1. T

    75 series ute motor swaps

    Hey I'm looking at building something unique in the next year or so in my 1990 hzj75 ute. Mainly looking at trying a 12v 6bt with a td42 box and transfer. Anyone done a successful 6bt conversion in a 75? looking at actually building the motor for big power so its not just stock. I know lots of...
  2. C

    Questions about 6BT versions

    Good afternoon everyone, I´m writing you all from Santiago de Chile. I´m Jorge and I´ve bought a 91' FJ80 in december 2018, and this model has inside the 3FE engine. Currently I´m looking for the chance of swapping my FJ80 due to gas price here (I´ll become poor soon) and the most recurrent...
  3. A10Driver

    Need ideas, turbo firewall clearance

    Dudes, I am building a 4 door FJ40 with a 6bt and am looking for ideas on how to get some clearance between turbo and firewall. I am thinking two flanges with some sort of spacer. Anyone have a better ideas? Thanks for the help.
  4. holmes187

    60 series chassis swap??

    Hey ladies and gents.. First time reader and first time posted. Been reading bits and pieces on the forum for about 4 hours now haha! But thought I'd start a new thread and get some fresh information. I'm in Australia. And I'm looking for any information, steps taken and photos of anyone...
  5. Will Van

    Questions: FJ60 6BT Cummins NV4500

    Hey Mud! Although I'm new to the forum, I'm a longtime lurker and Toyota truck enthusiast! I've been cruising the Classifieds, Craigslist, Autotrader, etc. for a rust-free FJ60 to do a 6BT/NV4500 swap into. I just have a couple of questions. 1. Is a SOA required to fit the 6BT? - All of the...
  6. Q

    6bt in a 80series

    hi everyone for those of you that have one how has your standard driveline held up as in breakages? Also are you running constant 4x4 or 2wd TIA
  7. lostih

    Consensus on 6BT in FJ80 without AWD

    Well...it looks like I might be getting back in the 80 series diesel group. After completing the 4bd1t swap in my 94 I decided to venture to the darkside with a 100 series. Once again I find myself wanting to lose sparkplugs and go diesel and just picked up a triple locked truck with a blown...
  8. shocktower

    My son needed a senior project, to graduate so its a FJ80 6BT swap

    I am not a huge writer, so I'll be short, I have had my components for a while, just waiting for the time to do it, and then my son tells me Dad, I need a senior project, of something I am interested in ( he makes knives and likes them, but the school would not allow this) I told him Ok we can...
  9. NMC_EXP

    Cummins 6BT Powered FJ60

    I was at Classic Cruisers in Salida yesterday. Micah was putting the finishing touches on an FJ60 6BT Cummins conversion. I got to ride along during a short road test. All I can say is WOW. Acceleration G-forces pinning me into the seat is something new in a Cruiser. Micah just got back...
  10. J

    So I am pretty new here and am thinking about doing a 6bt swap on my 80

    I have a 93 FZJ80 and I want to drop a 6bt in it. I live in WA and I do not have any room to do it myself. Before calling around and embarrassing myself what can I expect to pay for something like this? I can maybe find a garage at a friends if the price of labor is too high, but I would rather...
  11. itbrokeagain

    6bt 80

    So I'm sitting here looking at the leaking transmission on my excursion that I use to tow my 80 to the trails. It got me thinking about building a 6bt 80 as a tow rig. I was curious if the frame and drivetrain will hold up to towing 10k pounds. I would swap the engine and trans and everything...
  12. cody c

    Which pressure sender for 6BT in FJ80?

    So I haven't had an oil pressure gauge in my cruiser for ever, a couple years ago I tried the stock sender and one for the 6BT, if I recall the cummins sender put the needle full stroke, I turned it off quick, the 80 series wouldn't hardly budge it (checked with the 6BT after to make sure I...

    Family Rig: another 6BT, NV4500 swap

    So I am starting out with an 1995 FZJ80, that supposedly lost an timing chain and ruined the motor, that I got for $1000 and a 1994 Dodge 2500 6BT, NV4500, 4x4, that has a bad rear main seal leak and a bad throw out bearing, that I got for $2,000. The plan is to make an tough, reliable, family...
  14. FLNewt

    For Sale  1993 5.9 Cummins 6bt $1600

    1993 5.9 Cummins 6bt I was going to use in my swap. I DD the truck before pulling the motor, no smoke, rattles, knocks, ect. Smooth runner that ran as it should have. 149,5xx miles on the motor. Full motor, ready to run - turbo, intercooler, full wiring harness, alt, p/s, a/c, etc. NO...
  15. Engineerscake

    Diesel Spec Table

    Howdy forumers, I'm new here... I've spent some time on looking around this forum and have prepared a table of common stock and popular swap diesel engine specs for 60 series LandCruiesers. I know that all this information is available here, but I haven't seen a comprehensive table... so I made...
  16. justinlyman

    Builds  95' FZJ80 Build with 6BT swap

    Thought I would start a thread for my build. I am doing a Cummins 6BT swap into my 1995 FZJ80 using the duiser conversion kit. Also doing a 3" suspension lift(using a combination of OME, slee components) with heavier springs to deal with the extra weight, an ARB bumper up front, and BFG...
  17. Dirty Koala

    Builds  Dirty Koala Build - Cummins 6BT + NV4500 + HF2AV Swap

    Build Progress Index: Basic Maintenance Welded body trim & flare holes Dual Battery Isolator - Hellroaring Welded Roofrack holes & Installed ARB Bumper Sound Deadener Install Dual Battery Control & Monitor Installed New Carpet New Leather Installed Part-Time Transfer Case Body Prep for...
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