1. C

    Wanted Downey Headers (California)

    If any of you have some old California legal Downey headers laying around or know someone else who does, and wouldn't mind making a few extra bucks, I'm in the market. And by that I mean I really need some, since apparently a machine shop can't resurface exhaust headers because of the no. 1 and...
  2. J

    Wanted Header-Smog Legal

    I am looking for a smog legal header for a 1977 FJ40. Jeff
  3. little_joe

    What is this Downey part?

    This is bolted on the US driver's side of my 40, I have no idea what it was for - anyone? @Downey
  4. cims1970fj40

    Wanted downey 1 1/2 overstock shackles

    Looking fir a pair of old downey shackles 1 1/2 inches overstock. Attached are some pictures of what im looking for.
  5. jvincig01

    For Sale Holley Carburetor with rebuild kit and Downey mount

    I am restoring my '67 so I don't have a need for this Holley carb. Came off a '71 with a F engine. The rebuild kit is still sealed up and comes with it. It also comes with a Downey mounting bracket. The carb needs to be rebuilt. I know there are some huge Holley fans out there so hopefully this...
  6. joesfj40

    For Sale CA Smog Legal Downey Header

    Afternoon Everyone, What you see in the photos is what you get. 1 Header 1 EGR Cooler braket 1 EGR stainless flex tube 1 EO Smog Sticker with instructions I bead blasted everything so it's pretty much paint ready. Link below to all the photos I took along with the original catalog photos I...
  7. reddingcruiser

    For Sale Downey 700R4 to 16 Spline Toyota Transfer Case

    Update: Let's try this again! Hard to find Downey 700R4 to late model Toyota Transfer Case adapter. The adapter is about 5 inches shorter than the AA adapter.$350 plus shipping Includes: Bracket for AA Twin Stick t-case shifters. . Adapter Plate Transmission Output Shaft T-case Input Shaft...
  8. Godwin

    For Sale Downey 2F adapter for Holley carb

    Machined aluminum adapter from Downey to mount a Holley carb on a 2F manifold. Allen bolts included. Own a piece of history even if you don't run a Holley carb. $5 + shipping.
  9. J

    For Sale FJ40 Holley Carb/Downey

    Holley carburetor Downey air cleaner Adapter Came off my 1977 FJ40. Was running when removed. $150
  10. R

    Wanted SBC Conversion engine mounts.

    I'm looking for a set of Engine and transfer case mounts for a small block Chevy conversion. I would prefer all the parts, cross member style mounts and the matching frame mounts, but If you only have the main cross member part of the mounts I would be interested in that, I can make the frame...
  11. J

    FJ40 Header

    Would you be able to tell me if this is a Downey/Marks header and if so, what year FJ40 2F it would fit?
  12. X

    For Sale Downey FJ40 4" Springs and Downey Cantilever Shackles

    Cleaning out the garage and making room for new projects. Up for sale are a set of newish 4" Downey Springs that I only used as mock up on my 75 FJ40 (ended up going spring over). Also have a set of Downey cantilever shackles that were used as mock up only as well. Springs and shackles were both...
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