1. Onur

    80 Series Rear Locker Sub-Harness Information

    This is the only remaining complete locker sub-harness for the 80 series from Toyota. This will fit all of the 1993-1997 80 Series trucks. This part is barely still available from Toyota. Also integrates the locker breather tube as well. Hope this information helps folks. It is...
  2. ADZ

    Trying to identify connectors

    Hi everybody, I bought my LC80 without a radio and it is getting time to do something about it. I found a bunch of connectors and since I am not that technical I hope you guys can help me. Besides connectors I have some receivers (I guess) on my windshield. Any ideas?
  3. Ojaicruiser

    Unplugged Electrical connectors with out a purpose?

    I got two electrical connectors with no switch, wondering if anyone knows where these go and what is their purpose?
  4. P

    Alternator Connectors

    The alternator finally failed on me a couple of days ago on my 2000 LC. I'm considering a 2003+ 130 amp upgrade, just in case I ever add some extra lights. I'm trying to put together a pigtail so I don't have to cut the factory wires. I found the four way connector for the new alternator but...
  5. MDarius

    Door locking gremlins and electrical connectors

    My doors have started locking themselves. I'm guessing it has something to do with this mess: Can anyone recommend best fix these horrible mid-wire splices? Yes, I'm happy to remove the crappy aftermarket alarm, but I don't want a bunch of mangled wires hanging around. Also, yes that's kitty...
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