1. L

    I got a 2002 Landcruiser with 1fz engine

    I got the car some days before. The car has almost 300k km on it. It has a 4.5 I6 1fz engine.Its all stock. I am looking to restore it to absolute glory. Btw original paint. -I feel the engine runs little rough -All shocks are weak, (should i change springs aswell, stock ofcourse) -engine...
  2. HDJdreams

    CEL and OBD2 1FZ transmission swap?

    I am trying to figure out how to change the transmission in my 97 FZJ80 and get more gears. One of the biggest hurdles is keeping the CEL off, (I live in an emissions tested area). Over the years on Mud, every time I read about someone thinking of a manual swap, it was shot down because of ecm...
  3. HDJdreams

    A650F 5 Speed for 1FZ

    ”Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”:worms: Stay tuned :popcorn:
  4. nhall80

    1FZ Engine rebuild

    I'm most likely about to do a rebuild on my 1FZ engine ('95 model with 289k miles). For you folks who have done this, I've got a few questions: - What online rebuild kit/part suppliers do you like? I've read a few folks mentioned on this forum, but am not sure how to find them (ie. I've seen...
  5. LumpyTheTaco

    Wanted 95-97 OBD2 1FZ RUNNING LONG BLOCK Colorado

    I need a replacement engine for my blown up 96 cruiser i just picked up. Id be willing to drive a bit to get it. Let me know what you have and hopefully we can work something out.
  6. surfari-LC80

    Wanted FZJ100 intake manifold

    I need a 100 series 1FZ intake manifold for prototyping an integrated laminova intercooler. willing to pay international shipping, I don't care if it comes from Australia, Canadia or Timbuktu . can send payment via paypal. please message me here. Thanks
  7. FzjTaz

    For Sale 1fz trd supercharger

    I have a used trd supercharger for sale. Latest generation trd sc, before being discontinued by trd for the 80 series 95-97 1fz-fe 40,000 miles on it Nose cone oil changed at 20,000 miles All parts there New tensioner Belt and idler pulleys only have a couple 1000 miles on them. In great shape...
  8. Pike

    Zero Milage Engine and Tranny Rebuild 1FZ - Complete

    and.. she's alive! What an experience, long but rewarding! First start vid:
  9. hazard

    1FZ FE Engine Torque plate

    Anyone used torque plates on bore or hone jobs for their engine? Did you use aluminum or steel plate and what are your thoughts? Did you take multiple before and after bore measurements, and if so, how did it turn out? I am doing a diagnostic teardown and blueprint job. 1FZ engine building and...
  10. The FJ Company

    Wanted 1FZ-FE Engines

    The FJ Company is looking for used 1FZ-FE engines. If you have engines for sale or even entire 80 series chassis we will consider them. We want good useable donors so running condition is important. Blown HG is not a deal breaker. Auto trans and transfer cases will be considered with...
  11. arcteryx

    For Sale Good running, zero leak 1FZ engine

    I have a higher mileage good runner. Exact mileage is unknown though. No leaks. Came from a 94. $800 palleted/strapped.
  12. G

    Where does this go, where does this come from? 93 1FZ

    Putting a 93 back together after rebuild. 1) I have a 1/4 " hose that comes from a port on head under cylinder 5ish. In the first photo, it can be seen coming up behind air intake chamber. I may have incorrectly routed it up and it may need to go back down. I cannot find where it's supposed...
  13. hazard

    1FZ engine building and blueprinting

    Hi I've bought a used engine, trans, and transfer to build up and replace in my '97 80. Doing this as a hobby as I like building engines. Nothing wrong with what I have except it's gutless and guzzles. Plan to do a TRUE blueprint just because I can and like doing it ( I know every one will say...
  14. frankenyota

    1FZ Rbuild or not?

    Just bought a 96 model 1FZ manual with a blown head gasket to repair. The plan is to update my 83 dual cab hilux with this. So pulled the head to find the gasket had blown, no surprise. But on further inspection the bores have pitting from water sitting in the cylinders 1 and 6. So here is the...
  15. F

    For Sale Tampa FL 1fz block assembly

    Came out of my 1996 150k. Had a slight knock. Rotates by hand fine. Never been rebuilt. It's the bottom end only. No oil pans. Crane and pistons are still in it. Price free is someone will use it, it's just sitting here.
  16. G

    Wanted Knock sensor for 1993 1FZ

    Looking for good used functional one. Thanks,
  17. Bardiya

    How long do you wait for your dipstick reading 1FZ

    How long do you wait after the engine has switched off to check the engine oil? Manual states to wait a "few minutes" I do it at 5 minutes others at 3,10,8...etc I don't think it makes much of a difference I'm just curious.
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