Readers Rides, for pics and specs on your Toy(s).

Discussion in '79-95 Toyota Truck Tech' started by 2ndGenToyotaFan, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. 2ndGenToyotaFan

    2ndGenToyotaFan Ice-Bound Moderator

    It's complicated....
    Like the subjects says, post a picture of your truck or 4Runner, and tell us about it. If you have a lot of pics and mods, and feel up to it, sign up for the rig of the biweek, and you'll get a whole thread to yourself! :D

    Lets keep the chat to a minimum (That means none! :D) If you have a question about someones truck, start a new thread, or PM them, so we don't clutter this up.
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  2. 2ndGenToyotaFan

    2ndGenToyotaFan Ice-Bound Moderator

    It's complicated....
    I'll start.

    I'm driving an 89 4Runner named the James Caird. Read about the origin of the name here.

    It has a 22R-E and a 5 speed and is pushing 300k now, but I have reason to suspect the engine and tranny have both been messed with at some point.

    Tires are 33x10.5 BGF MT's.
    Torsion bars are cranked up front and 3 inch longer than stock shackle in the back for about 1.5 inch lift all around.
    Marlin 4.7 transfer case gears.
    4.56 differentials, and rear E-Locker.
    95 SR5 4Runner bucket seats.
    93 Hilux Surf Clinometer/Altimeter from New Zealand
    Upgraded 4Crawler headlight wire harness and headlights.
    Custom pinstriping down both sides. :confused:
    Moms road.JPG
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  3. KLF

    KLF Frame waxer

    Southern NH
    My turn:


    Specs (Updated 10/2014):

    1987 Xcab Hilux SR5 pickup
    235,XXX miles
    22RE engine
    VERY rust-free
    Total fame-off reconstruction, started 7/2010, completed 10/2014


    Solid Axle Swap, '85 Toyota front axle, home-brew front hanger
    Front hi-pinion e-locker from FZJ80, 4.88 gears
    Rear Tacoma e-locker, 4.88 gears
    Pipe-cap armored axles, shaved & drain plugs removed
    Goodyear Duratrac 285/75-R16 tires on 2000 4Runner alloy wheels
    Old Man Emu springs, F&R (heavy/heavy)
    Sky Mfg U-bolt flip kit
    Bilstein 5100 shocks, all corners
    Home-brew 1" body and engine lift
    Sky Mfg hi-steer arms
    BudBuilt tie-rod & draglink
    Longfields in front axle
    Warn HS9500 winch on FROR front bumper, Amsteel blue winch line
    Hella 550FF fog lights under front bumper
    Hella E-code headlights w/upgraded wiring harness
    Block bored 0.5mm over, new engnbldr forged pistons
    Engnbldr RV cam, ARP cyl head studs
    DOA steel timing chain guides
    LC Engineering header
    Custom-bent 2-1/4" stainless header-back exhaust (Skip's Exhaust)
    Upgraded "straight thru" intake from '89 4Runner
    R151F "turbo" transmission, rebuilt prior to install
    Marlin Crawler 1:4.70 gears in the transfer case, 23-spline input
    BudBuilt crossmember & skidplate w/1" lift
    Completely swapped interior to gray, w/later 4Runner "sculpted" door panels
    Autometer gauges on top of dash: mechanical water temp, oil pressure, vacuum, voltage, and air pressure (for future OBA)
    Added power windows and door locks (OEM parts)
    Keyless entry, w/starter disable and remote control of cargo lighting
    Alpine head unit, JL 300W amp, MB Quart speakers
    Midland 29-290 CB, 4' Wilson fiberglass antenna
    Yaesu FT-8800R 2m/430MHz ham radio, Larson roof-mounted antenna
    AllPro transfer case e-brake
    Rear disk brakes, Sky Mfg brackets
    Braided stainless steel brake lines
    Upgraded 1" V6 master cylinder, booster, and front calipers
    Wilwood manual brake proportioning valve
    Optima red-top battery
    Custom home-brew sliders with side protection
    Homemade rear bumper
    Huge box in the bed, full of spare parts, fluids, and tools

    Even though it's been fully restored to essentially factory new, I plan to drive this truck every day.

