1. W

    Pre-1974 door on post-1974 body

    Hi all, I’m new here and have tried to search this topic with no luck. I have an October 74 fj40 that I bought with a bestop softy and soft doors. I picked up a hard top and hard doors from a Facebook seller. The hard top went on without too much trouble but my doors, which are the two glass...
  2. P

    Front speakers that fit a 83 FJ60?

    So the PO of my 83 FJ60 installed after market stereo and speakers front and back. The front ones prohibited the windows from rolling all the way down, so I took those out the first weekend I had it. My question is does anyone know of the size that fit and/or specific models they have used that...
  3. spencer184

    ARB roof rack fit kit

    Anyone got a source or link to where i can buy the ARB fit kit that is the long pieces like in this picture? All i am able to find is three separate small pieces.
  4. rghouse

    Charcoal filter 3fe- autozone one doesn't fit

    Can Somebody please explain to me how you get a 5 inch diameter filter to fit in between brackets that are only 4 1/2 inch diameter? The AutoZone VC120 is too large to fit in the oem bracket (which also mounts the VCV). If someone can chime in here it would be much appreciated. I don't want to...
  5. dirkdijk

    '84 FJ40 GM Vortec 4L80e original fuel tank fit

    Hi you all, I am planning to put a GM 5.3L with 4l80e attached and Toyota transfer into a FJ40 '84 The above is already assembled with all necessary adapters and mods. Engine and tranny will be controlled by reprogrammed GM ECU. My question is will my original under body fuel tank still fit...
  6. shay

    'Aussie' 60 Series Fit Out

    G'day guys, Came across a mob called The Bush Company on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. They did mechanical and electrical work on my HJ61RG a while back that was outstanding and it looks like they are well into a project on another Jap import 60 series. Check out their vids on the builds...
  7. J

    Please help!!! What parts from '83 FJ60 will fit '84 BJ60?

    Ok so I found a scrap donor truck for my diesel 84 bj60 and wanted to ask if the following stuff would fit. Donor is a 2f fj60 1983 4 speed manual on 33 inch tires The bj is diesel 3b motor with a fj40 4speed transmission with one piece transfer or so I am told. Here are the parts I want...
  8. S

    Headlights---Will these fit a 97?

    Will these headlights work for a 97 model? 1991 1992 1993 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ82 Chrome LED Halo Ring Headlights | eBay
  9. cruiserpilot

    Camping mattress to fit Maggiolina Extreme Small

    The inflatable air pad market is huge, but really hard to find a perfect fit. I did. My interior dimensions are 49" X 72" and I didn't want to join two with a seam in the middle. Also, I am limited to 2" thick just because with bedding and all, that's all I can make work. So I found this on...
  10. mrq

    Will a '95 front bumper fit on my '94?

    Hi, all! Will a front bumper from a '95 Land Cruiser fit on my '94? My bumper has a bunch of paint chips, and I want it either painted or replaced. There's a bumper from a 1995 Land Cruiser for sale on Craigslist for $100. That would be WAY cheaper than re-painting mine. Thank you!
  11. Randy88FJ62

    Will a FJ62 Diff fit into a 97 FZJ80 FF axle? Will splines be the same?

    Swapping in a full float axle this weekend along with chevy springs. Need to know if my diff with ARB will fit with no issues on a newer FZJ80 FF axle. Need to make sure splines on axles shafts from axle also match FJ62 diff splines....
  12. jawjatek

    What winches fit the ARB 3410100 front bumper?

    Per the website they list the Warn 8274 and XD9000 and M8000. website: ARB Deluxe Bar Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series 1980-89 (3410100) A recent report from mud member said he installed the Warn M8-s on this bumper and it included instructions for re-clocking the gearbox to run the winch...
  13. LandCruiserPhil

    Got Direct Fit Muffler Replacement Experience

    Looks like there are two main choices for direct bolt on muffler replacement for our 06' LX470. Clickable link ► Walker 55329 Clickable link ► Bosal 279-773 Rumored Walker has fitment issues can anyone confirm? Looking for an option that is wife approved. This is our travel vehicle and it see a...
  14. rghouse

    Modifying OEM steel riveted wheels to fit discs

    Hi All, Has anybody out there modified oem riveted wheels to fit disc brakes, heard it was possible but wanted to hear some first hand accounts before I dig in. I might be stuck with some useless wheels otherwise...thx
  15. O

    Direct Fit Replacement Parts

    Does there exist a list of Toyota parts made for non-Land Cruiser vehicle that fit the 2F motor? Specifically interested in a higher capacity alternator and a replacement power steering pump. If not, does anyone have recommendations for quality aftermarket replacements that are a direct fit for...
  16. B

    I am afraid roof rack will not fit my gargage door.

    I am thinking about getting a roof rack, but my gargare seem to be low. Does anyone have problem with the roof rack on and cant get into the gargage?
  17. L

    Sub tanks from other 4x4s to fit HJ75

    Yet another sub tank post. Im currently researching options to fit an aux tank (preff long range) in my HJ75 ute. Has anyone found any other model cars that also can be fitted to the HJ75? I just cant justify spending $1500 on a rear tank and am hoping to find something suitable second hand...

    ARB Roof Rack 70x44 for a 100 Series. Comes with Fit Kit $799.00

    ARB Roof Rack for a 100 Series. Unused Demo still sealed in Box for $799 In-store Pickup Only. Comes with Fit Kit for 100 Series. Fred Anderson Toyota 9101 Glenwood Ave Raleigh NC 27616 COME AND GET IT!!
  19. Bear Lake Cruiser

    Wanted Transfer case to fit 81 FJ40

    Needed in Tucson AZ 85750. Would consider tranny/xfer combo. PM please
  20. T

    Help with adjusting the glove box to obtain proper fit after removal and reinstallation

    I am dealing with the ubiquitous leaking evaporator enclosure issue. Last night, I removed the glove box to rule out the heater core as the source of liquid on my floor mat and confirm it was the evaporator enclosure. When reinstalling my glove box, I was unable to get it to fit correctly. The...
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