School me on this 40

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Jan 4, 2011
I'm not planning to buy a 40 but I scan CL now and then to see what sort of stuff might be for sale in my area. This Fj40 has been listed for a while and it looks strange to me. By strange i mean it looks like a clean 40 but the price seems too low if its as clean as it looks....and the body looks odd for some is this some sort of 1 piece fiberglass tub kit?

1972 Toyota FJ40

The tub appears to be fiberglass. Where the side louvers are supposed to be, are raised and blocked off. Typical for a fiberglass tub. The fenders and apron might be 1 piece too. Hood hold downs are too far back, and it is missing the windshield hooks and pads. Looks like an old CJ or willys rollbar. No louvers in the hood either. No kick vents
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For starters the seller is asking about 4-5,000.00 too much :meh:

...........after looking at the pics in the add maybe 5-6000.00 too much.Lots of original missing from that truck.
I love it.. "No RUST"
It looks like it’s up in the Moultonboro area. I don’t plan on traveling up there until the lake warms up, but I am somewhat local so let me know if you find something that you’d like a second option on.

This truck isn’t my type of Cruiser, but I disagree that it’s $5-6k overpriced. Especially if it was built well. As noted before, most, of not all of the body is fiberglass, which is a turn-off for most, but as you’ve found, it ain’t easy finding a solid cruiser in these parts. I’d be looking further west and further south if I were you.
That is a Mallotte fiberglass tub. Not as well built as a Gozzard fiberglass tub but not bad. Can't say for sure on the front fenders and hood but I suspect fiberglass.
front fenders might be alum, but id be surprised if they are steel.
tub is glass. hood is aftermarket as well, probably glass too.
and the obvious, lack of a bezel, which is a bezel police felony.
Is there no bezel? Or just a post 80's bezel?

And the idea that it is only worth $4,000 is nuts.
Is there no bezel? Or just a post 80's bezel?

And the idea that it is only worth $4,000 is nuts.

No bezel.
It has head light rings.
Someone tryed yo make it look like a jeep.

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