Stolen drive shaft!

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Apr 18, 2016
Chapin, South Carolina
Had my 80 in the shop getting an oil leak fixed and tires out on. After leaving I noticed a slight vibration. Figured it was from the fresh 10 ply tires. Well after a couple of days I realized that I was missing my original from drive shaft. I had a newer one installed and it was set in phase. I'm pissed because at this point can't prove it with the shop but I know what the original one looks like, here's a picture of the newer one and the oem one I just picked up from a junk yard! So freaking pissed but I can't prove it but I know this isn't the one that came with the 80 when I purchased it in February.

Crazy !
Yep, it's a crazy story and it sucks because it's a little small town shop and the head mechanic is really good with land cruisers, but that's part of the problem there were 3 other 80's up there when mine was in the shop and one was missing a front drive shaft. My suspicion is they ordered one for that one and mine some how ended up on that one.
I've been debating going back but not sure I can maintain my temper! And I'm positive the one on the left wasn't on there when I purchased it because k remember hitting all the zerk fittings and the newer one isn't serviceable...
Well if it was mine that was missing the front drive shaft - it's because it's in the floor behind the front seat. I took it to Carolina Drive Line for balancing. It's still not installed.
Time for an altercation!
Time for an altercation!

I don't think so. Just take the drive shaft in and ask where it came from. It's obviously incorrect equipment. Discuss it. Ask for an explanation. Ask what they did with your driveshaft. If they can't find it tell them to order you a new one. From Toyota. From Beno.
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Liars, cheats, thieves and incompetents need to be confronted and exposed for what they are.
Yeah, get back over there and just find a time to talk to the manager when he is in his office or something. People can act very differently when you approach them and they are surrounded by coworkers or worse employees. Just make it a very calm conversation, but make sure you let him know even if he doesn't confess that you know that is not your driveshaft and that you would hope he would make things right. Good luck, sucks to be in that position, especially if you felt like the shop was good people.
Dude .. you are way to patient .. or I'm way to latino .? damn .. second after I found they swap my drive shaft my face would be in front of his ( manager ) face .. at very least !
I would mention you have a different drive shaft than what you showed up with. And then say you'd like your drive shaft back. Leave all the speculation out of it. 99% of the time the problem will get fixed. If you come in hot from the get go, it can be off putting.

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