    Future plans:

    Dual battery setup
    On-board air

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  4. 1980 Truck
    20R head 22R block
    weber carb w/homemade snorkel
    Cherry bomb glass pack w/homemade smoke stack
    35" TSL ssr's
    stock gears
    rear blocks
    Camo paint
    Camo net
    gutted interior




    One wheel peel! oh yeah!

    Here is my truck, Valentines blue truck, and JoeRock's 4Runner:

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  5. This is my 1986 4Runner.
    Bone stock. needs rear springs:

  6. This is my 1989 stunt double truck
    4" lift.
    Hedder thrush glass pack
    mostly stock


    this is all of them, including Joe Rock's 4Runner
  7. Talos


    just thought I´d pop in a pic or two of my toyota HiLux :)

    it´s a 1989 model
    5.29 ratios
    springs front and rear (nissan patrol in front and 3-link in rear)
    38" mudders
    lockers front and rear
    130L fuel capacity
    VHF and CB radios plus a GPS unit
    12" woofer (yup :p) and CD
    3L engine (diesel 2.8L) with a CT-20 turbo and a big intercooler
    and probably lots of other stuff I´m forgetting :)

    and the pics


  8. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Jonathan_Ferguson ? is in the wrong locale SILVER Star

    Jonathan Ferguson's 1985 Toyota Hilux LN65

    To do List:
    Affix Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe into Exhaust Pipe. Done - 7th March, 2007.
    Adjust Injector Pump.​
    Rear Leaf Springs. Done - 16th to 20th April, 2007.
    Rear Dampers. Done - 16th to 20th April, 2007.
    Sought out the mounting of the Radios.​
    New Radio Aerial.​
    Remove Gearbox Fill Plug. Done - 3rd & 4th April, 2007.
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  9. Bob_Garrett

    Bob_Garrett SILVER Star

    Irving, TX
    1983 Standard Cab
    22R w/ 255k mi.
    5 spd

    Marlin 4.7 t-case gears
    Marlin Hy-Steer
    Alcan springs (4")
    Monroe shocks
    FJ80 Hi-Pinion front diff w/ ARB
    Aussie rear locker
    SR5 gauges
    Celica GTS seats
    Custom front bumper w/Warn 9.5XP winch
    Custom rock sliders
    315/75-16 Goodyear MTRs
    Vented front rotors w/ V6 calipers
    Lonfield front inner axles
    Smurfield birfs
  10. Marc P

    Marc P

    Santee, CA
    Truck Model/Year: 1995 4runner
    Engine: 3.slow
    Tranny: auto
    Transfer Case(s): stock
    Front Axle & Gear: SAS, Toy axle, 4.88, TRD E-locker
    Rear Axle & Gear: 4.88 Detroit
    Front Springs: All-Pro/Stock rears hybrid
    Rear Springs: OME 860 coils
    Tires & Rims: 33x12.5 X-terrains
    Frame Mods: none
    Body Mods: sliders, bumpers, Budbuilt crossmember, TG diff armor
    Other Mods: Taurus fan, custom intake/exhaust


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  11. norcalsvx


    GRASS valley, CA

    downey fiberglass fenders
    downey dual shock kit w/ billys
    downey idler arm brace
    budbuilt skid
    budbuilt x member
    OME torsions
    SDORI BJ spacers
    new ball joints, idler arm
    engbldr street RV head w/ 261c
    engbldr Timing chain kitw/ steel rail
    LC oil pump/water pump
    LC valve cover
    Downey intake
    LCE header
    LCE wires, cap,rotor
    Low pro stops
    clear corners (not installed yet)
    Grant steering wheel
    RJS 3 point harness
    3" shackles (not installed yet)
    rear billys
    total choas brace
    33x10.50x15 BFG muds on street locks
    (the street locks where free so dont hate on Headlight up grade
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  12. cruiserbent


    heres littlerunner.bone stock right now.engines out of her to at the moment.puttin in new rings & valve.
    this was at LBL in Ky.wheelin with fj cruiser teams-my first time
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  13. here's my 84 pickup
    [​IMG]i'll get some good offroad pics soon.
    mods: custom bumper to be made soon around trial-gear winch mount that's about it. more to come when i get a job.
    here's my dad's FJ
    [​IMG][​IMG]mods to that: winch bumper from demello offroad, 2" lift coil springs from OME
  14. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Jonathan_Ferguson ? is in the wrong locale SILVER Star

