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  1. TheDirtyMuffler

    94 issues, What to do?

    So I have seen some discussion on this but not a clear answer that I could find. Have a 94, the engine is worn out (300,000+ miles), and trying to figure out what to do. Was thinking of just rebuilding the engine and adding a supercharger. Well, can't find a supercharger for a 94 engine (i...
  2. GeologistFelix

    Toyota vs. *not* Toyota diesel for my 60?

    So, this question has been asked a million times by a million people with a million different sets of parameters. I figure I'd just start my own thread to pick some brains, so I'll cut to the chase. Long story short, the 2F is old and slow and leaky and getting hard to source parts for. It's...
  3. Laughingjackal

    For Sale  SOLD - 1987 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 turbo diesel - 4BD1T

    https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/d/truckee-1987-toyota-landcruiser-fj60/6804828067.html https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0X5Uzl7VB0QWB Does anyone know this truck? I'm told that it was converted to a 4BD1T NPR in North Carolina prior to the current owner buying it. Does anyone have...
  4. M

    Hello from Chico, CA

    Hi everyone, Thanks for allowing me in the forum. I am a new proud owner of an '93 Isuzu 4bd 2t diesel swap into a 1964 ford f250. The truck is in very good shape, the previous owner straightened to body and swapped the engine himself. Everything runs pretty well. A couple of issues I hope to...
  5. anothernord

    Builds  Mercedes OM606 Turbodiesel into FZJ80 - engine refresh and more turbo fun

    Project complete! (as complete as a project ever is) A couple years ago, I completed a 1KZ-TE hilux swap into my 01 Tacoma. I ended up needing to sell that rig, but couldn't stay away from 4x4 Yotas. That's when I found a locked 96 FZJ80 for 3k, cleaned her up, and got the diesel bug...
  6. half k cruiser

    what r u guys spending on diesel swap

    Lets rule out the cost of engine. What are you guys spending to complete a 1HDT ? I have a friend who is willing to ship me motor + trans from Ireland if I buy the rig. But I know all of the extras are what eat you up budget wise. So lets hear it. Or what all should I have shipped with it ? I...
  7. FJake60

    Cummins 5.0L V8 - Thoughts from the diesel swap gurus

    Hey all, I'm new to mud, and my '87 FJ60 that I bought back in May '16. I've only put about 2k miles on since I trailered it back from Bend, OR to Burlington, WA and have only done the basic "new owner" fixes (fluids, leaks, etc) since the purchase. That being said, I've got big dreams for...
  8. EPUro2019

    For Sale  97 Landcruiser with Diesel Swap in Miami

    Not mine but I am interested in this: http://m.ebay.com/itm/122328960650 I have been posting about this in the 80s thread. Seems like a very nice swap and very well maintained but obviously without seeing in person it may be too good to be true. Wondering if there is anyone in the Miami area...
  9. EPUro2019

    97 with diesel swap in Miami

    I've been out of the cruiser game for a while and itching to get back in. I love the idea of a diesel 80 but importing a RHD version seems like a big risk with some real limits in a LHD world. I found this on ebay: http://m.ebay.com/itm/122328960650 Anyone in the Miami area interested in...
  10. A10Driver

    Builds  Frog's FJ159

    So I have decided to finally post up my project. I have been gathering parts for a while, and am finally getting to the fun part of putting them all together. I bought a FJ40 4 years ago, and after a lot of work decided to totally change direction. I bought a rusted out fj60, parted it out and...
  11. mudandrock

    Wanted  60/61/62 Not Running

    I'm looking for an FJ 60, or FJ62 running or not. The only thing it has to have is no rust or very close to. I'm not going to pay the full retail price that you would get if you parted it out, I'm looking for something that your wife hates and she wants it gone or it's just taking up too much...
  12. A

    For Sale  Awesome '87 FJ60 Diesel Conversion with 37" BFG's, ARB Lockers and Armor, NC

    We purchased this vehicle (aka: Silver Surfer/Toyozu/Bruno) in March for a seven month trip around North America. It has been fun, but time to get back to work. This 1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser has an Isuzu 4bd1 diesel conversion with a Chevy Turbo. It is a great bug out vehicle, adventure mobile or...
  13. southern jeeper

    Fj40 diesel swap madness

    You may call me crazy or think this down right blasphemous to put a non Toyota diesel in a fj40 but I'm going going to drop a Mercedes om606 turbo diesel in my 40. To my knowledge this has never been completed in a 40 before. All my work on my 40 up to this point can be seen here My fj40...
  14. dirtymax

    5.9 cummins and a nv4500 in FJ62

    I want to swap a 5.9 and a nv4500 into my fj62. I will need pedal assembly info and info on the transfer to use. Any help is appreciated. Stock gears. Spring over. 33 tires
  15. Dirty Koala

    80 Series - 6BT + NV4500 + HF2AV Swap

    I have been documenting my build and Cummins 6BT swap in the 80 series tech section. For those of you that want to see another swap, here is the link to my thread. I am currently very close to being able to fire her up for the 1st time. Dirty Koala - Cummins 6BT + NV4500 + HF2AV Swap
  16. A

    For Sale  1996 LX450 Diesel - North Palm Beach FL

    Sorry for the repost, I couldn't figure out how to add "Diesel" to my previous Thread. 1996 LX 450 – Cummins Diesel - $15,000 obo. North Palm Beach FL 210,000 total miles Conversion done at 175,022 in 2011\ 35,000 miles since conversion Conversion by Proffitts Cruisers Eng. - Cummins QSB 3.9...
  17. A

    For Sale  1996 LX450 - North Palm Beach FL

  18. Jordan thomas

    Swap from v6 3vze to 2LT turbo diesel

    Hey guys I'm new to the site hoping to get some answer. I'm doing a swap from a 1990 hilux 3vze with w56 transmission to a 2LT turbo diesel. My question is will the clutch work when I do the swap? Also I know the motor mounts on my truck will not work ( cause it's v6 ) if I get mounts fabbed up...
  19. G

    For Sale  New Safari turbo

    New Safari turbo $2k
  20. G


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