1. Bluetribal

    Drivers Seatbelt Ratchet

    Anyone else ever have this issue with the seatbelt? Could not find a video on YouTube to see how to fix an older seatbelt. Seems like it needs to be taken apart and the ratchet rotated a little bit at full retraction. Or now that I write this I could just put a stopper so it doesn’t retract as...
  2. ZnowBoard

    Rolled 100

    I am inheriting this rolled 100 which had its airbags deployed. What I understand is that the seatbelts need to be reset or replaced. What exactly does one need to do? How do I fix the seatbelts?
  3. J

    Front passenger seat belt tightens on its own - pretensioner issue?

    Hi all, I'm having an issue on my 1994 FZJ and haven't found a good match by searching. Every so often, when there is someone sitting in the front passenger seat, the seat belt tensioner will activate. You can hear it make a very brief noise and the belt gets tighter. I'm not talking about...
  4. skhochay

    rear seat-belt tip

    see video
  5. HotelZuluJuliet

    Front Seatbelts - HZJ80

    Hey guys, I have a 1995 HZJ80 with a driver's side seatbelt that is on its way out - I thought I read somewhere that in the 1995 models the RHS and LHS seatbelts were not interchangeable, does anyone know if this is the case? I see plenty of front passenger seatbelts for sale but no driver's...
  6. Big Jake

    Seat Belt Retract Fix - Broken Spring

    The driver's seatbelt in my 60 hasn't retracted since I bought it. The PO tied a knot in the belt to take up the slack, haha! I used it that way for a couple of months but wasn't super confident in it and adjusting the length for someone else meant untying and retying. I hoped the fix would...
  7. dusty6467

    Aftermarket front seatbelts 99' LC

    First post here, and yes I've searched the forum extensively for an answer to no avail. Soooo, I had a front end collision that caused my front seat belts to lock up. I mailed them to Safety Restore to fix them and USPS damaged and/or lost them. Now I'm trying to avoid shelling out $500 for OEM...
  8. alohamade

    For Sale PRICE CHANGE: Toyota Seatbelts FJ40

    I think these are for the jumper seats. not sure tho, you can tell me if you know. I don't have jumper seats :( and too cheap to buy them and ship them to Hawaii. Seatbelts are in pretty rough shape. one will not release ( labeled in photo), but it used to. The other one works. if you want...
  9. G

    FJ62 Front Seatbelt Replacement - Help Needed

    I've searched all over these forums and seen plenty of people talking about successfully replacing their seatbelts, but no clear directions on how to access them cleanly. I ordered brand new belts from (those guys are great to work with). I got the back installed very...
  10. M

    SOLD 3rd Row Seats 200 Series Land Cruiser

    Both seats. Grey leather. Very good condition. I've had these for a year taking up space and its time to get rid of them. I hate to throw them away since they are in great shape, but I have no use for them. I have seat belts too if you want them. You pay shipping only from 79707, or local...
  11. M

    SOLD 200 Series 3rd Row Seats + Seatbelts

    Gray leather 3rd row seats boxed up and ready to ship at your expense. Great condition. These came out of a 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser. Also have all 3 seatbelts if wanted. Open to offers. Pickup or ship. 79707 Midland TX Will text/email photos at request
  12. Flank

    Wanted USA Driver side (Left) Front seat belt for 80 series

    Looking for a Drivers seat belt assembly in good condition in gray for 95-97 80 series or LX. Good retractor and no fraying. Feel free to send me PM. Cheers!
  13. newyork

    Shoulder seatbelt mod needed

    For center rear seat. i have a 89 FJ62 - so side seats have shoulder belts but center is a lap belt..... any one add a shoulder belt to the middle rear seat? i searched threads and came up empty thanks so much if anyone has any ideas
  14. jstigler

    Wanted Looking for 2nd and 3rd row seatbelts from a US spec 94+ FZJ80

    Just bought another 93 FZJ80 and I need seatbelts for the 2nd and 3rd row seats. I have 2 kiddos and a third on the way and I want the seatbelts mechanisms that ratchet down after pulling them out all the way, 93 models dont have this feature. I know the 94+ 2nd row does and I know the 97 had...
  15. thebigredrocker

    Wanted 71ish FJ40 Seatbelt Buckle

    I have a nice set of straps that need a buckle. Hoping someone has shot straps and a buckle they would sell.
  16. hooter

    Seatbelt internal failure, serviceable?

    '77 40. Seatbelt wouldn't catch when pulled. Dissection revealed this. Is this internal plastic doo dad replaceable/serviceable? Hate to go to an aftermarket belt for a small bit o' plastic. Then again, safety of my passenger is pretty important. Would like to keep it OEM Thx hOOt
  17. 4

    Wanted door bezel screw and seatbelt bolt

    I am in need of the phillips screws that hold the bezels on the door in an 82 FJ40, I actually need 4 pieces . I also need the bolt that holds the shoulder harness to the roll bar , mine is stripped. 1982 FJ40
  18. Daisy 53

    Slow seatbelt fix!

    The seat belts in my 05 have been slow since I bought it. It got bad enough on the drivers side that there was a couple inches of slack sometimes! I tried all the tricks to fix them, velcro, dental floss and so on. Tore into it today to fix it and here is what I found that worked. On my 80's...
  19. H

    2nd row middle seatbelt

    Trying to install custom car covers but need to unbolt the middle 2nd row sealt belt to put it through my car seat cover. My question is how to I unbolt it so I can slide through the outside car seat cover. Where is the bolt located ? Thank you
  20. jawjatek

    Rear seat belt upgrade nut install

    I purchased the FJ60 rear retracting seat belt set to upgrade my 1987 FJ60 rear belts. The old lap retractors were old and jammed, and I want to be able to take along the whole fam on trips. Currently only 2 can ride with me, and one has to "ride bitch" using the rear center...
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