    Jonathan Ferguson's 1985 Toyota Hilux LN65

    Saturday the 17th of February, 2007. - Front & Rear average RTI on 20° Ramp 501.736111111

    1460/2880*1000=506.944444444 on a 20° Ramp

    1430/2880*1000=496.527777778 on a 20° Ramp
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  15. customcruiser

    customcruiser Old Member

    Mooresville, NC -- Lake Norman
    94 4Runer SR5 V6 Auto
    --SAS'd AllPro Kit w/5" Springs Bilstein 5150's
    --Custom 3-Link w/16" Fox Coilovers & 16" 250/250 King Springs
    --Chopped and Bobbed Rear
    --(5) HUMVEE Double Beadlocks converted to 6 Lug Toyota
    --36x12.50 Michilian Military OZ Tires
    --Stock Drivetrain
    --ARB Bull Bar
    --Milemarker M8000 Front Winch
    --Xtreme 1500 Rear Winch
    --60" Cast Hi-Lift Jack
    --Marlin Crawler Sliders
    --OffCamber Square Driveshafts
    --OffCamber Steering Box Brace
    --OffCamber CO2 Setup
    --Rear Disc Brake Conversion
    --Yukon Spool w/4.88's
    --FJ80 HP 8" Welded w/4.88's
    --Lowrence IFinder GPS
    --(2) Hella 500's
    --(2) Rock Lights
    --Optima Yellow Top
    --Cobra CB w/Firestick II
    --Alpine Receiver
    --Clarion 4 Channel Amp
    --Alpine Class D Amp
    --Memphis 4.25's; Nakamichi 6.5's
    --JL Audio 12W6
    566690_95_full.jpg 566690_99_full.jpg 566690_102_full.jpg
  16. swerks


    Wauwatosa, Wi.
    86 Turbo 4Runner, engine rebuilt. custom rolled on rustoleum paint job( by ME!) 2.5 in complete exhaust. more to come:D
    b1 (Medium).jpg
  17. Symon623


    Peoria AZ
    New to this site not to wheelin though. Did the Jeep thing for 15 years after my first "mini" which served me very well, but in my native Washington State the trails at times were too tight for all the sheetmetal of a truck, so along came the Jeep, now a new turn in my wheelin hobby has come along and it's back to a truck.

    Am good and ready for some good abuse from the Cruiser guys and hope to get out and wheel with some of ya this summer when mine gets done.


    Here's where I'm at so far. On the front springs, steering done, needs rear suspension yet and then all the little crap. :D 85 SC, GM 4.3/700r4 and Dana 300 case. a couple of 60's with 5,38's and Detroits and some 37" Goodyear shoes. Links and coils front and rear plus a few other goodies alng the way. The pic shows the rig at ride height. Trimming will comence when the suspension is all done.
  18. John Smith

    John Smith In the garage GOLD Star

    1987 Regular Cab 22R in the family since it rolled off the lot.
    Replaced both front fenders due to rust.
    Built custom flat bed due to origianl bed rusted away.
    Repainted Rustic Green, early LC color.
    1" BL on cab.
    31x12.5x15 BFG MT
    Detroit EZ-locker in the front, open rear, stock gears.
    No longer sees trail duty after building up the 40 for the trails.
    180k somthing miles on original drivetrain.
    Replaced the water pump twice, both rear axle bearings, changed timing chain, replaced brakes a few times over the years, Clutch master and slave twice, radiator once, clutch once. That is it! Never owned a better vehicle that cost so little to maintain. :beer:

  19. Straydog


    Camp Hill, PA
    My 87 4runner

    BudBuilt front skid
    4in Pro Comp stage 2 lift (PO installed:frown: )
    Locking the rear
    Marlin 4.70 transfer case(in route)
    BFG 33in mud terrians
    4.56 gears (PO installed:) )
    SAS in the future



    I need to learn how to work the pictures better.
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  20. 1uz4runner


    94 4runner sr5 3.0,auto,4" superlift 31x10.50 for now looking 4 some 33x12.50 and 15x8 wheels w/3.75 or so backspace and a homebrew intake new here not to car or trucks though.

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