1. jimmymango

    SOLD  Maryland: 1994 KZJ78

    $18,900 Selling one of my KZJ78s (Prado). 1kz-te 3.0 ltr. This is a 1994 with 224,000 kms (roughly 140k miles), but that will go up as I'm daily driving it. The truck is in great mechanical and cosmetic condition. I imported 2 (long story), and have decided this was the one to go. Legally...
  2. DorianGQ78

    For Sale  1993 Land cruiser Prado (KZJ78) JDM Diesel

    $28,500 1993 Land Cruiser Prado (KZJ78) JDM import. -3.0L turbo diesel (1kz-te engine), 4 Spd A/T, 4x4 -actual fuel mileage is around 19-21mpg in the city) -E- locking hubs; E-Rear Diff lock -4 inch Rancho lift with 33x12.5” tires on super rare 6lug Centerline convo pros, 15” -240, 000km at the...
  3. Al75

    What diameter shock absorbers better for KZJ78 - 2.0" or 2.5" ?

    Hi everyone, I would like to talk about shock absorbers diameter, not suspension lift value. Are there somebody who has an experience with mid-high range monotube shock absorbers on KZJ78 like King, Fox, Radflo, SAW, Bilstein and so on? It is pretty hard to get good suspension play for...
  4. phantomkhan

    Help Axle swap Kzj78 70 Series Prado

    Hello everyone, I want to modify my Prado for aesthetic purposes. It is the 70 series kzj78-wide Prado with the flares. As you know that the prado's front and rear axle widths are different and that they are both narrow to allow the tyres to be flush with the fender (flares). I wish to change...
  5. N

    Square Nose/Round Headlights on a KZJ/LJ78?

    Hey all, New to MUD and to cruisers in general, I'd appreciate it if one of you could answer my question. I've got my heart set on a light duty 78 (engine doesn't matter, I'm swapping it out) but I would really, really, really prefer to have the more square and angular grill and nose of the...
  6. D

    Wanted  kzj78 Flares

    Gday everyone, Im in need of a drivers side flare. Does anyone know if the flares from a VDJ76 will fit? Or of a place that does a kit for a full set? Or does anyone have a Front Drivers side flare available? Cheers.
  7. LeonLJ78

    2lte intercooler - LJ78

    Hi, Wanting to know if anyone has fitted a Isuzu bighorn/ trooper (also the Holden Jackaroo) top mount intercooler to a 2lte, and if there is much improvement with it in the system. Ive seen a scoop from these installed to a LJ78 and it looked tidy, but wanting to know if i could run the...
  8. Lenny33

    New to KZJ78 Prado

    I am purchasing a '93 KZJ78 Prado with a 3.0 K turbo diesel. My first question is whether I will be able to maintain highway speeds with this truck comfortably and whether this engine would pull 34" tires through the mountains of Colorado? Sorry for the newb questions - I can't wait to learn...
  9. Lomoski

    LSPV question KZJ78

    Hello everyone, I have finished my install of my Dobinson 65 mm rear suspension lift. I know I need to move my LSPV. I test drove it and as it's quite slick around town at the moment with ice I am able to lock up the fronts but not the rears at all unless I really stomp on the pedal. My...
  10. Lomoski

    Extended brake hoses after lift, kzj78 prado

    Hi guys, I just put a Dobinson 65mm rear and 60mm front lift in my kzj78 prado. Was hoping I wouldn't need to extend my brake hoses but it looks like I have to do that, at full travel they are stretched tighter than a guitar string. So my question is: a) what size is the hose that i need to...
  11. Tassie KZJ78

    KZJ78 Speedo cable

    Hi All, Does anyone know if any other Toyota speedo cables are interchangeable with the prado ones? ie 60 / 75 / 80 series, hilux? Mine's completely broken, and chances of finding one here in Australia are slim... Toyota part no. is: 83710-60271 Cheers.
  12. B

    Wanted  KZJ78 Manual Gearstick surround/centre console.

    Looking for KZJ78 Manual Gearstick surround/centre console. im pretty sure LJ ones will fit. any 2nd hand ones in New Zealand or can you buy them new anywhere? Cheers, Jeremy.
  13. kzj78

    KZJ78 Road Trip - Toronto to Vancouver - need some advice from the west coast!

    I'm planning on making a road trip with my family of 7 (me, spouse, 17/16/14/11/9 years old) essentially 4 adults and 3 kids. Planning to drive Toronto to Calgary with family and our stuff then rent a travel trailer there. Trailer is 3500lbs and has a weight distributing hitch and requires a...
  14. BurnsTACP

    16" wheel specs for 35x12.5 on KZJ78 with 4" lift???

    Hey guys I'm about to put a Dobinsons 4" kit and Nitto 35x12.5" Trail Grapplers on my KZJ78. I'm having trouble figuring out what wheel specs I need to minimize trimming keep from having to run spacers. I'm ok with things sitting a tad outside the flares, and I prefer a wider track. The main...
  15. V

    Wanted  ECU (89661-60250)- KZJ78 Land Cruiser Prado

    Hello All, Posted this in Parts-Wanted before I noticed the specific section for JDMs and Diesels. I am looking to pick up a spare ECU. I know that they are tough to find, especially this particular part number (89661-60250), but I'd really like to have a spare as mine conked out and is...
  16. V

    KZJ78 Fuel Pump- Electronic to Manual Conversion?

    I have a 1996 Prado JDM- 3.0L 1KZTE. The ECU recently conked out (89661-60250) and it's proving hard to track down a spare. I have read in some forums that it is possible to convert the electronic fuel pump to manual on this truck. I know that it would be an involved job, and admittedly above my...
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