1. CGIB

    For Sale  Oklahoma City, OK: FJ Cruiser 8–Hole 17” Wheels & Michelin Defender Tires

    I am selling my FJ Cruiser 8-Hole 17” wheels. They are in very good condition. These will also fit a Lexus GX470, 4 Runner, and possibly others. The tires are 265/70R17 Michelin Defender LTX M/S with approximately 20k miles on them but they aren't in the best shape. They hold air and have...
  2. CGIB


    I joined the GXOR family . I picked up my 2008 Lexus GX470 in Dallas, TX and brought it back home to Oklahoma City, OK. Details of the rig: -130,000 miles -TB/WP, Front Brakes, Radiator, and Alternator were all replaced within the past 5K miles. -lifetime Texas vehicle, so no rust at all. -No...
  3. Upper-part.png


    We do not want things hitting you in the head. So back of storage barrier. Comes standard with either GXOR or GX470 or just customize it
  4. ltsr

    For Sale  Southern California: FS: GX460 + 4runner 5th gen parts, Pedal Commander / BORA Spacers / Power Tray / WeatherTech / KAON / SBE / OEM CRAWL

    Selling a few parts for 5th gen 4runners and GX460 as they share parts. All of these parts I purchased new and only has 10,000 miles over 2.5 years. - Pedal Commander PC27 (fits 5th gen + GX460) - $220 - BORA 0.75" spacers (fits 5th gen + GX460 + 6 lug toyotas) - $175 - Weather Tech Liners...
  5. mustyGX

    Homemade 270 Awning Bag

    So, I made my own 270 awning and am having a heck of a time finding a bag for it. I ordered the ARB awning bag part # 815206 and two months later found out it’s on back order (like everything else) and ARB has no timeline for resupply. Most replacement bags I’ve found are for awnings with a...
  6. WarB3AR44

    Lower Trim Piece Options??

    Hi all! FINALLY got my lift kit, wheels, and tires done!! After taking off the running boards I was planning on cutting them to retain a clean looking piece for that exposed area behind the wheel well and in front of the door. However the body shop I was at threw the running boards away. Does...
  7. G

    For Sale  Chicago - 05 Black Onyx GX470 (Non Nav/No KDSS)

    Up for sale is my 05 GX470 Non Nav and No KDSS! I bought it last October for my mom as a winter truck, now that its getting warmer I'm looking to downsize to a sedan for her. Miles: 286,000 Clean Title I bought it from the original owners who kept it in great condition. Body is pretty good...
  8. DenverFJ40

    SOLD  Charlotte, NC '07 GX 470 $14k

    Hey Everyone, Bought this sweet rig from a fellow mudder a few months ago and it's awesome. However, the wifey and I have decided to move onto a 200 series, yeah not the best timing, but that's how things go sometimes. Just installed sPod, ARB, Snorkle and FrontRunner tail gate last week. Im...
  9. JayPixelGX

    Builds  2017 GX460 GX OR Build

    Greetings, I've been using the clublexus form for awhile now, and thought I'd check out H8mud. Living in NorCal area and have an aversion to Facebook, but down to go wheeling with folks in the NorCal greater Sac areas, Build overview Dec 2020 2017 GX 460 Luxury with CC and Rader cruise...
  10. ChiTown

    Builds  Not your average build thread

    Mine probably won't be the average build as I focus is on keeping the on-road manners (where we spend 99% of our time) and focusing comfort, range, and towing so i figured I'd document the build. Goals- Comfort- I'm getting to be an old man so comfort is king and I affectionately refer to the...
  11. J

    For Sale  2007 Lexus GX 470 White Icon, Metal Tech

    Late 2007 GX 470 (includes Bluetooth and Aux Jack included) with 155K miles - no accidents - title in hand - non-smoker - non KDSS - lived life mostly on west coast Icon Stage 6 with 2.5-inch shocks at all corners, coil conversion was installed in rear. Metal Tech 4x4 Stage 3 bumpers front and...
  12. GXDuramax

    For Sale  2007 GX470 Denver

    Debating selling the ole girl. Want an FJ62! 2007 w/ navigation. No KDSS. 192,xxx miles. FN FX Wheels. 275/70R17 BFG KO2’s (set of 5 that have about 300 miles on them). Insain Fabrication Body Mount Chop. Has some love scrapes and dings here and there. The worst one is on the front bumper but I...
  13. The Great Him

    GXOR Promo through Metaltech4x4

    FREE, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Right now for the month of March, purchase any GX470 Goblin or Pegasus bumper, and Metaltech4x4 will give you a sweet GXOR coffee mug while supplies last supplies are limited Metal Tech 4x4 - Search Results for "gx470"
  14. M

    Information from GXOR Group on Facebook

    I am new to this vehicle but I have been participating in online automotive forums for about 15 years. This is the first time that I have found a Facebook group to be more informative and active than the forum. The Facebook group has tons on information that is not on here but I find it very...
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