1. Sputnik40

    GSMTR Florida Cabin - Space Available

    I mentioned this in the regular GSMTR thread, but didn't get any hits. Have one, maybe two, spots open in "deluxe" cabin #14 (aka Riders Rest) reserved for Wednesday - Saturday night. Will be right next to the UC folks in #12/#13 (Dennis and I bunked with them last year), so good spot to be if...
  2. Nader

    Exhaust fumes in the cabin

    Did an exhaustive search :), and still puzzled. I've been trying to isolate the source of exhaust fumes that are wafting into the cabin while I drive. Sitting at idle, it seems okay. I have an auxiliary gas tank, so the exhaust exits out the side behind the driver's rear wheel. I extended it...
  3. N

    Recirculation motor for cabin air

    Hey Guys, my AC does the 20s delay and resets to 75 degrees at startups. Checking the circulation flap, it appears broken (as it's loose to open and close). Is there a write up to remove the motor or access? I had read on another thread that some were able to put it in circulation mode and...
  4. G

    K&N cabin filters

    Hi All, I'm aware of all of the hazards with the traditional K&N air filters, and the oil used on them, so I stick with OEM. However, I noticed K&N makes a reusable cabin / AC filter that is washable with a cleaner product offered by K&N. Seems like a cost effective idea, as it will begin to...
  5. mdman

    FJ55L Heater/ AC Cabin Unit in an FJ40

    Has anyone attempted to put a FJ55L Heater/ AC Cabin Unit in an FJ40? Is it too tall?
  6. tucker74

    For Sale  100 Series cabin air filter

    Ordered this and it turns out my '06 doesn't have cabin filters, still new in OEM box: $15 + ride Tucker
  7. luke27617

    Where to lead wires from Engine Bay through Firewall to Cabin

    I am thinking about installing flood LED lights when my nudge bar arrives. I cannot find it, but I am sure with all mods done on this forum it is an easy answer. BTW I have the 16LC. How and where in engine bay do I lead wires through firewall inside the cabin to install the switch?
  8. Surftruck

    FJ62 Fuel Smell in cabin after sitting...any ideas?

    So I am having what appears to be a pretty common issue with my FJ62. When the truck is parked a fuel odor builds up in the cabin. I cant seem to find the source. Whats interesting is, as soon as I start it, whether I drive anywhere or not, the smell clears out. I pulled the passenger side...
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