Holster mounts

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The Phoenician

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Jul 27, 2011
On the X
Curious to see if anyone has pics of where they have their holsters mounted in their cab and what pros and cons they have experienced.
That is exactly what I was looking at. However there is enough room above my p-brake handle between the seats that I can mount a kydex holster easily for my shield. Been thinking about doing that with an AIWB holster that has the spare mag holder as well. Cheapest AIWB I have found are from Velox or Spider Concealment, that are still decent looking and have received good reviews online.
On my person, under dash, in center console (Tuffy or custom made 80mm ammo box), under seat with lock box. OPSec, no pictures. I like to have them close in multiples. Great idea for a thread.
So my other issue is finding light bearing holsters for HK pistols to use. I'm specifically looking for the HK USP 45 full size and the HK45C. Very limited selection out there.
My old 62 had a holster mounted under the steering column. Hard to see, but easy to get to.
My old 62 had a holster mounted under the steering column. Hard to see, but easy to get to.
Got pics ? I'm leaning either to under the steering column, or if dara holsters has something I can use, installing it by the stick shift.
Let me see if I can find one. I think you just cut a slit in the plastic and the belt clip on.


I rather not have anything in the barrel. In case of a negligent discharge things could turn out ugly.

I enjoy the aesthetics more than the function, I completely agree with you on your concerns.

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