1. 79NCFJ40

    Gas Gauge and Horn Issue in a 79 FJ40

    I have a 79 FJ40. The gas gauge only displays from 1/4 to 3/4 so I'm not sure how much gas is actually in the tank. The horn has never worked either. I've checked the fuse and cleaned the horn contacts under the hood. I've read the posts on gas gauge issues and they all talk about the gas gauge...
  2. IceStorm

    Horn dead

    Has anyone run into an issue LC100 2006 where the horn stops working, except if the steering wheel is move back and fourth telescopically it will kick back to life?
  3. Marcus the fox

    Homemade horn button with teq logo for early 40 series

    Hi everyone, I've made a horn button out of pewter for fun but it end up very nice! Are there some of you interested in these? :)
  4. RenB

    Horn/radio won’t work and my signal fuse blows everytime I signal to the right

    Okay so it started with me driving and my signal stopped working. I checked my fuse and it’s blown and shortly after my radio no longer works and neither does my horn. I replaced the turn signal fuse and everytime I signal to the right it blows the fuse ! I’m certain I’ll need to look under the...
  5. Deathvalleypaul


    SoCal Very good condition. Complete, with horn center as pictured.
  6. PIPA

    Starting problems, horn, and fuel gauge, what’s the cure?

    Hey everyone, I’m still a newbie in the FZJ80 world and I’m learning a lot about my 1993 FZJ80. Currently, I’m having problems figuring out how to troubleshoot a variety of problems on my ride, most important to me now are the horn, fuel gauge, and oh now the ride won’t start (see videos) 1)...
  7. seaken

    Horn relay 87 BJ74

    horn works when I give it power manually . Located wire to horn coming from steering column . Also found loose wire coming from battery to steering column . So I think it’s suppose to go somewhere . Horn doesn’t sound when pushing on steering wheel switch . Does anyone know how this hooks up and...
  8. carlos michel

    Wanted  Fj40 elephant horns and dash lamp

    For a 66 resto project need H and L pitched horn Also looking for the under dash light Regards
  9. 65swb45

    For Sale  Early steering wheel and horn button

    Wheel is from a '71. Button is from a '64. Chrome on horn button is really nice. Center is clear but slightly weatherchecked. $230 for the pair. Will not separate. @Birdhead has right of first refusal because I promised it last week. I'm just tardy in posting. No PMs please.
  10. LandCruiserPhil

    How do you disable the keyless Piezo beeper on a LX?

    I want to disable my keyless Piezo beeper. I found a post on the location being under the inner fender well. The same post said it is PIA to get to and you will break clips in the process? So is there an easy way like just cutting a wire?:)
  11. Matt1260

    Tips to restore a horn button?

    Does anyone have any tips or pointers in restoring a horn button off of FJ40 steering wheels?
  12. koxfarm

    Wanted  Horn button pre '72

    Horn Button / Contact Spring / rubber spacer / small spring & brush are needed. Alternatively may interested in the comp assembly.
  13. wngrog

    For Sale  Pre-79 intake hose horn

    This thing is rough but it can be blasted down or sanded. No holes. I paid $75 for one in similar condition from Cruiser parts. $40 shipped.
  14. drew151

    Wanted  1988 FJ62 Horn Button, Horn Cover BROWN

    I don't need the whole steering wheel. Just the horn button or horn cover. 479-871-2470 text or call. Thanks!
  15. tls3601

    '78 Horn relay..............

    So my horn quit and checking connections everything looks to be good. Can anyone post up where Toyota hid the horn relay on a 10/78 manu date 40?
  16. jmphilion

    Help - security sensor, the horn and lights are on

    Hi! Its just going on and on.. How to reset the security system? The detector is on and horn plus parking lights are on.. Wtf.. Its parked in my driveway No windows broken, What to do? Thanks
  17. Dynosoar

    Wanted  Early Horn parts

    I am looking for a few early (1966 or so) horn parts. I need a relay (Screw type not blade type). I also need the horn plate (#5 in picture) including pin (#11), the insulators (#2 and #4 in pic). If you have any or all of these please PM me with a price shipped to 93065. Thanks Dyno
  18. N

    Weird problems. Horn started blowing non-stop. Window control doesn't work from driver door.

    And just today it decided to lock itself, while off, after I closed the door. I feel like there's a wiring issue but where do I start to look?
  19. wngrog

    Wanted  79-84 2F air intake horn

    hey guys. I need this metal piece. Its going into my 40 with a 2F with FJ60 air intake. Bought the hose new from City Racer. Need the metal piece
  20. 92LXAZ

    For Sale  Fiamm AM80 horn - Sold

    I have a Fiamm AM80 horn from an 87-93 Mustang. I put this same one in my 80, better sound than the stock setup for sure. Plug and play. $30 shipped.
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