led lights

  1. txoutdoorx4

    Vision X ADV Canon Lights & 10% Off

    We've been super impressed with the new ADV Light Canon LED lights from VisionX USA as part of a build we're doing on a 200 Series Land Cruiser, and now's your chance to get a 10% discount on ANY order from them. Use coupon code outdoorx4 at www.visionxlighting.com to get your discount on ANY...
  2. Ohanlon

    For Sale FZJ75 1998 Troopy in Dom. Rep.

    This Troopy is beautifully unattainable in the USA til 2023, but for sale in Dominican Republic -- $25K US. The troopy (we called it "Gandalf") is in Santiago, DR. We are presently in NC, USA. will be in DR from Feb. 28 to March 18. I love this truck, would not sell it if we still lived in...
  3. G

    2012 GX460 Premium HeadLights

    Hello All, I just got a 2012 GX 460 Premium and am having a unique issue with which I hope someone here could help. We recently took the car on several holiday road trips, I noticed that the headlights are pointed very low. I can only get about 50-75 feet of illumination on dark highways. I...
  4. X

    led lights bulbs

    I think that I noticed someone with break lights that were leds. No?
  5. WarWagon

    SOLD LED lights 9inch.....

    Brand new 9 inch off-road lights with wiring harness; never used harness nor lights. $100 plus the ride.
  6. MRT Motorsports

    Baja Designs Black Friday Rebate from MRT! Up to $150 Cash Back

    We are excited to announce our first Black Friday special - BAJA DESIGNS! In addition to our unbeatable prices for IH8MUD members, free shipping*, and unmatched technical support - Baja Designs is kicking in up to $150 cash back + a free koozie. This is the best deal we have ever seen on Baja...
  7. N

    LC aux LED fog light install

    Installed these about 6 months ago but never thought to do a mini write up. They were noticeable in a couple pix I posted recently and when a few members asked for details I figured I'd share a few pictures. Was about $100 total including oem fog light switch. Flood...
  8. K

    Bizarre Electrical issues w/ LED turn signals

    I recently took my '99 Land Cruiser to the Toyota Dealership to troubleshoot the following issues: ABS light turning on after driving for a block or so Potential fuel pump replacement as the vehicle would surge momentarily while accelerating on the highway (passing a car or aggressive lane...
  9. cmck

    LED's for lighting install for tailgate and cargo area

    When camping the rear of the LC 100 is the work station for every thing. In winter the days are short and I often arrive in the dark needing more light than a headlamp or stock lighting provides. I'm starting small with lights on the hatch door to illuminate the tailgate and a light for the...
  10. A

    What Is the Purpose of This Section of the Tail Light on LX 570 LEDs?

    This area of the LED tail light (picture) does not light up. It is not brake, turn signal, or reverse lights. I turned on fog lights too just in case like some European cars there is a brighter red fog light on the driver side. Nothing lights up. Is it part of a non-US LED turn signal? Is it...
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