1. mtkreitz

    Engine bay accessory mount/tray

    Hey guys. I searched a bit but came up empty. Does anyone know of a good product/idea for an engine bay accessory mount/tray? I have a remote winch controller that I need to mount, and due to wires coming out both sides it limits my options. I saw this online, which is the area that I am...
  2. yonah

    Slee 200-Series Accessory Mounting Tray (new product?)

    I just checked Slee's website and saw this piece of gear for the 200-series: --- It's been a couple of months since I last visited Slee's site, but this...
  3. Modular 80 Hood Bracket

    Modular 80 Hood Bracket

  4. Hood Bracket for Navilock 9004U

    Hood Bracket for Navilock 9004U

  5. P

    94' vs. 95' LC Accessory compatibility

    Hello all, I recently bought a 95' LC. I was searching the web and really like the "TOYOTA" front grill from 94' and older LC's. My LC also does not have the factory roof rack or sliders. I found a LC that is getting parted out and was wondering if the 94' sliders, roof rack, and front grill are...

    New Bumper and Accessory Distributorship

    I'm finalizing my distributorship with TGT/OA in Australia. These bumpers and products are made in Perth, AU. Jason XROX FRONT BUMPERS 40 series 60 series 80 series 100 series 200 series
  7. DirtScaresMe

    Good "accessory" wiring spot needed

    Finishing up a new subwoofer, and I need to supply power via the "accessory" mode. It's the connection that shuts the sub off when the truck's off since its main power is direct to the battery.
  8. S

    For Sale Boston - Sale: LC Black Hood Wind Deflector

    Just removed the Toyota accessory black hood wind deflector from my 2004 Cruiser. Picture below is with it equipped. (Some wear, but in great shape for 10+ years in the elements.) Re-use the screws, plastic screw anchors, and rubber hood gasket already on your vehicle for installation. $40? (I...

    Wits' End Accessory Mounting Quarter Panel- need input

    UPDATE: 6-22-2017 Okie dokie folks, I don't have 100% of the details worked out because I had a last minute idea I want to try and include. But I have enough info to set a price and start production within the next week or so. The new metal shop I've been working with has brought up a couple of...
  10. rusty_tlc

    The Ultimate Fridge Accessory

    Should fit in my 12V fridge nicely 2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg System w/ Picnic Tap, New AIH Keg #1
  11. rblain82

    Prinsu Rack Accessory Question..

    I wanna add some tie down spots to my rack... has anyone used these 80/20 nuts instead of disassembling the rack and sliding the tslot nuts in the rails?? McMaster-Carr
  12. C

    Accessory Management, Switch-Pros

    Hey guys/gals. A buddy online just showed me a group buy on the Switch-Pros product. It uses solid state switching and powers 8 buttons for lights or accessories. I briefly searched and didn't see anything. Does anyone here have any experience with it? Thanks!
  13. Markuson

    Low Profile Roof Rack Options?

    I've searched already...but wonder if y'all might have found something I haven't... So I love the Front Runner system...but I don't like how HIGH it extends upward. I know they have a table you can mount under it...but sheesh. The rack is 6 inches tall. I see this Baja Rack "Utility (flat)...
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