1. dnp

    SOLD Jackson, MS 1986 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser 193,000 miles with LOTS of upgrades and parts

    1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 (Red / Gray) The truck has 193,000 miles. (Unless otherwise noted, all items below have been installed / performed within the last 2,000 miles.) The exterior of the truck is extremely solid, is 99% rust-free, and it looks very good, with only minimal dings. This...
  2. McSavage

    SOLD 1982 FJ40 Marietta Ga $30k

    I’m offering my FJ40 through auction on Please view photos and videos there if interested. It’s best to contact me through that listing if you have any questions or have interest. Thanks!
  3. cruisergear

    Builds BIG RED - Our 1984 FJ60

    Hello everyone! I'd like you to meet Big Red. Our Land Cruiser has a lot of history so I'll try to water it down to keep this brief and interesting. My mom and dad have 6 kids [insert typical mormon family joke here] and in the early 80's they were very eager to find a vehicle that could fit...
  4. erics

    Wanted patina'd freeborn red PS fender apron

    Anyone have a weathered passenger side fender apron that would be a good replacement for this blue one to generally match the patina of the truck?? ideally would trade but willing to buy... truck is a 66 lpb - I don't know that the year really matters, just thinking a patina driver thanks
  5. elmariachi

    Searching for a red Fj60/62

    For those of you who were at Katemcy earlier this year, there was a red 60/62 parked by the pavilion on Friday that has also been for sale on Austin Craigs. Anyone know the owner? He had 6-8 people standing around talking about it. Trying to determine if its still for sale. Jim
  6. elmariachi

    Looking for a Red FJ-60/62

    There was a clean red 62 at this year's Roundup in Katemcy parked right next to the pavilion on Friday. It has also been for sale on CL in Austin. Anyone know the owner? Jim
  7. stock

    Under truck RED lights for night vision.

    I do a lot of boating and flying and we use red lights all the time to keep night vision. I went camping/fishing with a buddy who had an 80 series and at one point we misplaced something, we looked with flashlights to no avail then he hit his under carriage lights (which I thought where ghetto...
  8. DirtScaresMe

    two front end kits: do i need the red one?

    I decided to put on a new steering stabilizer and had the awesome experience that is removing the balljoint thingies without the right tools. Amazon hosed up and sent me two kits. The grey one I think is what I want: it has various mechanical methods of pushing things around. The red set there...
  9. Diesel Cruiserman

    Little red has a new owner

  10. drew151

    I painted my locking hubs red today. . . Not bad

    I've always wanted my locking hubs to be red so I painted them today. I don't think it turned out bad. I figured it couldn't make it look any worse. It took me about 30 mins and cost me about 50 cents.
  11. Dudleyfj40

    Red 78 tub, fenders, ambi doors.

    I had a local body shop contact me with a pretty decent 3/4 tub they pulled off a 78 FJ40. It has been bondoed in places, but for anyone with a bad rusty tub, you might be interested in this. Let me know.
  12. 2001LC

    Coolant Alert don't mix SSL (Pink) antifreeze in factory LL (red) systems.

    Title deals with mix LL red Toyota antifreeze mixed with SLL pink. Which is ok but then you should use the more restrictive flush schedule of the red if done. Below is from Toyota COM concerning SLL antifreeze. The last line states: "Compatible with Toyota red Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant"...
  13. E

    For Sale 1988 FJ62 RED

    1988 FJ62 all original. 110,000 miles. The interior is in great shape. The engine starts right up and run great. Everything works as it should. 100% Documented. There is some minor surface spots of rust on the tailgate, and one spot in the engine bay on the fender. The underbody/frame has always...
  14. RojoFJ62

    Wanted Red passenger door shell for 89 fj62

    shipped to 92627 in Costa Mesa CA. Please message me if you have one you are looking to sell. Thanks!
  15. RLMS

    Red Line Drilled and Slotted Land Cruiser Rotors 8/80-1/90 40/60/70 Series

    Trying to find a factory fit brake rotor upgrade for the front of our beloved Toyota Land Cruisers, with out breaking the bank has been next to impossible - UNTIL NOW! We are offering these Red Line Drilled and Slotted Land Cruiser Rotors for 8/80 - 1/90 40-Series / 60-Series / 70-Series Land...
  16. RLMS

    Red Line 80 Series Billet T-Case knobs

    SOLD OUT. I made 10 of these billet knobs for the 80 series T-Case. I have 3 left. Billet aluminum, anodized then laser etched the factory shift logo on the top! 49.99$ We went with a new shape for the knob just for fun! PM me if you have any interest! Justin
  17. Varty Yo

    Tinting monstaliner to freeborn red

    I searched but could not find any good threads on tinting monstaliner. I plant to clean up my floor on my 42 and roll on monstaliner or maybe spray even. How hard is it to tint? Mixing etc. weighing and what have you.
  18. bparker

    For Sale DFW Four General Grabber Red Letter 31x10.50

    Full set, probably 5000 miles, tons of tread left. Looking for $500 cash or trade for 33x10.50 bfg al terrain or mud terrain with money on my end. Located near DFW
  19. zonker

    Red Coolant Sediment

    For my second question of the day. I removed my radiator cap and there was a strange looking sediment mixed in with the coolant. With some of it floating on the surface. I am guessing that after a complete overhaul of the cooling system from all hoses to the radiator.. there was something...
  20. TheNeek

    Builds Red Dawn (60 converted 62 Build Thread w/ R2.8)

    We bought an FJ62/60 from a forum member in June of 2016. Didn't feel it was appropriate to start a build thread until now because we haven't really done much until the last few weeks. Really happy with the chassis on the truck and with the beginnings of the front end swap. Truck was mostly...
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