1. theglobb

    SOLD North Carolina: 1993 KZJ78 Prado

    1993 KZJ78 Land Cruiser Prado. 142K miles (228,513 km). Asking $36,000, open to offers 1KZ-TE 3.0L Turbo Diesel Engine. 5-speed Manual Transmission. Factory rear locker. Tires - 32x11.50R15LT 113R Falken WildpeakA/T AT3W (approx 10,000 miles on tires) One of a kind turbine wheels. Front...
  2. KZJ71 YotaFreak

    Issues with 35's on a KZJ70

    I've seen plenty of kzj70 / kzj78's with 35's+, but have either had axle swaps (Patrol) or other modifications. I believe that the 1kz-t engine isn't the issue as there's plenty of torque, but I've heard of other possible failure points which include diffs, front knuckles, and mainly axles. So...
  3. KZJ78Sasebo

    Parking Brake Plate - Hard to Find

    Hello and good day to y’all! Long story short, I need to swap out the rear parking brake assembly on my ‘94 KZJ78. I bought a kit from Autozone for a 2007 FJ Cruiser and it contained all the required hardware as well as the parking brake shoes. Everything was going well until I noticed on my...
  4. KZJ78Sasebo

    Track Bar Hardware KZJ78

    Good day y’all, I am replacing the rear track bar on my KZJ78 and I need help locating replacement bolts. The bolt, washer and nut on the driver’s side is pretty corroded to the point that even if I’m able to remove it, it will probably not be good to put back in. The Toyota part number is...
  5. G

    For Sale 1995 KZJ78 3.0L Diesel Turbo

    I purchased this truck almost a year ago to fix for myself, but finding the parts have been a nightmare, at this point I'm willing to sell as is for $16k obo. The engine is good, it runs and drives, but the body parts are so hard to get and I saw on some websites I can order from Japan, but I...
  6. BushyBrow

    KZJ78 Investigating fluid dripped onto pumpkin

    Hi Everyone, Can someone help confirm these part numbers for the front diff fluid replacement? I have a leaky front diff and I figured I would replace the plug and fluid as a start. Also any tips or words of wisdom are welcome. Here are the things I'm buying for the job: Valvoline FlexFill...
  7. WheelyApplegate

    For Sale Bellingham, WA: 70 series 1987-96 Prado Coil Lift Springs

    These were fitted to my 94 KZJ78 Land Cruiser Prado when it arrived from Japan. I desired taller springs, so I purchased Dobinson's tallest springs ($490 + shipping) and installed them. Turns out they are the same height and they feel the same, so my effort was a waste of time. Live and learn...
  8. A

    KZJ78 1KZ-TE Alternator updgrade Questions

    Hey guys, I truly need some expert advice here. I'm currently upgrading my alternator from the stock to a 130 amp, I'm just unsure about how to wire the charge cable. Does the charge cable go directly to the battery or where is it supposed to go. I am not changing the oval plug, but I am unsure...
  9. rockwell421

    SAE Assembly Lamps & Lenses

    Hey folks, I'm having a tricky time finding the following parts for my 1996 Land Cruiser Prado SX KZJ71W-MET. I was wondering if someone from the community can help me find these so that I can enjoy this little warthog! These must be yellow and have the SAE mark so that they can pass the...
  10. BushyBrow

    Proud KZJ78 owner

    I've been stalking this forum for the past few months now and I'm proud to say my '94 KZJ78 is finally chilling in my garage. Nothing done to it yet - first update will be swapping these shocks out for a better ride. More posts to come on the future - happy to part of the community~
  11. madhok

    2lte Transmission Problems

    Hi guys I have an LJ78 with an automatic box. Problem is park engages but all other gears act as neutral? Shifter linkage is operating but no power is getting to the front or rear in reverse or drive. Any ideas on where I should start?
  12. C

    Need work done to KZJ78 Prado in Australia

    Hey all! I'm located here in the Northern Territory, but I am picking up a sweet 1994 KZJ78. But there are a few modifications I want done to it such as: - EGT gauge install - EGR delete - Top mount intercooler - Upgraded radiator - 3 in exhaust Does anyone know around...
  13. BushyBrow


    First post! New prado owner 😁 So I’m struggling finding a correct steering wheel adapter for my ‘94 KZJ78. Anyone have any tips for me? Most sites will have a vehicle picker but of course being an older car, I can’t find the my car. Thanks I’m advance!
  14. ohheyitsnino

    Parting Out 1KZ-TE with auto trans, ECU and loom. looking to part out or sell as complete

    Hey guys, I'm looking to either part of this 1KZ or sell as a whole. I just received this engine as of 10mins ago and have to get rid of it due to having to move to another country. the plan was to swap it into my LJ78 but I just don't have the time anymore to do it. She was pulled out of Hiace...
  15. M

    For Sale Los Angeles- clean 94 kzj78 Prado

    Thinking about selling my land cruiser- here are the specs. 94 land cruiser kzj78 prado RHD imported early 2020, I got it in may 2020. its been my daily driver since. Upon import it went to FitGarage who did timing belt/water pump, thermostat, steering knuckles, flushed cooling system, diffs...
  16. BTV

    KZJ78W Questions from a Newb

    G'day folks. So I just won an auction on a 95 Prado SX Wide after many many failed attempts. I'll save you the time of asking why I didn't go with the 4.2... I couldn't afford it. Knowing that when it gets to Canada, at minimum I'll have to put new rubber on it as it doesn't meet the three dot...
  17. R

    Help verify ARB Kaymar rear bumper for kzj78

    Greetings all. I'm in another country and ARB parts have to be ordered and take months to arrive here, but on this local classified ad, an individual is selling an ARB Kaymar rear bumper used for $600. Can you guys help verify if it's actually ARB?
  18. Elbee

    Trade Tx, Trade Defender 110 (5 door) for a troopy or 78 with 1hz or 1KZ-TE or better

    Entertaining idea to trade, plus or minus cash depending on trade quality. I have a 1989 200tdi Defender 110 that is a daily driver that imported in around 2014. I have service records and receipts a couple inches deep. Turbo diesel with LT77 tranny, and LT230, with a salsbury (dana 60) rear...
  19. FJ40 that green thing

    KZJ78 Battery Replacement

    Im new to the 70's if this has been discussed at length before I apologize. When I took posession of my 96 Prado the battery in it was an undersized group 34 Autozone special. It works but was loose and too small in the battery tray and didn't leave me any confidence adding accessories like...
  20. KZJ78Sasebo

    General Maintenance - Fluids Change

    Hello 👋🏽 I have a few days off due to the holiday weekend (in the USA) and I want to do something productive and swap out all the fluids that I haven’t gotten around to ever since getting my KZJ78. I have a few questions and I want to ask help for those more experienced in these type of cases...
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