1. fleabags

    Fender Flare Recs for old 100 series ??

    Hi, I am looking to get some Fender Flares for the front/rear of my 2000 100 series Landcruiser. She's got 292k and been through 20 years of Wisconsin winters and now there is some rust on the body beginning to show. Additionally, brush always gets caught in the siding, particularly on the...
  2. GMSilk_Fj60

    Information on how to bore out Rock Warriors

    Greetings all, I hate wheel spacers. There I said it. They came on my truck when I got my FJ100 that came with 17” TRD Rock warriors. I took off the rear spacers ASAP. Now to do the front correctly. From other postings I see the front wheels (I’ll probably do all 4) need the 95mm lip bored out...
  3. Yoeee

    For Sale  sold

  4. L

    For Sale  1999 Lexus LX470 w/ 96k miles. Great Condition. Located in Oakland

    Asking $24,950 obo. Serious inquiries only. 96,XXX miles I bought the car in 2017 from the original owner when it had 72k miles and have used it primarily as a roadtrip car with aspirations to use it as a platform for an Overland build. Lucky for you, I’ve decided to sell this and go with a...
  5. N

    Wanted  Looking for Land Cruiser in or near Iowa.

    Hello all, I am looking to purchase a land cruiser and i thought id post here to see if anyone in iowa or near to iowa has a LC to sell. my budget is 10k. Thank you!
  6. GMSilk_Fj60

    FJ100 Rear diff locker wires burned up

    I have searched and scoured the FSM before posting. I feel like I should have found the answer by now since others have experienced the same issue. All i can find are FJ80 routing paths and pictures of the burned up wires. Anyway... I just recently purchased a new to me FJ100. Upon inspection...
  7. F

    For Sale  FJ100 upper lift gate assembly (White)

    Upper liftgate assembly from an FJ100 Includes tinted glass, defroster, handle, and motors. One small ding, and very light repairable rust. Make an offer. Was thinking $250 plus whatever it takes to get it there. Located in Western Colorado
  8. JCKruiser

    SOLD  1988 FJ62 white/grey

    Hi All, For sale is my 1988 FJ62. Quick preface, I bought this truck in November 2016, she has been my daily driver ever since, she actually ran off the 2016 4runner Trail Premium that was in the drive way [I sold it to family]. I drove this truck from Colorado to North Carolina in 28 hours...
  9. will pierce

    rear diff locker will not engage

    Hi this is my first post on mud and also my first 'problem' with my land cruiser. Its a 1998 100 series and when I go to engage the rear locker the red indicator on the dash just blinks repeatedly never engaging. Have read through the owners manuals many times and no help. When the center diff...
  10. VirginiaSlim

    HVAC Fan Problem 2004 LX470

    I've been searching the forums for a week or two, but can't seem to figure out this little issue. I have several issues with the HVAC system (2004 LX Levinson Nav Head Unit). First issue which started 2 weeks ago: My front HVAC fan does not come on at all. Rear climate control still works...
  11. sigorama

    For Sale  100 Series "Slinky" Long Travel 2" Complete Lift Kit, Brand New

    I purchased this lift kit to add to my 2003, 100 series Land Cruiser, but ended up selling the vehicle before I could put it on. It's everything you need to do a killer "slinky" lift kit on your 100 series Land Cruiser. Retails for $3200. Will sell for $2500. PM me if you're interested. Full...
  12. twicecookedpork

    Wanted  Rear Passenger Cap for Roof Rack 2001 FJ100

    Hi, I'm looking for the black plastic roof rack cap on the rear passenger side. Thanks, please let me know if any questions.
  13. dadswithcars

    For Sale  1999 Land Cruiser 100 290k

    We are selling our family's Land Cruiser. We bought this truck from the first owner, who had taken immaculate care of it. We have continued to take great care of it-- so, washes and oil changes! The 4.7 2UZ-FE V8 engine is smooth and quiet as it should be. There are no vibrations or extraneous...
  14. Prestonf07

    LC 80 or LC 100

    So I've been planning on buying a 1996 Land Cruiser (unlocked) with almost 300k miles on it. But, I've just found a 2000 Land Cruiser with slightly fewer miles for slightly more money. Both are within my budget. It's going to be a daily driver and light off-road (camping) car. So, which would...
  15. sigorama

    For Sale  2003 Toyota Land Cruiser, 166k miles, Slee Swing Out Bumper

    FOR SALE: 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser View 100+ pics and a test drive video here $16,750 VIN: JTEHT05J632045671 View 100+ pics and a test drive video here OVERVIEW This 2003 Land Cruiser is a daily driver. Great all around Cruiser for daily driving, family use, or trail riding. Just...
  16. 9

    Wanted  Aftermarket rear bumper FJ100

    Hi forum, My cruiser has a damaged rear bumper. Instead of replacing with a factory, I am looking at some aftermarket options. If anyone is looking to upgrade or go back to stock, let me know what you have. I am also open to picking up a DIY weld kit if someone has one on their hands and wants...
  17. R

    Wanted  Late 90's, Early 00's LC, 470, 450

    Looking for the above with minimal to no rust and decent mileage. (170k and below) Having a tough time finding anything decent in this category in my home state of NC and surrounding area. Just sold my 85 FJ60 and looking for a more comfortable ride! :)
  18. ISOMud

    Towing: FJ80 with supercharger vs FJ100

    So has anyone had the experience of towing a decent size enclosed trailer with and FJ80 vs a FJ100? I'm considering the supercharger option for the 80, to tow a 7x16ft enclosed trailer, but for the cost and limited supply seems like selling it and getting a 100 w/4.7 would be about the same...
  19. BWFJ40

    Need FJ100 Transmission Assembly

    My 2000 FJ100 needs a new transmission assembly - torque converter seized up unexpectedly at 150k miles. Dealership quoted $4500 for replacing with remanufactured transmission. Two questions (1) Anyone have or know where I can buy a used or remanufactured FJ100 transmission (2) If I replace...
  20. E

    Wanted  Rear 100 series bumper with swingout + spare tire holder

    For 1999 LX 470: Looking for a rear bumper in good condition, ideally with mounting hardware. Needs to have a swingout + spare tire mount, open to one with a dual swingouts.
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