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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
I have searched, and found various threads on some very nice cb installations, but not much in mention of antenna mounts.

I was thinking of finding some kind of hood bracket, as I'm loathe to drill any of the body panels, but the only real problem I see so far is that the gap on the hood/fender is a touch narrower than the wires I have on my cb antenna leads. Would there be a problem down the road with it rubbing?

Anyone have some pretty pictures of some installation ideas?

I'm not to keen on the mag mount, I'd prefer something more permanent/less likely to get knocked off.
Where do you want to mount the antenna?

I originally had it on the ARB front bumper on my old 80 until I decided to move it and needed to find a new place. I used the FireStik MK204R adjustable door jam mount, had to drill, but it was in the door jam and not an exposed area that you can see when you remove the mount.

I mounted it on the lower hatch/tailgate area right by the rear tail light. Ran it under the weather seal and trim. Reception was still pretty good.


I don't know what "contempory" thinking on this is, but about the only time I use my CB is on the trail. It plugs in the lighter for 12V and I run the magnet mount antenna lead out the sunroof or window. When I return from outing, it comes out and gets stored with the antenna. One thing to consider about a more "permanent" mount as you describe, when it gets hammered, as it most certainly will, it'll be more hassle and expensive to fix/replace/maintain. If a mag mount gets bumped or knocked off, you just clean it off, wipe a clean spot on the body and stick it back on and it's ready to go. A good SWR meter from Radio Shack is helpful to get optimum performance, too.
The mount I am currently using (see this thread for details) would work on a hood as well. It has a smaller diameter cable that connects to the "regular" sized cable, so it won't rub as you mentioned.
Hood channel from firestik. Holes already there, out of line of sight.
Oh man, I can't find it. But... there was a really nice thread a few weeks back about using an (I think) Fire Stik splitter and putting a CB antennae in as a replacement for the stock one, in the stock location. It had a kit and everything and looked REALLY nice. Got better reception on his normal radio too I believe.

Edit: Found it, but sadly, the pictures are gone. I think you can gather info from it still though....

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heres my firestick hood channel mount. I only had to drill 2 small holes in the channel.
That's similar to the fender mount from Firestick that I got off of e-Bay

Full write-up HERE>>>> or check out these photos.



Nice EA sticker! I designed that one.

Here's my antennae mount. Drilled through the top of the ARB bumper right behind the tube. This way I have minimal reception interference from the body of the truck and the brush guard help deflect some of the trail obstacles. Little hard to see in this picture but you should be able to see it a little bit on the left side of the picture.

My mag mount gets knocked off all the time by low branches etc. And would like an option as well. I tried a firestick mounted on the front bumper with a quick disconnect but did not like having it in front field of view and the quick disconnect broke the first time I removed it. The pin sheared off. Either way I am back to the mag mount until I can decide which option above will work best. Does anyone have a quick disconnect they have successfully used so that I don't have to pull the wrench out to remove.
I have a heavy spring and quick spring loaded disconnect for mine. I prefer the heavy spring. The spring loaded disconnect is to wobble for my taste. Mine is attached to my roof rack on the yakima bars, so simple to swing down when not in use.
The mount I am currently using (see this thread for details) would work on a hood as well. It has a smaller diameter cable that connects to the "regular" sized cable, so it won't rub as you mentioned.

X2 on this set up using the Diamond mount K-400 3/8-24. No holes to drill. It isn't a cheap mount at $65-75 depending on where you buy it, but as Chaldaean noted and as you can see in his pic, the 6' that comes with the mount is a super skinny cable that fits right thru the hatch w/o pinching it like you can with regular coax.

A good heavy spring is a must to protect the mount. I whacked mine pretty good a couple times last weekend on it's maiden voyage and everything was just fine.
For me drilling a few holes in the jam was no problem, I was sure this was going to be my final set-up. But I should probably add a spring to mine since I leave it on all the time and hit it once in a while on the tree just outside my house.
I keep forgetting to measure it's height and write it down on a piece of tape to put on my windshield next to my oil change sticker.
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LIke the ARB mounted version.. but on the bumper itself.. not quite so tall, but works fine.


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