1. KZJ78Sasebo

    General Maintenance - Fluids Change

    Hello 👋🏽 I have a few days off due to the holiday weekend (in the USA) and I want to do something productive and swap out all the fluids that I haven’t gotten around to ever since getting my KZJ78. I have a few questions and I want to ask help for those more experienced in these type of cases...
  2. KZJ78Sasebo

    KZJ78 Right Side Sagging?

    Hello! I have an issue regarding my 1994 KZJ78 and wondering if you guys can give me any pointers/diagnose what's wrong. I upgraded the ancient aftermarket suspension to a Dobinson's 2" kit and afterwards I noticed that the driver's side on my rig is a bit lower than the left hand side. It wasnt...
  3. L

    KZJ78 Aftermarket Seat Covers - Prado

    Hey all, I can not for the life of me find anywhere online selling seat covers for a Prado 1993. I have seen a number of KZJ78 go up for sale with them on but can't find where to purchase them. Looking for a leather look like the below. Any suggestions would be stellar. Thanks!
  4. WildSouth

    Builds  The Latest Edition - My 1993 KJZ78 Land Cruiser Prado

    Hi all, Figured I would share my latest acquisition: a classic/original 1993 KZJ78 Prado. It's in very sound condition overall, and the seller had owned it for the past 13 years (with receipts throughout their ownership). Plan for this is a simple yet a effective touring build. It already has...
  5. KZJ78Sasebo

    Rear Drum ASSY Diagram/Help

    Hello! I needed to replace a stripped wheel stud on my KZJ78 (‘94) and when I got around to whacking it with a hammer one spring behind the rotors came loose and fell on the ground. When I was able to remove the stud the left side plate came loose and now I have a handful of springs and stuff on...
  6. mikehuntt3

    1995 KZJ78 Prado (RHD) Air-Conditioning Issues

    Bought vehicle in winter time and never tried the aircon. Shipped vehicle to the USA and tried aircon this summer. Noticed that the clutch would NOT engage no matter what. Had a half can of R134a and decided to put some in. All of a sudden, the clutch kicked on while parked in my garage. I put...
  7. H

    Kzj78 mods

    Hey all! Finally got around to getting some new work done. It’s the first round of mods since I bought the Prado in November. I ordered a rear bumper and swing kit from coastal off-road. These kits are awesome and it doesn’t take a professional welder to assemble. After a lot of shopping...
  8. D

    Tire/Wheel Sizing Sidewall Question

    Hey All! New here to the forum and a new owner of a kzj78. Forgive me for my naive question but I tried searching through the forum and couldn’t find any specific post that could help. I’m in the process of trying to purchase a set of new tires and wheels but want to get a certain look where...
  9. N

    LJ79 3L Turbo Issues

    Hello all, just recently bought a LJ79 with a turbo-ed 3L engine. Having some massive leak coming from the breather/PCV. Previous owner ran a hose from the engine all the way to the rear and the leak was really insane especially after a long drive (doesn't help that I park my car in a...
  10. KZJ78Sasebo

    KZJ78 Suspension Install; DIY

    Hey guys! My KZJ78 is in need of a suspension upgrade since I still have the old shocks and springs from when I bought it in Japan. I ordered the 2” lift kit from Dobinsons and I have been going around to different shops in my area to see about getting the kit installed. The problem is that...
  11. fordyota

    Builds - It Started with a Rusty Screw - KZJ78 Prado

    Starting another build thread for yet another JDM KZJ78 that's landed in PacNW..or rather hoping to continue the good work started by @Lenny33 who let me pick up where he left off. He has a great build thread as well. Lenny33 put alot of great mechanical work to bring this machine to a great...
  12. KZJ78Rig

    SOLD  Tampa, FL RHD 1995 Land Cruiser Prado KZJ78

    Selling my RHD 1995 Land Cruiser Prado EX (KZJ78) 3L 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel A/T. I'm asking $26,500 OBO -Chassis has 271k = 168,466 miles on her (she is my daily so this number will continue to increase as I drive 50 miles per day). -Brand new head/kit purchased from Mr Cylinder Head out of...
  13. KZJ78Sasebo

    KZJ78 Electrical Issues

    Hello everyone, I have a 1994 KZJ78 (1KZ-TE) that I imported from when I was living in Japan. The truck recently started acting up ever since I got it back from the shipper. When the truck is running, something causes the whole electric systems to shut down. I can't roll down any windows...
  14. 78pradobilly

    Kzj78 Snorkel install

    Few pictures from the install of the snorkle for my 1996 kzj78 with the 1kzte engine. There were no instructions online so i decided to document this . Its still a work in progress but here is the result so far
  15. F

    High Output Alternator For KZJ78 in USA

    Hi everyone , new to the forum Just purchased a kzj78 few weeks ago. Located in NY I need to source a high output Alternator Here in the states. Ive been looking and can only find them in AUS and 1. The alternators i have found dont specify the fitment on a KZJ78, but they are for a 1kzte so i...
  16. jimmymango

    SOLD  Maryland: 1994 KZJ78

    $18,900 Selling one of my KZJ78s (Prado). 1kz-te 3.0 ltr. This is a 1994 with 224,000 kms (roughly 140k miles), but that will go up as I'm daily driving it. The truck is in great mechanical and cosmetic condition. I imported 2 (long story), and have decided this was the one to go. Legally...
  17. DorianGQ78

    SOLD  1993 Land cruiser Prado (KZJ78) JDM Diesel

    $28,500 1993 Land Cruiser Prado (KZJ78) JDM import. -3.0L turbo diesel (1kz-te engine), 4 Spd A/T, 4x4 -actual fuel mileage is around 19-21mpg in the city) -E- locking hubs; E-Rear Diff lock -4 inch Rancho lift with 33x12.5” tires on super rare 6lug Centerline convo pros, 15” -240, 000km at the...
  18. Al75

    What diameter shock absorbers better for KZJ78 - 2.0" or 2.5" ?

    Hi everyone, I would like to talk about shock absorbers diameter, not suspension lift value. Are there somebody who has an experience with mid-high range monotube shock absorbers on KZJ78 like King, Fox, Radflo, SAW, Bilstein and so on? It is pretty hard to get good suspension play for...
  19. phantomkhan

    Help Axle swap Kzj78 70 Series Prado

    Hello everyone, I want to modify my Prado for aesthetic purposes. It is the 70 series kzj78-wide Prado with the flares. As you know that the prado's front and rear axle widths are different and that they are both narrow to allow the tyres to be flush with the fender (flares). I wish to change...
  20. N

    Square Nose/Round Headlights on a KZJ/LJ78?

    Hey all, New to MUD and to cruisers in general, I'd appreciate it if one of you could answer my question. I've got my heart set on a light duty 78 (engine doesn't matter, I'm swapping it out) but I would really, really, really prefer to have the more square and angular grill and nose of the...
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