1. drowzyGX

    Evaporator core replacement. Need advice.

    Hey Y’all, my evaporator core is leaking - confirmed via testing at LexTechs here in ATL - replacement cost is steep. Need some advice on what to do. 2004 GX 470, new to me as of 6 months ago, 109k miles. It’s got a new timing belt and water pump, new radiator and hoses, new steering rack, and...
  2. jawjatek

    RTH needed: getting AC evap out... IT'S OUT

    Ok it is loose, 4 screws, the bottom bolt, and the 2 nuts are removed, the connector unplugged, the pipes disconnected, but I can't seem to get the thing back far enough to clear the firewall. Do I: 1. need to remove the lower heater duct? How? I took the one screw out and dropped it some, but...
  3. Aloha Jen

    AC Evaporator box install advice needed

    Need some AC experts to give a bit of advice on the best way to get the AC evaporator box installed. How much of the dash needs to come out? Have the glove box out already, but it will not fit in. Do these other AC parts it hooks up to on both sides need to be loosened? Removed? Does the...
  4. S

    AC Evaporator Cleaner access?

    My 2011 LX570 stinks like I know alot of Toyota products do. I changed the cabin air filter but it did nothing so I now want to clean the evaporator. I've seen write ups on other cars but am surprised I cannot find anything on the LX570 or newer landcruisers. Living in Houston the AC runs year...
  5. FJ404345

    What late model gas evaporator cover do you have?

    Nothing dramatic, but there is a difference between the gas evaporator cover of the later years that I can't figure out, see picture. The most of them of years 1981,1982,1983 of junkers I found are like the "yellow" and the "green" ones, they are also the same of the 1981 and 1982's i have...
  6. JToobe

    Wanted  Evaporator for '89 FJ62 in SC

    Anyone, anyone.........
  7. Bardiya

    A/C drain questions

    Okay so I have had the infamous evap box water leak for a while now and it hasn't really bothered me but I have recently noticed that it has been causing my RH sway bar mount to rust. What methods do you recommend to clean out the drain tube of debris and what size rubber hose will fit over the...
  8. Bardiya

    Has anyone had an evaporator fail on them?

    I had my evaporator fail on me yesterday, It had a very small leak that caused the freon to leak out over a two month period of time. Has anyone had this problem before?
  9. mechanist

    Wanted  Evaporator core for 1993 FZJ80

    I need an evaporator core for a pre-may 1993 FZJ 80. Need it for an r12 system. OEM preferred. I also need a compressor for the same year but OEM seems impossible to find.
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