1. 4runnin2

    For Sale Cincinnati lexus lx450 center caps

    $35 each shipped. All 5 $150 shipped. Spring cleaning. All are in excellent shape.
  2. kunzma

    Center Arm Rebuild

    Early - 6/1969 Steering Center Arm Wanted to post up a thread on the partial rebuild of my center arm. I say partial because my center arm shaft and the bearing races were undamaged. If you need a new shaft I think that Mark's Off Road and Cruiser Outfitters still have some. If the races...
  3. RND1

    OEM or aftermarket center muffler?

    The center muffler on my '03 is in need of replacement. My go to online store is $460 shipped. The local custom muffler shop quoted $160 for steel and $220 for stainless. I generally go with OEM as I'm usually saving $$ on labor by DIY'ing, but not sure in this case - is the OEM part worth...
  4. Chocolyle

    Wanted Stock Chrome Wheel Center Cap Used? New?

    Can anyone suggest a good place or person to get a pair of the rear wheel center caps? New/Used I tried the local dealer and they are $52.00 each. I found a bunch of places selling them for the same price or a little better, plus shipping. 42603-60190 Is the part number I have.
  5. torpedo51

    FJ62: want to replace these center caps on my wheels

    Forgive my ignorance, I don't know the history of these wheels... whether they are typical upgrade for these trucks, if they have special fitment on the backside, etc. I'd like to replace the center caps since they appear to be rusty (not worth rechroming). Anyone have an idea where to get these?
  6. D

    Wanted Gray center console

    looking for a center console 88' fj62.
  7. C

    Wanted Center Console Lid

    Hi, I am looking for a tan or brown center console lid out of 95-97 cruiser and/or lx450s-97. PM me if one is available. Thanks -A
  8. OklahomaOvrland

    Wanted 100 series 2nd row center headrest

    Anyone have one at a reasonable price? Tan color preferred.
  9. jfrench

    Lockable center console mod

    I've pilfered and plundered many things from this community and finally have something that is somewhat original that I can offer up. I wanted a fancy CruiserCrap console but it's too wide for the 70 series: Security Console So instead I bought this: Series II Security Console And did this...
  10. A

    Axle center

    I am mid installation of my new 4x4 Labs I have removed the quarter panel flares and cladding from my LX and the rear bumper cover and mud flaps.... I noticed the axle appears to be off to the passenger side. I have a 2.5 OME and 30mm Slee spacers on it, is this just the...
  11. Ayune

    Center diff lock light weirdness (video)

    My center diff lock light is acting funny. When I engage the switch the light gradually fades in and sometimes flickers until the diff engages. Its behavior is never the same twice. The diff locks and the bulb is obviously good, so I'm thinking a 'lock sensor' switch or similar gizmo needs to be...
  12. H

    Center Differental lock indicator keeps blinking

    Hi there fellow community meme nerd My 2011 LC has been parked for 4 days and today I went to go warm it up to use and noticed the Center differental lock blinking on the dash and not turning off.. how do I stop it from doing so and what does it mean ? Thank you
  13. Y

    Wanted Center Console 80 series 93-94 in grey

    I am looking for a center console from a 93-94 in grey in decent condition. Located in Socal if you're local. Pm me price and shipping (if applicable). Thank you!
  14. Rollinns

    Wanted Center 3rd row seat belt for 80

    Looking for a center 3rd row seat belt, color brown or tan, for my 80 series. Thanks, Lee
  15. F

    Wanted 100 series chrome center cap with gold toyota logo

    looking for a chrome center cap for my stock wheel. it has a gold toyota emblem. i believe the earlier 100 series had these wheels (16"). i know u guys probably either have them somewhere in the back of the garage or thrown them away. please post pix and price, thanks! looks like this
  16. jonheld

    Esoteric Wheel Center Cap Question

    Forgive me for asking this in the TECH section, but it seems like the best place to get an answer and I'm all about looking good ;) Does anyone know an over the counter spray paint for matching the OEM color for the LX450 center caps? Not interested in anything other than a factory look.
  17. powthief19

    Center Arm rebuild Question-Seal

    Hey Mud, Just rebuilt the center arm on my 77' and I can't get the seal to sit in its home and stay there. Could I possibly have the wrong seal? The rebuild kit came from cruisercorp. Ideas?
  18. PbnFJ

    Wanted HZJ77 center console cup holder

    This thread could be deleted, I found the parts I need used from Japan.
  19. JackAttack13

    Center Diff Lock Light Will Not Go Out

    Hi all, Today I decided to fix my burned out lights in my dash cluster and perform the LED upgrade mod. Well after that I found that my Center diff lock light is stuck on. The diff lock is NOT engaged, and the actuator works, as when I push the button I can hear it engage and it feels...
  20. K

    Center diff lock stuck?

    I'm gonna be honest. I have no idea what the problem is. The center diff lock light doesn't stay on but there are two symptoms that make me think it may be stuck: -There is an occasional clunk, usually after coming out of a turn. It kinda sounds like it may be from a u-joint or something...
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