black smoke

  1. S

    1vd v8 vdj78 nightmare help me please

    Hello I’ll intro myself I’m a virgin on this sort of thing I love my Toyota’s I have a bj42 80 fj75 Troopy 91 a hiace 97 and what should be my pride and joy vdj78 08 Troopy My nightmare started March 2017 almost a year now driving along and a thumping noise started stopped almost immediately a...
  2. Webster77

    Black smoke

    Noticed after my last fill up a puff of black smoke on startup or when I rev the motor. Could this be the diesel fuel or turbo lag. I've been watching the exhaust since purchase to see if there were any signs of issues. Idles fine, no issues with start up plenty of power through entire band. I...
  3. Jules

    Black Smoke and Heavy Oil Use after engine rebuild

    HI I have just had quite a major Engine rebuild done on my 1979 BJ40. New pistons sleeves, new piston rings, new head, (ground) all new gaskets and seals. New pre-combustion chambers. All new pipes for the cooling system. And anything else that was worn or used was replaced. Since getting it...
  4. H

    Black Smoke on FJ60

    I have a 1984 FJ60, desmogged following the instructions from this site (excellent by the way). I just installed a Trollhole carb, new plugs, cap, rotor and wires. I simply can't make this thing run right. The timing is dead on, decent compression (120 psi). It runs fair when I start it but...
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