1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Speed Sensor (mounts on T Case) 1993 -1997 + speedometer

    SoCal $100 including shipping for sensor. Also cluster guages except speedometer Please message if interested or questions. Without this sensor, your speedometer will not work.
  2. M

    Rear Quarter Panel Trim Piece Question

    Hi gang, I think I have an answer ready but I come to you for confirmation and advice. My new-to-me 1999 LC is missing a trim piece on the rear passenger side quarter panel (picture attached). I've found a Toyota parts schematic that shows this piece to be #75651 (right side/passenger side...
  3. Luke84

    Advice on tying second fuse panel to ignition

    Hi- Today I essentially completed the majority of the wiring of a Blue Sea auxillary fuse box. Months ago, I installed two 12v outlets and ran the wires to the driver's seat. I ran 4ga cables from the battery to the box, but I'd like to also insert some form of relay to tie it into the...
  4. razorback06

    78 floor panel not complete

  5. M

    2002 LC Paneling?

    Unsure if this is the correct term but I could take a picture if necessary. I purchased my 2002 about 10 months ago and the paint/body is in fantastic shape. I put my own wax on twice a year. My only complain is the 4-5 inch paneling/skirting that runs along the doors has lost some color and...
  6. Girl und Panzer

    Door panel hold down fix

    Has anyone made or found a solution for the disintegrating places in the door panel meant to hold the plastic clips? I've got several places where I can't get my panels to stick down because the panel won't hold the clips.
  7. Dissent

    Solar Panel and Hail?

    Just curious if anyone has experience with hail and their solar panel? how durable arw these things? I have a 100w Renogy panel.
  8. Irish Reiver

    Solar Panel that fits between Roof Ribs

    Does anyone know of a solar panel that will fit between the roof ribs. The ribs have a 24 cm space between them. Basically I am looking for a panel that is less than 24 cm wide and maybe 50 or 75 long. Everything I find on the internet is square and a 24 cm square panel is of little point.
  9. tstepp920

    Wanted Fuel Sending Unit Access Panel

    I need this access panel located directly behind the seats. Mine is pitted badly. This panel provides access to the fuel sending unit in the fuel tank. 1979 and newer would have these.
  10. K

    For Sale Diamond Plate FJ40 rear quarter panel guards

    Used, pulled them off a cruiser I bought. $100+20 for shipping.
  11. 4

    For Sale FJ40 tailgate panel

    I have a used flat tailgate panel $50 plus the ride
  12. S

    Quarter panel fabrication

    i figured i'd post this because i've taken so much away from this site over the period of my never ending build. maybe something here can help someone. same old story: rusty '72, although not as bad as some, i decided it would be easier to replace the rockers and quarters as apposed to patching...
  13. aaron9252

    Front-end rust, lower panel

    Anyone have the official name of the lower valance seen below the grill that has all the rust on it? For some reason the only rust on my truck is on that piece. Looking to remove, clean up, paint and replace. Also, it looks like I'll have to remove almost all pieces surrounding it to...
  14. Dan Higgins

    Molle Seat Back Panel for LC Seats?

    I have seen pictures of Molle or whatever you call them (velcro strips) panels for the back of the front seats of a Jeep. With the velcro strips you can mount pouches, etc. I would likely use it to mount a larger bag for guidebooks, a map case, sunglasses/glasses holder, and a few other odds...
  15. bwalker16527

    Best 1974 FJ40 rear quarter panel patch?

    Who has the best rear quarter panel patch--CCOT, Real Steel Cruiser Parts or other? Any experience with these?
  16. JVZii

    Wanted 79+ FJ40 Quarter Panel Corner Patch

    I am looking for a pair of the corner patches for a 79 fj40. I just need the rear patch not the whole panel. If you have one or both drop me a line.
  17. NMC_EXP

    Removal of HVAC Control Panel

    ref: '85 FJ60 A scanner was installed in the ash tray slot. I need to remove that plus see why the fresh/recirculate lever won't move full stroke. The HVAC controls, ash try and some switches are in a panel in the center of the dash. Question: Can that panel be pulled without removing the...
  18. 65swb45

    For Sale FJ40 hardtop panels, Lot 1, So Cal

    Per Henry Ford, all black. Preserved (covered in soot from the warehouse fire) 8panels in this lot. Panels are EXPENSIVE to ship (at least $120) so do your homework FIRST! As always, no PMs please. Post or call the shop.
  19. Shes Mad

    Wanted Chrome rocker panel trim 1987 FJ60

    Looking for the rocker trim and clips in decent shape. I need the pass side, but will take a set if nice
  20. cody c

    Rear side panel storage compartments, what are you storing in them?

    I had to find a bad wire in the back of my 80 the other day, my "clearance light" or running lights weren't working, and I had to dig into the side storage panels to get to some wiring and realized I had a bunch of oil and recovery straps in there that I had totally forgotten about and never...
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