carb rebuild

  1. FloTheFJ60

    Carb rebuild help? Stuck accelerator pump check ball retainer clip

    Hey everyone, working on rebuilding Flo's carb and getting stuck with this accelerator pump check ball retainer clip. While attempting to remove this "clip" with forceps a piece broke off and the check ball fell out. I'm sure there's more left to dig out but I'm worried about chewing up the...
  2. houstonfj40

    Quick carb question-slow idle cut off 2f

    Looking at a rebuild on carb, want to run truck while that’s being done, and have a back up. Looking at the CityRacer non US OEM and other aftermarket. For. Desmogged application. The others don’t have the Slow Idle cut off. Is it internally or is this something I don’t need in desmogged...
  3. blbuck12

    Replacement for carb screen/filter

    I'm starting the process of rebuilding my stock Aisan carb and the little filter/screen at the fuel inlet is toast. Are these available anywhere? or is there a suitable alternative? This is a big reason I stopped running the stock as it was constantly getting plugged when little bits of crud...
  4. Swampfox58

    Carb Issue

    Starts fine with choke and idles easily. After I start driving there is a hesitation as I accelerate and it feels like it is not getting fuel. If I push harder on the gas she'll finally open up and go on down the road. If I leave the truck in the garage you can smell the gas like there might be...
  5. EZEMpls

    1986 FJ Carb Rebuild

    Howdy... I am finally getting around to rebuilding the carb on my FJ. I bought a kit online and it seems to be missing a part or three, so I am getting ready to buy a new kit from Kurt, that and a vac. secondary diaphragm. My question for you Toyota types is if you know what this little...
  6. mattcheston

    Sourcing replacement primary and secondary main jets for 1987 FJ60 2F Aisan carb

    Does anyone know where I can source replacement primary and secondary main jets for a 1987 Aisan 2F carb off an FJ60? I'm rebuilding with a Keyster kit and I mangled mine pretty good during the teardown. My carb is stamped 7A13, produced 1/87. Matt in CO
  7. kaneenak

    Wanted  1972 FJ40 Carb Parts (USA-NC)

    We are trying to locate a couple replacement parts for our 1972 FJ40 as part of our carburetor rebuild. 1. We damaged the "discharge weight stopper" while removing it. 2. The "screen" was apparently missing. We have found the parts here but they are not available: Search by Part Number 042-27...
  8. TexYoung

    73 F motor Carb Rebuild

    1973 FJ40 with F Motor. Stock 2-barrel carb. Before rebuilding the carb, the truck had trouble starting without using starter fluid and it ran OK but it was a little rough with an occasional back fire, not too bad though. It also had a minor manifold leak. I could tell that the accelerator...
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