1. sunrk

    Std rubber vs SS braided teflon front caliper flexible brake lines

    With regard to the front brake calipers specifically, do you folks thing factory standard rubber flexible brake lines or SS braided teflon flexible brake lines are better for regular driving with probaly 80 pct on-road and 20 pct or less off-road? I run std rubber flexible lines front and rear...
  2. B

    Clearance of Brake Caliper to Wheel

    Hi Everyone, I've got a '91 73 series and am trying to go from a 16" wheel to a 15" and put some larger tires on. I have identified a wheel with a sufficient offset to accommodate the wider wheel and larger tire while preventing the combo from hitting anything. However, as the photo (kind of)...
  3. LazyEye

    92 passenger front caliper locking up...i'm at my wits end

    Hey Guys, (and Gals) I'm at my wits end, :bang: I've searched and searched and troubleshot everything I can think of and I still can't track down what's causing my front right caliper to lock up at slow speed stops. here's the skinny... it never locks up at speed never locks up when...
  4. jtcolumbia

    80 series rear brake caliper rubber dust boot

    Hello. Does anyone know a part number or where to get just the rubber dust boots for the rear brake calipers? I can only find it in the rebuild kit. I do not need anything but just the dust boots. Any info or if anybody has any extra they want to sell let me know. Thanks!
  5. wpns4l

    front caliper brake hose part #s (FJ80)

    Hello, Im trying to find the part numbers for a 92 FJ80 front caliper hoses. I tried searching the forums and see people mention part number, 90947-02A16, but they are talking about the FZJ80. Is this the same hose for the earlier models or do i need different ones? Thanks in advance.
  6. jfrench

    FREE NO LONGER AVAILABLE-Caliper rebuild parts fit multiple Toyotas/Landcruisers

    ALREADY GONE Bought these with plans to rebuild my calipers but then went the lazy, more expensive route and just got remanufactured calipers. You pay shipping and they're yours.
  7. F

    Known problem with original calipers for a 1983 FJ60 ?

    Was there a known problem with the design or something of the FJ60 calipers from the factory ? The reason I ask is that in my front axle work, initiated by a leaky and seized passenger side caliper, I am finding the driver's side caliper to have seized (but not leak) in the same piston as the...
  8. S

    Part Numbers for OEM Reman Calipers FZJ?

    I know Toyota has (or did have) a reman part. Can someone provide these part numbers?
  9. Outono

    For Sale 1997 LX450 / Landcruiser Front Driver-side Caliper (47750-60061)

    Pulled from a cruiser that was being parted out. I only have the front left, not front right. Caliper is in good condition, but I recommend a rebuild. This is a really great way to upgrade your 90/91 HDJ81 brakes on the cheap (new OEM calipers will run you ~$300 -- the rebuild kit is just $40!)...
  10. JimJ

    Caliper question

    So the front calipers on my 60 have been upgraded to larger 4-runner ones. Does anyone else who has upgraded have to use a spacer for wheel clearance?
  11. F

    Does anyone other than Toyota make brand new, non-remanufactured calipers for the FJ60 ?

    Does anyone know of any caliper manufacturer that makes brand new, as in NOT remanufactured, calipers for an fj60 other than Toyota ?
  12. F

    1983 FJ60 front axle job questions.

    I have started into the front axle rebuild job on my stock 1983 FJ60 (with 283 K miles) and had some questions I've come across. This isn't my daily driver so I want to do this right with no shortcuts and can wait for things to happen (new parts/tools etc) if needed. I have a Terrain tamer kit...
  13. bubfuji

    For Sale 1995 4Runner/T110 Brake Caliper/Rotor

    I have 1 front right (passenger) Brake caliper for a 1995 T100 or 1995 4Runner. The Caliper Casting is S13WB. This is also the caliper used for brake upgrades on the FJ60/62 cruisers. Caliper was Sand blasted, rebuilt, and painted I also have 1 T100 front rotor new. $45.00 for both pick up...
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