1. sunrk

    Replacing old (original?) engine to main battery earth cable

    I've been working on a replacement for my 80's primary engine earth cable linking the neg terminal of the main battery direct to the connection point at the bottom of the 1hz engine block. This is what the end fixed to engine looked like until I took it off yesterday: '] pic page The bolt is...
  2. modeststeve

    Toyota B Main Bearing Torque Specs

    Anyone out there have Main bearing torque specs for the early Toyota B engine? If I had hair I'd be pulling it out....
  3. TroutFJ

    FJ60 rear main seal

    Ok so after completely destroying my rear main seal trying to get it in are there any tricks to this!? I used a pipe the same diameter as the seal and it just wasn't going in!! The outer diameter of the seal just seems about 2 mil too big. Here are some pics. Any help would be greatly...
  4. 2001LC

    Replacement source, main fuse box lid Seal.

    Ever 100 series I've looked at needs a main fuse box lid Seal. With some of the issue we've seen with these fuse boxes, I'd like to keep internals clean & dry as possible. The seal is our only defense to this end that I'm aware of. I've never pulled the fuse box, so I have no idea if any other...
  5. divemedic

    wheeping rear main

    so I'm changing all my fluids and noticed my engine oil is wheeping at the engine/trans seal. It looks like I may have caught it on a stick as it's bent. I didn't cheap my oil level prior to draining. I haven't noticed any spots or pressure changes. Anyways should the gasket be bent like...
  6. sunrk

    AGM batteries drop-in replacement for N70ZZL lead-acid ones ?

    Has anyone fitted AGM batteries in place of std lead-acid type in their 80? If so, who might now what the closest equivalent(s) in terms of size and terminal config to N70ZZL are available? I'm aware of Odyssey and Northstar as well-regarded brands of AGM battery particular in the USA. I know...
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