1. therasman

    SOLD 1980 FJ40, Eastern GA

    I’m selling a 1980 FJ40, imported from South America. It’s foreign specs, metric. It’s partially renovated, frame off. New Weber carb, new tires, new battery. Probably needs a new alternator (engine doesn’t stay running and idles really low) and a tune up. Mostly stock parts. No rust issues. I...
  2. McSavage

    SOLD 1982 FJ40 Marietta GA

    Offering my 40 for sale. This was listed on the BAT auction site but did not meet the reserve. The highest bidder was very close but would not respond to negation attempts. Please see the craigslist post and youtube videos. This is a great truck, runs strong, looks amazing. $29,000
  3. H

    SOLD Athens, GA: 2002 LX 470 For Sale - REDUCED PRICE

    Selling our first LX 470 for $8,500 after upgrading to a newer 570 recently. Has 205,000 miles and in great mechanical condition. Color is River Rock Green Micah with gray interior. Equipped with heated front seats and touch screen navigation. A few cosmetic upgrades will bring her back to...
  4. Huk

    For Sale Atlanta, GA 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

    1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 195k miles. A very stout machine with the Trollhole car. The engine runs and pulls beautifully. 4-speed shifts great. The floor is sprayed with bed liner so washing out is a breeze. It has a nice head unit could use new speakers and the interior is decent for its...
  5. fitzonthemark

    For Sale sold - GA - FZJ80 - $100.00 - Front Bumper - Winch Mounting Channel - Roller Fairlead

    SOLD - I have a bumper is pretty good shape off of a 1996 FZJ80. There is a notch cut out from the bottom where I had a recessed winch mounted. I have the piece that was cut out if you want to weld it back together. The bumper has been monstalined. I am including a winch mounting channel and...
  6. Krondor

    FJ40 Titling a Vehicle in South Carolina (out of state purchase)

    Hey guys, I have a tricky question and I am not sure where to start. I purchased an FJ40, non-running, from a guy in the state of Georgia. I received State of Georgia bill of sale signed by the previous owner. That bill of sale was not notarized. I live in South Carolina and am looking to...
  7. A

    For Sale fj43

    Does anyone know a proud owner of an fj43 in GA that I can connect with? I am thinking about getting one, but never actually drove one. Would love to connect with someone local and check it out. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  8. A

    Parting Out FJ43

    Does anyone know a proud owner of an fj43 in GA that I can connect with? I am thinking about getting one, but never actually drove one. Would love to connect with someone local and check it out. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  9. B

    Current trail conditions in N. Georgia Mts. ?

    Hi all, I have a trip scheduled for next week to do the Georgia Traverse in the N. Georgia mountains. Has anyone been up in the Chattahoochee NF this week that could provide info on forest road conditions? With flooding going on in NC. and more rain coming this weekend I'm seriously thinking of...
  10. jclarke450


    @Otter , Know anything about this? About The Georgia Traverse
  11. Huk

    Wanted FJ60/62

    I'm looking for a nice fj60/62 to make my own. I'm looking for a nice land cruiser to make my second car, this one I will use for road tripping, towing, some offroading. I've been looking for quite awhile and after owning a few wranglers, driving a few other off road vehicles I have finally made...
  12. AJAEbj42

    Tech Day, Saturday Feb 4, 1pm. Georgia gets stripped

    Anyone feeling the need to turn some wrenches? I could use a few hands to turn some bolts to strip my firewall and pull my engine and tranny on Saturday. I need to get the frame ready sending over to Jason's for rust repair. This is my friends working farm with bio-controls, so I'll need to...
  13. MichaelDailyLC

    Radiator Replacement- Lend a Hand?

    Hey Gang, new to the area and my 94 cruiser needs of a new radiator. I am considering doing the work my self but was curious if anyone in the area is interested in lending a helping hand. I am relatively new to working on my rig and could use a little guidance to make sure I don't get stuck...
  14. dadswithcars

    Shop / mechanic suggestion in Columbus, Georgia

    Hi folks, Wife called saying the 100 was stuck in park-- thanks to ih8mud, we were able to locate this: brake fuse fried by dadswithcars posted Jun 20, 2016 at 10:13 PM 1. Any ideas on how much/what kind of repair is needed here? The car has no brake lights now, and clearly a fuse cannot go...
  15. FJacob

    Wanted FJ80 AL-TN

    Looking for something with less than 200,000 miles and as stock as possible. Located in Northern Alabama but can drive anywhere within a few hours. Ideally in the 7k price range.
  16. FJlynch

    New FJ62 owner here...

    Bought this FJ62 a week ago in Georgia. First time Land Cruiser owner, fascinated by them for 4 or 5 years, looking to buy one in the last year. Always partial to the FJ62. Love the square headlights while I hear many people despise them. :meh: Here's a few details: -1990 FJ62 with 275k...
  17. Midgainc

    For Sale 10/73 Pig Project For Sale

    After much deliberation, I have decided to sell my project. I have spent hundreds of hours on it, and thousands of dollars. I took a bunch of photos today. I would like to sell as a package. I think most of the hard to get parts are there, including a tailgate handle, thanks to Delancey. I...
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