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  1. nhall80

    1FZ Engine rebuild

    I'm most likely about to do a rebuild on my 1FZ engine ('95 model with 289k miles). For you folks who have done this, I've got a few questions: - What online rebuild kit/part suppliers do you like? I've read a few folks mentioned on this forum, but am not sure how to find them (ie. I've seen...
  2. B

    Should I rebuild my 1FZ-FE? How to make an informed decision?

    There are 296,000 miles on my LX450 and I just blew the head gasket on the way home from my last wheeling trip. I pulled over on the side of the highway to start a DVD for my 3 year old, and saw that my Ultra Gauge was reading 249 degrees F, so I pulled deeper off the shoulder and saw the big...
  3. Captdone

    Oil explosion in engine compartment...What the H&@¥!

    Driving down the highway in my DD, a 94 FZJ80 (rebuilt engine 3 years ago) when my oil pressure suddenly drops and the oil light comes on. I get off the next exit and pull into a gas station. When I open the hood, oil is everywhere and looking under the engine I can't pinpoint the source because...
  4. offroadvegan

    Rebuilding My Engine!

    Hey everyone! Today was day 2 of taking the 80 apart and stripping the engine. As I mentioned in my other post, I am having a shop do the actual engine build. But I am removing it and reinstalling it. To be honest, I feel a little overwhelmed right now and wish I didn't start this...
  5. J

    Utah? Need my head rebuilt!

    Hi All, I have a 1994 FZJ80, I need to get the head rebuilt and was hoping I could get some guidance from the local crowd. Please feel free to PM me or call me at: 801-722-9509 Thanks in advance!
  6. Fifty Hertz

    12H-T: to rebuild or not?

    Hi guys, So I've been having some thoughts about the extent of potential engine rebuild given the current state of my project. Have a look here My HJ61 Rejuvenation I got into some discussion on the Oz 60 Series Owners FB page and the opinions included pull the pistons and check, do...
  7. DanMedeiros

    FZJ100 Head on on LX450

    The motor on my 1fz-fe just hit 200K today. I expect it to run quite a bit longer but have ben doing a bunch of research on a rebuild or V8 swap in about two years. I was just looking up the 1fz-fe on wikipedia and learned that they put an updated version of this engine in the first 100 series...
  8. stock

    Oil Prime new engine rebuild

    Hi all, I'm finishing up rebuilding one engine and going to be doing 2 more. The first is my 1950 Dodge B2 pick up, next is my 1973 FJ40 and then a my 1969 FJ40. So here is my deal, after rebuild, that FIRST turn over is a big wear down on everything, there is no oil in lot's of the engine. I...
  9. tyschiltz

    **HELP!!** 1997 80 in serious need of some engine help (possible swap or rebuild?!)

    So Friday night on my weekly trip home (a 350 mile journey that I've been doing for the past ~6 months and will continue to do until I can sell my house) I had just topped a large hill when I swear i heard a clunk (was listening to some talk radio via headphones so it's hard to say where it came...
  10. Rice

    Rice's 1FZ-FE rebuild Thread

    Not really anything new here that you can't find in the 80's tech section. Just some documentation of the journey to get rid of the tick-tick-tick in my current motor and, once the new engine is in, my "2 Week" endeavor into adding some boost via turbo. I will edit in pictures as time allows...
  11. K

    Rebuilding 2UZFE Series 100 Landcruiser Motor

    Hey Guys, I have a 1999 Landcruiser with 250k miles. Pulled the motor myself, and is currently at a machine shop being rebuilt. (Engine blew from being overheated due to a failed coolant T in the desert). 2 questions: 1) Any non-obvious recommendations about replacing parts while I have it...
  12. christianleeboy

    Looking for BJ42 3B Engine Rebuild Kit

    Hello fellow diesel cruiser owners, I'm in need of a 3B engine rebuild kit for my 1982 BJ42. There are two listings of the rebuild kit on eBay for the 3B engine, both from Australia and priced around $742 USD. Is this a good price and does it seem to be a good kit? Any other suppliers out...
  13. parkamatt

    MLS Head Gasket with TTY Bolts

    Hi, I am currently rebuilding my 1FZFE and want to use an MLS head gasket. Any issues with using Torque to Yield Head Bolts? Or should I only use ARP studs? Thanks
  14. landcruiser80

    Builds Yeti my 80 series 2fe build

    Ok, so I have got far enough into this project that I now feel fully committed and I figure it is time to start a build thread. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I will. To start off here is a picture of my white 1992 fj80, Fairly stock in that picture except for the running boards and...
  15. Azca

    Engine pull and rebuild, final thoughts…

    Well after 5 weeks, not all of it working on the engine, it is back in the rig and runs great. To say this did not go smooth is an understatement; a number of things went wrong, were missing or just plain would not work. Had everything fallen into place I would not have rebuilt the bottom end...
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