Going rate for used 2f?

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Jun 9, 2017
Denver, NC
Hi Folks -

Good chance I need to do a swap ('78 FJ40 with stock 24, low compression across the board). I've found a 2f out of a mid 80's FJ60 that's running. Will obtain compression numbers shortly. Owner is willing to let go of engine with accessories and tranny but is keeping xfer. Rig has ~170K miles and I can hear / drive before pulling.

What's a fair $$$ amt for that situation?

I got a fully dressed 2F from an '84 FJ60 with tranny and TC for $500. Pat on the back to @code461.
It was a strong runner that has about 160K on it.
Location location location.

You're in NC so probably closer to $500 than a $1000 IMHO.

You will need to reuse your engine mounts (the ears that bolt to the engine) as the 60 has different ones.
You will also need to reuse your fan as the 60 one is bigger. Or you can cut the hole in your fan shroud to a larger diameter.
A few years back a running 2f was sold for 150 in my state. But from what I’ve seen tancruiser is spot on at 400-1000.

If you think the seller has had a hard time finding buyers or wants to sell quick start at 300 and go up. Mention you will have to spend money on and it could still blow a week later
Ive bought a great 2f for $75 and another for $200. All depends i guess
I have a $500 motor in Project Patina. It's perfect.

I paid $3300 for a newly built Long Block 2F

I bought 2 $500 2F's. One was garbage, one was good.

If you can find a good one........get it.
Thanks Folks - My guy is going to produce compression numbers but his 2F looks clean. He's asking $1500 for the 2F and 4 speed. This is a pre-negotiation price. Guessing that's a bit steep given the feedback above.
The 4 speed is for a split case. Do you need the split case trans? If not then maybe a little lower in price. I'd pay a premium for a mid 85-87 2f with consistent numbers in the 145 and above catagory. I'd pay 500-1k for a 130 and above and anything below that I'd pay less than 500.
Bought one (along with tranny and t-case) from @wngrog a few months ago for $700 :)

Looked rough on the outside, but the innards were near mint.
I’ve been looking for the same 85-87 2F with good compression as Trollhole. They are getting rare. Really rare depending on your location.
No hope of that where I live. Plus, many engines, like mine, are already bored to the max.
2F in these parts $300 if you can sell it... most here go 3B

SBC with TH350 out of 72 Fleetside... 72k miles, one owner, incl driveshafts... $300. It was perfect inside and purrs like a kitten. Drove past a friend out walking their dog. She said, "It sounded really good, mean... quiet but mean". Interesting combination... real sleaper till the vacuum secondaries open up... still no significant exhaust sound.

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