1. Adriaan

    Looking for a reliable shop in states bordering on Mexico

    We have been travelling South-America for over one year and the wear and tear on the car (overweight Land Cruiser 100, 1HD-FTE 4.2 ltr diesel engine) proves it. We squeak and peep like there's no bushings left. There's enough play in the front bearings to have the wheels oscillate. We're...
  2. 20190207_200935.jpg


    Front lower strut bushing.
  3. CruiseLanderAZ

    Steering rack - what else to fix "while you're in there"?

    Well, at just over 180k my steering rack is starting to leak pretty heavily. I'm going to do the lift-engine method and replace it. Anything else I should consider checking/replacing "while I'm in there"? Plan: New OEM steering rack OEM steering rack bushing 555 Outer tie rods
  4. Surftruck

    Front End "Thunk" 1990 FJ62

    Hi All, Started getting a "thunk"/"knock" when turning left while simultaneously going over a bump. Sometimes it does it going straight going over a large rut/bump at speed. I have not had a chance to get under the truck to take a look but I figured, as always, there is usually a "most common"...
  5. Hayes

    Rack mount bushing - how much play is too much?

    Yet another steering rack bushing thread, but so be it. My question for the assembled wisdom of MUD is: How much play is reasonable between the rack and the frame? See the video I've linked to, below. This is on a 2005 LX470, 140,000 miles. Presumably the original rack and bushings...
  6. Z

    Bushing measurement needed, please.

    Does anybody have an upper and lower rear suspension links that they could measure for me? I just need the distance from edge of bolt hole to edge of bolt hole. I'm trying to get the true width of the bushing so I can get a measurement on exactly how wide the link mounts are without taking my...
  7. Lumpskie

    Radius Arm to frame bushing dimensions

    Like the title says... can any of you guys get me the official dimensions on the rear bushings that attach the front radius arms to the frame? (looking for width, height/outer diameter and bolt diameter/inner diameter) I'm sure this info is widely available but an internet search didn't get...
  8. c2dfj45

    45LV door hinge bushing reproduction....who would be interested?

    I'm considering doing a run of brass door hinge bushings if enough people are interested....minimum run is 100 pieces....each truck takes 16. So maybe there are 6 people out there that would want some(I'll keep a set for me). If so, let me know. I have a brand new hinge I am going to take...
  9. S

    What is the best way to check control arm bushing health?

    I just picked up a 2000 lx with 160k miles on it and am loving it. Going in i had planned on a mountain of PM work all up front so i dont have to think about it again for a while since im likely only putting 5k per year max on this vehicle. So one of the things on the list is a suspension...

    400k mile RCA bushing change

    Backstory: My 1992 cruiser was pretty smooth on my first set of Kenda Klevers MTs that were installed around 360k miles, but when they warrantied that set last at 374k miles March the ride quality deteriorated. We had a set put on and then headed out for Moab a day later, and it was shaking...
  11. Skniper

    Life and death of an OME bushing

    My kid drives the 62 now so I'm not as aware of its daily creaks and groans, until I moved it out of the driveway a few days ago. Horrendous clunking/rattling with every move of the wheel. Long story short, several of the front OME Spring bushings were shot...one set completely GONE! The...
  12. VuickB6

    Slee upper link bushing replacement

    After crushing a part of my exhaust off-road I had to cut it off right after the muffler. Didn't notice that the exhaust points almost right at the body side mount of the upper link and now I have no bushing. Slee only sells a complete set of bushings so I'm trying to find a single bushing to...
  13. FJP971

    Front LCA Bushing Press Tool Loan?

    Anyone in the Portland, OR area have a bushing press tool I can borrow? I have a press but not the tool. Can't find a socket that fits and don't want to wait a week to get the tool from Slee. I'm replacing the 2 bushings/per LCA with caster adjustable bushings. Thanks in advance. Jason
  14. swelltimes

    hinge bushing / pin measurements

    Hi all - Does anyone have handy measurements for OEM hinge pins, and the inner diameter of OEM bushings? I'm running into trouble reinstalling my front doors with old pins and new brass bushings. It's possible the old pins aren't the right size, or the new bushings aren't the right size...
  15. bigCatdiesel

    Spindle bushing wear...OK?

    Well, after my recent birfield post I thought I should get some Mud eyes on my spindle bushings. I'm in the middle of a birf rebuild on a 94 LC with 270k miles. This is part of my ongoing baselining after buying it last year. No history records but in generally good shape. Not an off-roader...
  16. Sanchez

    Bad bushing on Slee LCAs UPDATE

    Well this just happened. I purchased the Slee LCAs sometime last August and just a few weeks ago i noticed a clunk underneath my feet. After further inspection I found out that the rubber part of the bushing had broken loose from the metal and the control arm is just sliding back and forth...
  17. N

    Complete bushing replacement OEM

    Its been a while since I visited the forum. Hope everyone is well. My old lady is so loose, I am referring to my 04 100 of course. She just turned trouble free 160k, but I have for last two years experience heaviness and loose feeling all over especially front end and want to consider a...
  18. lt403

    OME caster correction bushing

    Mine are falling apart after 12 years. Is that about their normal lifespan ?
  19. Atwalz

    Does LC uses needle bearing or bushing on the driver side front axle?

    On my 2007 tundra I have replaced driver side CV axle needle bearing with bushing to help control vibration and shaft float common on the front differential. East Coast Gear Supply offers bushing for Tundra and other rigs. Since the front axle is same except of length. This should work for LC200...
  20. Tedward

    Wanted  Frnt shock bushing retainer 95LC

    Hoping someone will help me out here. I need one front shock bushing retainer. The big washers. There are two types: 1. A flat, concave really, but with no flange or shoulder in the middle. 2. The other has a shoulder to locate the shock stem in the shock perch. That's the one I need. Just...
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