1. sunrk

    Rusted bolts continue to plague me!

    Rusted bolts continue to plague me! I'm fitting an outback accessories (made here in oz) rear bar and twin wheel carrier and the side wings each have a bracket bolting to the rear-mount support point of a standard towing fixture. In my 80's case it's got a standard hayman reese one that's...
  2. B

    full floating rear axle help!!!!

    so i am about to rip my hair out beacause o the bolts constantly breaking. i run 35 inch tires and knkow people who have run 40 inch tires with no problems. i am wondering if som kind smart person have modifications to make it last
  3. Bonznfc

    Hilux Surf 2LTE AC Idler arm mounting bolt size??

    I am trying to mount this thing and don't have time to order the bolts. Anyone know the size of this bolt part number>90119-10367. Thanks for the help!
  4. 64Rotorhead

    Alcan Springs ⅝" bolt?

    Not sure if this is really hardcore or not but here it is. I'm SOA with Alcan FJ60 length springs, flipped for WB, which have the free arch relaxed, in the rear of my 40. I was told the Alcans would use ⅝" bolts. They just seem to fit fairly loose, I expected a much tighter fit. I used...
  5. S

    Replace rusty nuts and bolts

    hello, I just acquired a 4th gen 4Runner, too you a vehicle for this thread, but I figured you would have ideas and answers anyway to how tk address rusty bolts and clamps in the engine bay. Would I replace them? Where can I find a batch of clamps and bolts for this vehicle? Would I use...
  6. R

    2f head bolts above exhaust??

    2f bolts?? by Rkbaseball posted Jul 27, 2017 at 10:00 PM Does anyone know what the bolts on the heads above the exhaust manifold are for? There is one bolt for each cylinder and they are directly above each exhaust port. They are circled in red Thanks!!
  7. garrett goodwin

    Clutch flywheel bolts

    Looking for the size of bolt for the clutch flywheel on an 82 fj60. Thanks!
  8. BullElk

    Can't remove front skid plate....with all bolts out...what????

    Is there some secret code to removing the front skid plate? i have removed that heavy rascal before but this time something is holding it right in the center at the jack point and tranny plug. What on earth am I missing?
  9. Jason Reed

    1966 FJ40 Timing Cover Bolts w/ "Rubber Sealing Washers"

    I posted this in my 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) build also, but thought I'd start a new thread separatly. So @Rock40 and I need some tech assistance here on a sealing washer question. #92 on SOR diagram (below) is a lower bolt on the timing cover area that goes directly into...
  10. FJ60Seth

    SOLD  SOLD FJ60 Front Bumper Bolts

    These were removed when I installed an ARB bullbar. This truck has always lived in the dry southwest, so no rust. One of the carriage bolts is missing a washer. $20 shipped to any USPS zip code.
  11. Barbarosa

    Removing the starter (f$!&@ing bolts and no room

    so I've got liquid wrench soaking on the bolts now. On a 1994 type80. How or what do you all suggest to break the bad boys loose? Motor has seen over 240k miles, looks like original starter. Freaking aye- what can I get in there to get enough kick to break them loose! Ideas? Thanks team.
  12. Landshark

    How do I remove these Chrome Bolts on Original Rear Bumber?

    I removed my rear bumper once but that was about 15 years ago, I remember taking it to a garage and asked them to remove the two middle top bolts. They just ground it off making scratches to the chrome. So I want to do it myself. They been soaking in penetrating oil for the past week. I...
  13. NMC_EXP

    Screws IPO Bolts For Tie Down Ring?

    I want to add two pairs of gear tie-down rings to the cargo bay floor of the FJ60. Two of the locations are right over the boxed in floor support immediately aft of the wheel arches so no bolt thru. The other two points I can drill thru the floor and use bolts. Question #1: Does anybody know...
  14. Rigger

    Wanted  Transfer Case Bolts

    I need these 6 bolts that hold the rear cone on. Can anyone help? Please PM if you can help. Thank you.
  15. spressomon

    For Sale  M14-1.5 x 50mm and 80mm Grade 12.9 Bolts

    These are brand new M14-1.50 x 50mm and M14-1.50 x 80mm Grade 12.9 black socket head cap screws typically used to attach a frame recovery bracket to 80 & 100-Series captive nuts on the frame horns. Pair (2) M14-1.50 x 50mm with zinc coated hardened washers as shown: $15 (includes USA shipping)...
  16. Gunky

    Wanted  Looking for Certain Bolts for FJ80 Along Front Fender Area

    I am in need of some bolts that are found under the fender and on the part that transition from the fender flare to the side sliders. I would like them in rather good condition, treaded and rust-free. I need 4 of the bolts boxed at the top of the picture and 2 of the bolts boxed on the bottom...
  17. ZeGerman

    Bolts & Safety - Please Read!!

    I have been tearing into my cruiser. Took the entire interior apart as well as other parts of the vehicle. I have been tearing apart vehicles for quite sometime and there seems to be one thing that I encounter all too frequently. Usage of inadequate bolts. Everybody on this site likes to tinker...
  18. J

    Extracting broken bolt

    I went to change my thermostat (91 FJ80) and broke the rear left bolt on the housing. I think about half an inch of the bolt is still down there. I've extracted broken bolts before, but never on an engine/ installed auto part. How would you go about getting that broken bolt out?
  19. oestlarsen

    Wanted  Nuts n bolts FJ40

    Looking for stash of common old FJ40 oem bolts in decent condition...surface rust, dirt, grease all ok. m6, m8 etc. Parting out...I will take the bucket of bolts off your hands :-)
  20. Snickklefrittz

    Question about exhaust flange bolts and Magnaflow replacement. What bolts do I need?

    My Y pipe has bit the dust, as well as showing symptoms of bad cats. I ordered The Magnaflow 23120 and the matching second cat and I'm hoping to install them later this week. Here's my question: What bolts do I need for the cats? Does the kit come with the ones that I need? Can I cut the heads...
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