1. PNWLife

    For Sale  83' Toyota FJ60/Daily Driver/Astoria, Oregon

    Not only my favorite Toyota so far, but my favorite vehicle ever. I absolutely love this FJ60 and can't tell you how many looks and compliments I get daily. I bought her 2.5 years ago from a friend I've known for 25 years who manages a well-known, respected auto shop. He put a lot of time and...
  2. Azca

    Reliable Missoula Montana mechanic?

    Need some advice. My daughter lives in Missoula, I am down here in Phoenix, and need to find a shop to look into an issue. She is being told it is a wheel bearing. No way for me to know here. She has a 2004 V8 sport 4runner, 4x4. She is in school and I need to use someone that can be...
  3. 94lc80series

    Great little flashlight - always ready

    not sure if this is the correct place to post about this. Bought this light a while back. Just used it tonight. Love that I always know where it is and it's always charged. Sometimes it's the little things in life, right? Two AOR Power Nebo Transport #6311 125 Lumen Rechargeable LED...
  4. rustybucket

    Which early 2000s are most reliable ?

    I have never worked on or owned a tacoma. I have been tossing up the idea of owning a Tacoma. I install networks. So that can require caring a ladder, part supplies and so on. I do not want a stick shift because traffic in Seattle is hell meaning...lots of shifting doing 15 mph on I-5. How...
  5. P

    For Sale  1984 FJ60 in Monterey, CA

    Reluctantly selling my Freeborn Red 84 FJ60. This truck is dependable and runs great. I've been using it as my daily driver for 6.5 years now and its never left me stranded. It's sharp black/freeborn red paint scheme turns heads everywhere you drive. That being said, this is not a showroom...
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