1. JaredRamos99

    KZJ78 INFO

    Hello, I have a 1995 Toyota Landcruiser KZJ78 I purchased while stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I was wondering what upgrades I should start doing and if anyone has replaced the blower motor for the fan. right now it has a lift on it but I’m not sure what the height. Currently running 33 inch tires.
  2. C

    For Sale  Niceville FL: 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser KZJ78

    This 1995 Land Cruiser KZJ78 is for sale in Niceville, FL. It is a RHD, JDM example. This is the toughest looking 70 series we can remember seeing, thanks to the lift and 37″ beadlock tires! See the build details below. Add a snorkel, the bumpers and the diamond plate and this thing looks like...
  3. B

    1994 LC prado modernization

    hello, my name is Baha I recently joined the forum and I am active duty military. I just purchased a 1994 LC Prado in Japan and is the car I am taking back to the states, just need some help in modernizing some small things so bear with me as i list some things that i see with my car, any help...
  4. ukhan

    Intro/High output alternator

    Hello Every one, My name is Usman and I am from Queens, NY. I just found out about this site. It's a pleasure to see so much stuff on the 70 series as I finally got my hands on one. I will attach some images of the work I have done on it. It's a 1994 KZJ78 Prado. I am looking for a high output...
  5. WildSouth

    My 1993 KZJ78 (with just 160km/98k miles)

    Hi all, Thought I'd share another of my Cruisers. This time my 1993 KZJ78W, in blue, with super low kms. It's INCREDIBLY clean. Paint is great, interior is spotless, and drives beautifully. I was so fortunate with this one. A guy listed on Marketplace and didn't really know too much about it...
  6. Jcm5

    KZJ78 Extended caster correction arms These are made from 3/4" thick plate, caster corrected for a 3" lift (great for 2.5") and move the axle 1" forward as well.
  7. Jcm5

    KZJ78 Caster Correction Radius Arms

    Hey guys, first thread here after following along on what other folks are doing for these trucks. My journey started after getting one of these for myself after importing a few for other people I absolutely fell in love even despite their quirks and I've always loved the challenge of making...
  8. julianhayes824

    Lots O' Mods! + Disaster Struck :(

    Been a minute since I've posted, but I've done alot of work recently to my Prado, heres the rundown- AUDIO- New front speakers 4" New rear speakers 6.5" Used sub box + amp Did the whole shabang in a few hours, front speakers were pretty easy but the drivers had me pull the vent piece itself...
  9. jbsf3

    For Sale  Okinawa (ships USPS): 1994 KZJ78 3rd row seatbelt assemblies, complete, great for projects

    WTS, pair of 3rd row seat seatbelt assemblies; inertia locking mechanisms, trim pieces and bolts/washers, etc. Great shape, smoke/pet free truck. $60 shipped CONUS. Please reach out with any questions.
  10. kzj78fanboy

    Kzj78 cold temperature

    Hey guys, So I live in Florida and my temperature gauge always warms up in what I believe to be a normal range. I’m traveling up in the northern states atm where the temperatures are around 32f (0c) to 40f (4c). And my temperature gauge will barely rise driving around town unless I hop on the...
  11. Lomoski

    1995 kzj78 code 32

    Hello friends, My truck has been sitting for about 18 months, but it was run for a half hour every month. I have been driving it as my daily for about a month now. I have been having some black smoke, well, it barfs black smoke on cold startup sometimes and my fuel economy has gone through the...
  12. A

    For Sale  1994 Land Cruiser Prado (KZJ78) - El Paso, TX

    $30,000 OBO 1994 Land Cruiser Prado imported from Japan 3.0L turbo diesel (1KZ-TE) with 160,000 miles (263,000km). Located and registered in El Paso, Texas. Runs and drives great, no issues. ***More info/requests for serious buyers only*** NOT LOOKING FOR TRADES
  13. Lomoski

    Back in my kzj78, need new shocks.

    Hey everyone, I had to park my truck for a while due to cost of living and changing careers. But I just picked it back up and drove it back home from my parents. Really missed that truck. I'm curious if anyone has tried the new shocks from Dobinsons, the IMS I believe they are called. I need to...
  14. M

    Common causes and treatment questions

    Been driving my cruiser for a week and I've noticed a few things Does the KZJ78 have a differential lock or only a hub lock and if so where can I find it? While it is easy to turn on the 4WD button right next to the hublock, how do I utilize the 4WD stick handle by the transmission? Some of...
  15. Will Van

    Wanted  KZJ78 - 1KZTE Oil Pan and Pickup Tube

    Like the title states, I am looking for an oil pan and pickup tube for a 1993 to 1996 KZJ71 or KZJ78 Land Cruiser with the 1KZ-TE Engine. New or used. Lemme know what ya got! Toyota PN for the Oil Pan: 12101-67040 Toyota PN for the Pickup Tube: toyota 15104-67020 Thanks!
  16. Jolton49

    My DIY Front Mount Intercooler -KZJ78 - Work In Progress

    Starting work on my DIY front mount intercooler kit and documenting my progress... I begin by picking a universal intercooler the Mishimoto G-line universal intercooler. Going over the specs, this is way overkill and i could have made it easier on myself if i went with a smaller intercooler...
  17. abemon16

    Looking at a KZJ78

    Hey everyone, I’m going to be checking out a 1995 KZJ78 this weekend and was hoping the knowledge here could help me know some things to look out for. I’ve done some research on these models and understand they aren’t as heavy duty as some other land cruisers, and I’ve seen that they can crack...
  18. jbsf3

    SOLD  KZJ78 Sun visors & steering column shroud

    Just replaced these and I'd be happy to send them to anyone who wants them for the cost of shipping. Came off a 1994 KZJ78 but I'm guessing these fit other models as well. Lots of shadows in the pics of the sun visors, they aren't too bad of shape. I'm in Okinawa Japan but can send these...
  19. R

    For Sale  1996 KZJ78 Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Turbo Diesel Salt Lake City, UT

    Toyota Landcruiser 70 series from Japan. This manual turbo diesel kzj78 with 95,700 miles is one of the cleanest you will find and has been meticulously cared for. It currently has a 2” lift with BFG’s and aftermarket wheels. Nardi steering wheel and knob, LED Headlights and Taillights, Lonza...
  20. julianhayes824

    1995 KZJ78W Land Cruiser Prado

    Hello Everyone, Picked up this cruiser last week in Okinawa, I'll be here for another 2 and a half years so may as well ride in style. She's got north of 300k on her but runs like a top. Fresh paint and a new set of 31"s and M/T rims to top it off. Not gonna build it too much until I get...
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