1. D

    Wanted kzj78 Flares

    Gday everyone, Im in need of a drivers side flare. Does anyone know if the flares from a VDJ76 will fit? Or of a place that does a kit for a full set? Or does anyone have a Front Drivers side flare available? Cheers.
  2. LeonLJ78

    2lte intercooler - LJ78

    Hi, Wanting to know if anyone has fitted a Isuzu bighorn/ trooper (also the Holden Jackaroo) top mount intercooler to a 2lte, and if there is much improvement with it in the system. Ive seen a scoop from these installed to a LJ78 and it looked tidy, but wanting to know if i could run the...
  3. Lenny33

    New to KZJ78 Prado

    I am purchasing a '93 KZJ78 Prado with a 3.0 K turbo diesel. My first question is whether I will be able to maintain highway speeds with this truck comfortably and whether this engine would pull 34" tires through the mountains of Colorado? Sorry for the newb questions - I can't wait to learn...
  4. Lomoski

    LSPV question KZJ78

    Hello everyone, I have finished my install of my Dobinson 65 mm rear suspension lift. I know I need to move my LSPV. I test drove it and as it's quite slick around town at the moment with ice I am able to lock up the fronts but not the rears at all unless I really stomp on the pedal. My...
  5. Lomoski

    Extended brake hoses after lift, kzj78 prado

    Hi guys, I just put a Dobinson 65mm rear and 60mm front lift in my kzj78 prado. Was hoping I wouldn't need to extend my brake hoses but it looks like I have to do that, at full travel they are stretched tighter than a guitar string. So my question is: a) what size is the hose that i need to...
  6. Tassie KZJ78

    KZJ78 Speedo cable

    Hi All, Does anyone know if any other Toyota speedo cables are interchangeable with the prado ones? ie 60 / 75 / 80 series, hilux? Mine's completely broken, and chances of finding one here in Australia are slim... Toyota part no. is: 83710-60271 Cheers.
  7. B

    Wanted KZJ78 Manual Gearstick surround/centre console.

    Looking for KZJ78 Manual Gearstick surround/centre console. im pretty sure LJ ones will fit. any 2nd hand ones in New Zealand or can you buy them new anywhere? Cheers, Jeremy.
  8. kzj78

    KZJ78 Road Trip - Toronto to Vancouver - need some advice from the west coast!

    I'm planning on making a road trip with my family of 7 (me, spouse, 17/16/14/11/9 years old) essentially 4 adults and 3 kids. Planning to drive Toronto to Calgary with family and our stuff then rent a travel trailer there. Trailer is 3500lbs and has a weight distributing hitch and requires a...
  9. BurnsTACP

    16" wheel specs for 35x12.5 on KZJ78 with 4" lift???

    Hey guys I'm about to put a Dobinsons 4" kit and Nitto 35x12.5" Trail Grapplers on my KZJ78. I'm having trouble figuring out what wheel specs I need to minimize trimming keep from having to run spacers. I'm ok with things sitting a tad outside the flares, and I prefer a wider track. The main...
  10. V

    Wanted ECU (89661-60250)- KZJ78 Land Cruiser Prado

    Hello All, Posted this in Parts-Wanted before I noticed the specific section for JDMs and Diesels. I am looking to pick up a spare ECU. I know that they are tough to find, especially this particular part number (89661-60250), but I'd really like to have a spare as mine conked out and is...
  11. V

    KZJ78 Fuel Pump- Electronic to Manual Conversion?

    I have a 1996 Prado JDM- 3.0L 1KZTE. The ECU recently conked out (89661-60250) and it's proving hard to track down a spare. I have read in some forums that it is possible to convert the electronic fuel pump to manual on this truck. I know that it would be an involved job, and admittedly above my...
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