taking it to a local muffler shop (a good one), it turns out that there are...
  11. C

    Question: 2F Header Options with Power Steering?

    I would like to install a header on my 2F FJ4x with unknown power steering conversion. A previous owner installed power steering, it appears to be Toyota parts. The Power steering pump is on the upper passenger side of the engine, so not in the way of the header. The steering box is above the...
  12. kevos37

    For Sale  Solid 1975-78 FJ40 Ambulance Doors & Header [SOLD]

    *******SOLD ******Set of early Ambulance doors 1975-1978 and header for sale. $600 for both doors and $100 for header, plus shipping.
  13. UNCFj40

    Current FJ40 Header options

    Current best header options for 77 fj40? Im looking to upgrade to a header on my 77 fj40 and wanted some tips on the best option out there and what i may need to consider as i head down this path. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  14. C

    For Sale  exhaust header for 1974 fj40

    I believe this came off a CA smogged vehicle. It had a plenum that helped with warming up the vehicle that has rusted out ( you can see just on the rights side of the exhaust mounting point on the 1st pic and just to the left on the back of the exhaust mounting point in the 2nd pic). I...
  15. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  Headerpipe (Boise)

    SOR Header Pipe. New, never installed. $35 plus shipping, located in Boise. Thanks.
  16. jesus888

    Help locating gasket for header...

    So, I have a FJ40 with a crate 350 (from 1999) installed under the hood, and some what looks to be "block hugger" headers mated to a flowmaster setup... I definitely have an exhaust leak on the drivers side, at the collector... but have NO IDEA where to get a new gasket for the collector... I...
  17. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  FJ40 Rear Hatch Header, Hinges, Corner Brackets (PA) SOLD

    This came with a small stash of parts I bought and I have no need for it. For pre-ambulance door FJ40s, but not sure what the proper year range would be: 19XX to 1975? PO restored it and it's in great shape - see pics. Given the condition and included pieces, I think $200 shipped is a fair...
  18. J

    FJ40 Header

    Would you be able to tell me if this is a Downey/Marks header and if so, what year FJ40 2F it would fit?
  19. Gus

    For Sale  CRX Racing FJ80 header & Y-pipe

    This is a brand new, complete CRX Racing header and y pipe for FZJ80s, they do not fit with the TRD supercharger unless you're willing to do some serious adjusting (cutting and welding); I'd rather put that time and effort toward other parts of my 80. Located in Ridgway, CO 81432, buyer pays...
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