1. sigorama

    Parting Out  1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

    I am parting out a 1973 FJ-40. See 100+ photos here No drivestrain Full hard top Long jump seats Rear barn doors (left one has rust) Hard top sides are solid Front hard doors are solid Aftermarket roll bar Frame is good Hood is good Front fenders have some rust, but not too bad Complete...
  2. David70FJ40

    Wanted  Steel Drivers and Passengers Doors, '68 - '73.

    Looking for two doors in reasonably good condition that will fit the '70 FJ40 I have. I am specifically looking for doors with the wind wings.
  3. Rj40Miller

    OEM Roll Bar FJ40 73

    Hey, Does anyone know if Roll bars for FJ40's have any big changes over the years. I bought a 73 with no Roll bar and looking online for one to install and the only one I am seeing is a 78. Also, Is there anywhere I can find an instillation guide or is it just obvious where to drill when you...
  4. geologic

    For Sale  MS warehouse Find 73 PTO Capri blue

  5. Q

    Seat belts for a 73 FJ40??

    Hi all, I'm glad to join as I'm new to the FJ's. I just got a 73 FJ 40 and she's in really great shape however with no seat belts I don't feel comfortable taking top off and driving my kids around! I've done some research but really not sure who/what to go with. I don't have a roll bar so I...
  6. BiffS

    Parting Out  HZ 73 in Vancouver Canada

    Parting out complete HZ 73 with automatic transmission. Was parked for a while, but was started regularly. Truck still runs and drives. Currently completely assembled. Once I get enough requests for larger parts then I'll disable it and pull it down completely. Rear axle spoken for, but the...
  7. BiffS

    Parting Out  Complete HZ 73 in Burnaby BC.

    Parting out complete HZ 73 with automatic transmission. Was parked for a while, but was started regularly. Rear axle spoken for, but the rest up for grabs. - Shocks no good. - body tub not good - front seats 3/10 - frame 9/10 - rims and tires 6/10 - springs are unknown Japanese lift...
  8. TX73FJ40

    In need of Brake work done on my 73 FJ40. Original Drums.

    I'm in the Plano, DFW area. Looking for suggestions to have some brake work done. Last done by Yung in Garland. Man, I miss him!
  9. rkymtnflyfisher

    SOLD  Brake Booster from a 73

    Pulled from a 73 FJ40 I parted, seemed to work fine when the 40 was running. I opened it up and cleaned it, looked great, no tears, rubber was like brand new. $100 plus the ride from 21782
  10. JPALMS

    73 FJ40 ignition wiring

    Hey guys, looking for any insight on wiring an ez wire harness to my existing steering column. I have listed what I have below currently. I'm not much of a wiring guru but have made it to this point and I'm eager to get the rig fired up and not ON FIRE. EZ wire -ignition switch start...
  11. freyes

    70 71 73 74 76 79 Series VPR4X4 Builds VIPERACC

    Its great to be here, this is a great web forum. We are looking forward to becoming a part of this site more in the future. We wanted to make a thread of the 70 series vehicles we use for Rally Racing and Demo use at Off road events in South America. If you have any questions about any of the...
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