1. onemudder

    LX470 FRONT shock absorber bushing/cushion metal on metal scraping with every turn of the wheel at this point

    2001 LX470 here. I was reading an earlier post about the rear shock bushings....( Rear shock absorber bushing/cushion ) got me thinking to post about my Front bushings -- I think the bushing/cushion metal is so worn away that I'm getting metal scraping with every turn of the wheel . Here's a...
  2. D

    How to replace shackles

    After a painful process that took much longer than expected (that never happens) we finally replaced the shackles on our 1967 FJ40 with a 2.5 inch lift. Now that I know how to do it I though I would share the process that we used. Much of what we did came from various contributors on this...
  3. FJ62 Shifter & Linkage Parts

    FJ62 Shifter & Linkage Parts

  4. gator25

    Spring Eye Bushings

    I had been trying to find spring eye bushings for our 40, they measured 1 3/8". When ever I talked to venders trying to find these they would say we don't have them, I was in the process of trying to find a 1 3/8 bushing with a 15mm pin hole. Then decided to convert 1 3/8" just to see how close...
  5. NodrogCD

    74 FJ-40 Lower Output Shift Gear Bushings

    I have a 1974 FJ40 with spun bushings for the lower output shift gears. Ordered replacements and received bushings that fit a 75 not a 74. Any suggestions on who to call to order two bushings so that I can finish putting the transfer case together. If bushings are not available can I buy the...
  6. T

    Opinions requested on upper control arms

    Hi all, I have a 1999 LX470 with about 160k. Currently running on it's original AHC set up. My rear upper control arm bushings are shot-- causing some fairly severe rear-steer/wandering in wind or on streets with even a slight crown. I am trying to decide between 2 options: 1. Replace...
  7. D

    For Sale  FJ80 OME caster bushings - SOcal

    Brand new never installed, i have two sets OMECA77B caster trailing arm bushings. Asking $80 OBO per set. Willing to ship, Text 714-414-5703 -David!
  8. Beej

    For Sale  Castor correction bushings TJM Rubber for 80 series

    Hi - I've got a set of 4 rubber castor correction bushings for sale. Brand new from TJM. TJM castor correction by Beej posted Apr 14, 2017 at 1:58 PM $90 shipped CONUS -- Beej
  9. E

    For Sale  80 series - factory rear upper control arms w/ new(ish) OEM bushings

    I've upgraded my suspension, so I have these factory UCA's from a 1994. I put new OEM Toyota bushings in them spring 2016, so they only have about 4k miles on the new bushings. Would be an easy swap for someone who needs new bushings. Located near Charlotte, NC. $50 for the set, plus actual...
  10. Beej

    For Sale  TJM 2.5 in lift castor correction bushings

    Hey folks, This is a brand new set of four (4) castor correction bushings for a 50mm/2-ish inch lift on the 80 series. They are the rubber bushings as opposed to poly. Rubber provides better flex, so says mud. Purchased just a few months ago; went a different direction with the lift. TJM...
  11. T

    For Sale  80 series ICON Caster Correction bushings (OKC, OK)

    ******SOLD**** I have a set of ICON Caster Correction bushings up for sale. These are the ones that come in ICON's 3" lift kit. I will include the install tool, but its been used (for when I installed my OEM bushings), and it's kinda bent up. Still works I suppose, better than nothing. Seems...
  12. Varty Yo

    OME spring bushings

    Ok im thinking my spring bushings are worn out and im looking to replace them with same OME as they came with. My 2.5" kit is at least 10 years old. I have no idea of the model number of it so i have no idea what bushings to buy or are they pretty much standard from the different levels of OME kits?
  13. cruisertom

    For Sale  New FJ60 spring bushings

    I have a new set of leaf spring bushings from JT outfitters for an fj60. Project got parted out and never installed. They are black poly. $25 shipped.
  14. 65swb45

    For Sale  24 FJ40 stock spring bushings, (CA)

    Rubber, for the resto crowd. $40 plus the ride from Burbank. Minimum order requirements apply. No PMs please.
  15. joez

    For Sale  OME Caster Correction Bushings- 80 series

    Never installed set of OME caster correction bushings for an 80 series. Just never needed them, openned the package to look at them, and subsequently stuck them in a box in a cabinet. $85 shipped anywhere in the lower 48
  16. akmcruiser

    For Sale  Fj80 caster correction bushings

    I beleive these are tjm brand caster correction bushings Ran them for approximately 15k miles with an ironman 2.5inch lift kit They are undoubtedly ready to correct another land cruisers caster problem 65 shipped in continental U.S. Caster bush by akmcruiser posted Jan 24, 2017 at 10:39 AM...
  17. J

    Are OEM rear control arm bushings available for a '99 LX?

    I'm looking at refurbishing the rear suspension on my LX. I would like to go oem if possible. I've found d everything on my list LC shocks (the AHC is long gone and has been replaced with the Strutmasters kit), sway bar links and bushings, and control arm bolts are in my Camelback Toyota...
  18. SurfSwitch

    Attention Vendors: Suspension Overhaul Kits?

    I've seen dozens of threads pop up over the past year but still have never seen a suspension overhaul "kit" option. I don't mean one giant, expensive kit, but as I'm getting ready to do my steering rack on my '99, I find myself thinking I may as well overhaul the bushings for everything there...
  19. yosshaa

    Restoring Suspension - Powdercoating

    My 97 LC is coming up on 249k miles and going strong. Previous owner added OME “stock height” lift with Tokico shocks, 10mm spring spacers, new steering stabilizer which at this point was a little under 20k ago. Past some bigger tires and maybe a 1" body lift to accommodate said bigger tires...
  20. GeologistFelix

    Building an OME lift piece by piece -- shocks, bushings, etc. that fit?

    So, I got a screamin' deal on some barely used front leafs, and I'd like to piece together the rest of a lift for as cheap as possible without any serious, rig/life-threatening drawbacks. Here's what I'm assuming is basically mandatory: - Front/rear springs (duh) - 24 bushings - Front/rear...
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