1. mep1811

    SOLD Scepter MFC's El Paso,TX

    #1 I have ,four hard to get , Scepter MFC's $65.00 plus shipping. Located in El Paso Texas. Three new OD cans and one used tan can. Shipping for two cans ,in the past, has been in the vicinity of $47.00. Actual shipping price is dependent on your location. The cost is more due to the size of...
  2. mep1811

    SOLD One tan Sceptor MFC (used) El Paso,TX

    I have four used Sceptor MFC 's for sale . Located in El Paso Texas. Sold as is. $65.00 each plus shipping based on your location.
  3. C

    For Sale Fj40 gas tanks! Yuba city-ca

    I have 6 Fj40 gas tanks a under vehicle gas tank and two fuel tank covers as well Prices from $50-100 depending on condition. Fuel tank covers $125 OBO
  4. taylorhayis

    More Starting Issues on the 62 Series

    Hey guys, So I've replaced the starter last week - big difference having a starter that fully engages the flywheel, a pleasure to start. But since then - have had a few new issues come up - coincidence or causality I'm not sure! 1. The key doesnt engage the starter half the time - but the...
  5. J

    FJ40 Fuel Separator Hoses

    The hoses coming off the bottom of the fuel separator connect to the 3 ports on the top of the fuel tank. See connections circled in green. Does it matter what order or port they connect to or can the three hoses from the bottom of the fuel separator connect to any of the 3 circled ports on the...
  6. J

    Gas Tank Cushion

    I am working on a 5/1977 FJ40. Did the top of the gas tank or gas tank cover have any type of cushion? SOR is showing what appears to be some type of cushion between the top of the gas tank and the gas tank cover.
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Gas Tank - Local Pickup Los Angeles Area

    $140. Personal Message me please for info and arrangements.
  8. J

    recognize this fluid leak from bolt connecting intake/exhaust manifolds?

    Hi, '74 FJ40 with original F155. I just noticed a fluid leak from or near one of the bolts connecting the intake and exhaust manifolds together. The obvious thought is gasoline, which it smells like gasoline, but it doesn't evaporate like gasoline should (no, i haven't put a match to it)...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser Gas Tanks / Fuel Pumps/Fuel Door

    SoCal NO SHIPPING. Local Pickup only in Pasadena - Arcadia area. Tank for 1991- 1994 $100 Tank for 1995 - Personal Message Me Tank for 1996-1997 $125 No Rust and no seam leakage. Paypal Deposit required to hold. Fuel Doors, filler necks available. Fuel Sending units available. These can be...
  10. efish57

    Ethanol Free Gas in Austin

    I figured there might be interest in the fact that Austin now has a Ethanol Free gas option. Sunoco at 2601 W Braker Lane. I have not confirmed in person, but saw it posted on one of the local car group's FB page. : display a station
  11. B

    06 LX stalling on rough road

    Having an issue with engine cutting off at highway speed then coming right back on. From 2500Rpm to zero check engine then back to 2500. Fuel pump relay was replaced by mechanic per code. Condition is very intermittent. Second trip back to mechanic and no codes and extended test drive by him...
  12. fwtx

    Help Wanted Field Landman - TX

    I'm looking for some contract field landmen to work on some upcoming prospects predominantly in West Texas & New Mexico. We have a well established client base with a lot of work continuing to come in. Some Permian title experience is preferable, but we are also open to training some newer grads...
  13. M

    RTH! Putting gas in the tank!

    Guys! I'm at the pump right now and I've put about 12 gallons in, but I'm not sure how full I should fill it up to. How much do you usually put in? I don't want to top it off because the extra weight will reduce my mileage, but I'm tired of stopping for gas every 100 miles. What do I do? Should...
  14. aljollano

    Wanted Gas door lock

    Hi, I'm looking for the gas door lock in working condition with the key for an 81 fj40. Thanks. A.J
  15. 65FJ45

    For Sale early 60s and early 70s FJ40 gas tanks

    early tank is super clean $150 other tank has surface rust but seams appear in tact $80 fj45 skid plate $80 rusty parts bins $50 local PU prefered cashiers check by mail for product if you want it shipped i drop to the shipper you pay shipper by CC for actual shipping and packaging...
  16. K

    Wanted fj62 gas tank

    Looking for a good useable gas tank for fj62. I drop my tank for fuel pump replacement but the tank is corroded and don't know the best way to clean it. I'm located in Sacramento area and willing to drive surrounding area to get it.
  17. coloradowhaler

    1978 FJ40 Restart After Gas Tank Replacement

    I installed a poly gas tank in my '78 and can't get fuel to the carb. The glass window has no gas showing. The fuel pump is new. The fuel filter is fairly recent. When some gas is put into the carb it runs but just for a few seconds. There are about 2 gallons if fuel in the tank and the...
  18. cims1970fj40

    Wanted OEM gas tank

    Looking for a clean 1974-1978 OEM clean gas tank. Im located in Atlanta,Ga area. Thanks
  19. under_psi

    Gas Tank ID help please

    I have a V8 swapped 40 I've been working on for the last few months. It's got a rear fuel tank. 2 all-thread studs mount it to the rear floor panel. It has a supply nipple on lower corner, and 3 other nipples at the top. 2 close to one another. And the 3rd closer to front of tank. See pix...
  20. JCruse

    I need help finding a good gas BBQ of a certain size.

    I'm trying to find a BBQ grill that will fit inside the slide-out kitchen I'm building. It can be no longer than 22", no deeper than 16", and no taller than 9" to 12". The height is negotiable because the taller it is the smaller the drawer underneath it will have to be, and there's not much...
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