cooling system

  1. Rick Kane

    Paper gasket between Water Inlet Housing and Water Pump?

    I can't find any mention of a paper gasket potentially installed between the LC100 water inlet housing and the water pump anywhere, so I'm throwing a "fish hook" out there to see if anybody else has run into this, and to hear from those of you who have already successfully made this repair...
  2. rustyj40

    Wanted  Houston, TX - 3FE Thermostat Housing

    I am looking for a replacement thermostat housing for a 1988 3FE if anyone has a spare and is willing to part with it for a reasonable price. I'd like to have the upper and lower plus the bolts if possible. Thanks! Josh
  3. J

    Another overheating thread, cab heater tap??

    I have had an overheating issue in my 1990 hj60 since I bought it 12 months ago. I have replaced the entire cooling system under the bonnet with the exception of the radiator which was taken apart and rodded and it just about spotless. After extensive research I have heard occasionally mentioned...
  4. jjh123

    Thermostat question

    So I have begun replacing parts on my cooling system starting with the radiator and all of the radiator hoses. Today I decided to take apart the thermostat housing, and to my surprise there is no thermostat. I have had no issues with my engine running cool, it typically holds 180* on long drives...
  5. OffRoadScott

    Evans Waterless coolant

    Is there anyone that has or is running this in their LC? Evans High-Performance coolant is ready to use—no water required. It contains no silicates or phosphates and requires no Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA). Boiling Point: Above 375° Antifreeze Properties: Protects below -40°F...
  6. BrianDotcom

    Radiator Question

    Hey everyone, the radiator in my FJ60 has developed a small crack at the top neck. I've been searching for replacements but I've noticed I don't have the normal radiator setup. I have a 6AT Cummins in my truck and the inlet and outlet are on opposite sides of where they normally would be. My...
  7. troutbum

    Name this part

    I have this piece that is broken off at the top of my engine bay. It's a part of what I believe to be a control valve for the cooling system. I can't find the part number or name of it. Any ideas?
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  93-97 FJ80 Radiator, Shroud, Fan Clutch, Water Pump, etc

    Pasadena, CA area Radiator like new, is a factory replacement. $75 Radiator shroud has had a small crack plastic welded and reinforced, Condition is Very Good $65 Fan $20 Fan Clutch $25 Heater Control Valve - $25 Water Pump - only 2000 miles on it, and it is just like new $20 (No shipping on...
  9. F

    Cooling Issues on 1989 FJ62

    I have an interesting problem that just started on my rig. 1989 FJ62 190K+, stock engine upgraded H55 trans. I noticed the coolant level down a bit and some coolant dripping down the front of the engine a while back. Decided it was time to tackle the dreaded water pump on Rusty. Ordered up the...
  10. A

    Cooling system

    Hey guys first post and new to the cruisers and Toyota in general. I recently picked up a 93 fjz80 and spent a few weeks getting it road worthy (totaled in low speed offset headon) so lots of body damage and damaged radiator. I searched and searched but no luck. First question: I picked up a...
  11. bb67tlc

    ' 67 Cooling System Puzzle

    So we got our '67 up and running (just an engine on a frame at this point). All good except for the cooling system. After warming up and the thermostat opening, coolant started pouring out the overflow outlet. My first thought were the little bits of solder that I found in the new aftermarket...
  12. Phatty

    Cooling system questions...

    So I installed an aluminum radiator in my '78 FJ40. I seem to be chasing a leak through the cooling system. I have been replacing hoses along the way and have replaced the radiator cap. I have burped the cooling system to make sure all air removed. It feels like I am getting to much pressure in...
  13. jackboil

    2.8L Diesel hilux help. Engine cooling system problem.

    my 1988 2.8L diesel hilux has these symptoms: losing some coolant with no visible leak, it is overheating quickly (10 minute drive) and the radiator cap fizzes a bit when it is opened after the engine cools. Could be head gasket but there is no exhaust bubbles in reservoir, there is no steam or...
  14. C

    Koyorad vs. TYC Radiator Comparison

    I just put a new radiator in my 80. Thanks to everyone who posted info about radiator choices... I picked up pieces of info from various thread but saw some conflicting information so I thought I'd post my experience with Koyorad vs. TYC since I had both sitting side-by-side in my garage. Photos...
  15. J

    Understanding 3FE Cooling System

    Good Morning Gentlemen, I was referred here from the Pirate4x4 forums, hope someone has some insight here: So, I've been working on a client's Land Cruiser for a little while now. The engine has received quite a bit of attention over the past year because it was neglected for a while. Its been...
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