1. UnknownCompany

    SOLD  3" Icon Springs 80series Denver Colorado

    Used (20k miles) icon 3” lift fzj 80 springs for sale. I picked these up off Mud about 2 years ago. Installed them about a year ago. They were great. But just won't cut it with my bumpers, winch and sliders installed. Springs are out. See current pics below. I would prefer to sell them...
  2. nickjgall

    SOS - Denver - Smog Pump? (60)

    Hello! I am driving across the country toward LA and am crashing in a hotel near Denver tonight. My cruiser has been running great but earlier today I noticed a tin-ey rattle. I took a video and sent it to my usual mechanic and he is worried it could be the smog pump, which could damage the...
  3. Hold my beer

    Trade  CO/Denver '86 FJ60: SOA->SUA

    Hello, all! I recently bought an 86 FJ60 that has is SOA converted and I would like to go to a stock SUA configuration or SUA with a 2-3" lift, as it will hopefully be my daily driver. I would love to find someone who is currently wanting to go SOA with their rig and willing to trade their...
  4. Cr Anders

    SOLD  Landcruiser 200 Toyota OEM cargo mat (no holes) $75

    Toyota Australia rear cargo mat for cruisers without the 3rd row seats, like new - Denver/Colorado Springs metro pickup strongly preferred. If you want it shipped, I will drop off (after payment) at a shipping center for buyer to coordinate at buyers expense.
  5. E

    Denver Area Mechanic Recomendation - FJ80 Starting Issue

    Hi Guys, Pretty new to ih8mud but I’m impressed by the community! I picked up a 1991 FJ80 earlier this year and have been working with my mechanic to solve a starting issue it’s been having. Basically, sometimes the truck will crank and crank but not start. I haven’t been able to exactly...
  6. bertnd

    Wanted  Engine and Fuel tank skid plates and cross member sub-assembly for 04 100 series (Denver)

    looking for some rust free parts in good shape, I can pick up in Denver/Boulder if you're local to save shipping. Factory take-offs or aftermarket are ok. cross member part- Toyota (51204-60150) fuel tank skid plate part- Toyota (77606-60120) front splash shield- Toyota (51410-60020)
  7. LXforever

    For Sale  (5) 2006 Lexus LX 470 18" Wheels, lugnuts, TPMS Denver

    Here is a set of Wheels in Denver if you need some to just get you down the road. I swapped these out for new 16" Rims and Tires after I just recently purchased this vehicle. See them here: Lexus LX 470 Wheels 18 with Tires Set of 5
  8. LXforever

    For Sale  2001 Lexus LX Denver, Colorado

    Can be seen best on Denver Craigslist at the following url: 2001 Lexus LX 470 Mystic Sea Opal (Land Cruiser) This one is truly a gem, bought an 06 to replace it. Asking $13,999 and will probably seem high, but please read about all the extras. Want some who can appreciate this vehicle to have...
  9. H

    Wanted  80 Series Drawers [Kansas/Denver]

    I am looking for drawers for my 1993. It can be either just drawers, or drawers/sleeping platform. I live in Kansas (Manhattan), but will be driving through Colorado, Southern Utah, and Arizona starting on 10 September as I am moving to Southern Arizona. Any help is appreciated. -Hunter
  10. Connorham

    Denver Mechanic Needed(welding)

    Hey Everyone, I just moved to Denver and need to find a mechanic for my 100. I am in the North Denver area and looking for one who can do some frame welding. I have a broken sway bar link mount. Don't need him to be greatly TLC experienced, just trustworthy. I know Slee is best and close...
  11. J

    Wanted  06/07 LC in Denver, CO Area

    Looking for a 06/07 LC in the Denver CO and surrounding area. Willing to travel a couple hours. Can be stock or built. Thanks!
  12. ZayaR

    Good shops near Denver?

    Hi all, This is my very first post to Ih8mud. I am glad to join the community. I recently was able to get my brothers 89 fj62 out here to Colorado. I had to flatbed it from Ohio, but am really looking to get it trail worthy. It currently isn't running, and I am scratching my head as to why...
  13. mattcheston

    For Sale  Boulder CO - FJ60 OEM Wheels

    Could use a bit of love. $200 obo takes the set local pickup
  14. dfrfsucks

    FREE  sunroof glass in Denver

    I just bought a new set of sunroof tracks and it came with the glass so I will have the glass available soon so if the hail got your glass here's a free replacement
  15. 40justin

    MUDShip  DENVER to Calgary open car-hauler leaving 5/11

    I'm heading to Calgary from the Denver area with an empty 18' trailer leaving Denver the afternoon of 5/11. If you need something moved heading north and along my route of I25 to I90 into billings then north eventually to I15 and up to Calgary let me know.
  16. mattcheston

    need a 60 series smog carb to look at in the denver area

    anybody in the denver area got a working 60 series smog carb i can look at? i took all the brackets off the throttle shafts when i rebuilt my carb (dumb), and i've no idea which order they go back on in. seems like it's missing in most of the diagrams/difficult to tell in photos. thanks!
  17. mechanist

    MUDShip  Mudship Denver CO to Greenville SC

    Looking for a way to mudship a set of third row seats from Denver, CO, to Greenville, SC. Close other cities I can meet are Asheville or Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, or Columbia, SC. Is this the best place to post up?
  18. coax

    FREE  16x7 steel tacoma wheel, 1st gen (Denver)

    Free for local pick up only, 1 16x7 black steel tacoma wheel. Near city park.
  19. dbbowen

    Renting a 200 in Denver for wedding

    So I'm getting married (eloping) in Denver this July. We are renting a vehicle and there is a 200 series on Turo to rent. Any of y'all have any experience with the guy? Is he a member on mud? So far this is the only LC available to rent in Colorado. If anyone can steer me in another direction...
  20. kevinfoutch

    Denver Meet-up Apr 8th - stop by!

    (mods - please move if appropriate) Hey all, a few of us in Denver are getting together for an informal meet & greet - Cruisers & Coffee - Denver BassPro Apr 8th Started off by wanting to review wiring projects on a 200, but quickly expanded to other areas of interest - would be awesome to...
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