1. boringdriver

    Harrop Supercharger Stage 1 - LX 570 Drivetrain Reliability ?

    I recently purchased a 2015 LX 570 with 59K on the clock. I love this car, however the one improvement desperately needed is a major performance bump. So I have an order in for a Harrop TVS2650 Stage 1 kit (pictured). Due to the lead times involved, all I can do is google, read forums and...
  2. nutstoyota

    Westchester/NY: 2012 Toyota Sequoia Platinum Supercharged

    I am selling my 2012 Toyota Sequoia Platinum. Ask price is $45k. Please dont contact me with ridiculous offers. You are not going to find a sequoia platinum with this mileage for less than this and you are getting a lot more than that -Perfect condition -36k miles -Second owner. both were adult...
  3. M

    Wanted  trying to find "my first" : 2001 Tacoma double cab w/ SC located in south bay region bay area

    my first car, saved for a long time to finally afford a brand new 2001 Tacoma, limited double cab. Added the TRD supercharger at the dealer and it was the best option i could have ever added to it. Also added custom rims which made it perfect IMHO. I had to sell it 2012 and missed her ever...
  4. elisworkshop

    Supercharging my dad’s 1979 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser!

    Hey everyone! My name is Eli an I’m a 16 year old that makes YouTube videos. My latest project was fabricating this Paxton novi 1000 supercharger to my dads FJ40. I made the bracket and did all of the tuning, probably gave this 2F motor 80 more horsepower at 5 PSI of boost. Anyways I just got...
  5. ryanthomp

    2UZ-FE Supercharger for 07 Seqouia

    I have a 2007 Toyota Sequoia Limited with the stock 2UZ-FE engine. I have read that in either the 06 or 07 models Toyota began to add VVT-i to the 2UZ-FE and in doing research I saw that the old TRD Supercharger doesn't work with the VVT-i engine. I am looking to put a supercharger on my engine...
  6. J

    Wanted  Florida: 2UZ-FE TRD Supercharger

    Hey guys, got a 1998 lc and I'm looking to install a super charger. I know they're rare but just thought I'd post to see what's out there. PM me if you've got something or know someone. Thanks -James
  7. S

    For Sale  2UZFE 4.7L complete supercharger kits - refurbished

    Posting for a friend (jamesjr4750 on TundraSolutions forum). Long story short, I bought a kit from him a few years ago for my 100-series but never installed it - found James to be a super helpful, responsive and honest person to deal with)...
  8. Nottajeep

    The IronPig UZJ-55

    As discussed, I am starting a thread so we can get this thing back out of the pig pen. Bought this truck in 2015 from Zack Penny based on word of mouth from Mike Blake. Truck was built and had some electric bugs to work out. As a matter of fact, it blew a fuse and died on my test drive at BP...
  9. B

    Supercharger? Yeah or Nah

    I have a 1993 FZJ80.. 225k when purchased last month. Want to look at options for S/C but i wonder if it would be a good idea with the miles on the rig. Where can I get one? Manufacturer? and or is it not a good idea? Just spent 3k baselining the rig so I would think it is good to go. Thanks...
  10. Pierce

    Minor engine studder at 3-4 lbs of boost

    I’m requesting wisdom. 1997 year model with supercharger. When I am cruising at 70-80 miles per hour and reach 3-4lbs of boost there is a minor intermittent studder. It only lasts a second and might only happen 2-3 times. I’m wondering if anyone has some insight. It feels like a miss. I put a...
  11. Mario12345

    Turbo or supercharger ?

    So I’m planning on adding some extra to my baby but I’m not sure what to do yet... I’m leaning on the “supercharger” more but I’m barley able to even find any. I’m running the stock motor recently rebuilt motor and trans... but we all know these 80s aren’t to quick ... so give me some advice !!
  12. BajaCruiser94

    For Sale  FZJ80 Magnuson Supercharger Kit (Used) for Sale

    SOLD! So, its time to announce this. On Monday, I will remove the Magnuson Supercharger from my 97 FZJ80 rig, the kit was bought win the group buy organized by 2fpower on March '16. My plans with my rig became different, nothing is wrong with the supercharger; I actually just replaced the...
  13. RFB

    TRD Supercharger

    Im thinking about that dreaded 100K deadline on the TRD can I swap oil and carry on or should I do as @cruiserdan says and send it to PSE. I have the grey oil kit from toyota, but is that enough? Shes got no leaks etc. but I drive and wheel a lot.
  14. C

    Wanted  Wanted...OPINIONS on price for TRD s/c for 80 series: What is it worth?

    What is a used TRD supercharger for a TLC 80 series worth on the secondary market? What is a fair price right now? I searched recent classifieds, but these things don't go up for sale very hard for me to judge. *Mods, if this is the wrong forum for this thread, please move.
  15. SBFJ60FIG

    For Sale  TRD Blower Kit 5.7, 3UR-FE new in box - Chicago, IL

    Hey all - I've got a brand spankin' new TRD-branded supercharger and install kit for your 5.7 Tundra, priced at $6.5k - part #s are: PTR029-00140 & PTR29-34140 This is for a Tundra, 2014 and up (not flex fuel I'm told) - if you've questions "like will it fit ______" call Magnusson and they...
  16. krice118

    eBay  Super charged 4.7 Sequioa $5,500

    2003 Toyota Sequoia limited | eBay Would be a cheap way to get a 4.7 supercharger. Buy Sequioa remove charger and components Rebuild the charger Slap the superecharger onto a 100 and sell the sequoia
  17. Ian Mac

    SOLD  Magnuson Supercharger for FZJ80 - FOUND/BOUGHT

    Looking for a magnuson SC complete kit for my 1997 LC - which are seemingly Great White Buffalos these days.
  18. 70Cruza

    For Sale  FZJ80 SUPERCHARGER TRD/Kazuma

    Hello MUD peeps.... I am thinking I am going to sell my used Supercharger I bought last year. This Supercharger was originally on CycloSteves rig. You can search "Uber Clean" and find the thread. I was thinking it would be easy to swap head gaskets with a Cometic metal head gasket and ARP...
  19. Pierce

    Wanted  Supercharger Belt Tool

    I'm looking for the tool to loosen the supercharger tensioner pulley for the FZJ80. I think it looks like this... If anyone has one for sale or knows where i can buy one i’d Appreciate it. Don’t know how much they were new but I’ve got $100+ ready to go.
  20. Arabian Cruiser

    Relay Click & Engine Shudder

    A little background. I recently installed a Magnuson Supercharger, Haltech ECU on a 1996 Manual GCC spec fzj80. The only other mod is a Slee CDL switch to engage the CDL on H4. I'm chasing down a clicking noise on the driver side LHD footwell area that also makes the truck skip a...
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