For Sale HDJ81 5 speed Manual

Dec 15, 2008
Eliot, Maine
Hi. I know you decided to keep this one, but what is the deal with the rear windows? Do they open top down instead of the standard 80 series which slide front to back?

I could be interested in sale if you decide to relist.


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Sep 11, 2014
The JDM diesel 80s did not come with rear opening windows. They can however be converted.


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Sep 11, 2014
Well, since I made the decision to take it off the market while I build it, I've had a flurry of "Interested" buyers contact me and ask me to hold up as they are interested in purchasing it as is. None of those buyers have put a deposit down or came to look at it, and here we are a month later and I have moved on to other projects. So, here it is, back on Mud as I am no longer driving it and need to put my focus on my paying clients. I can build this truck however you like and since my business has numerous wholesale parts accounts I will gladly give you the parts to build it at cost... given you purchase this vehicle first! You can have my shop do the work, or build it yourself. I import about 20 cruisers per year, do all the necessary maintenance, and give parts support as well. Anyone who buys a vehicle from me gets parts at a discount as long as they own that vehicle. This is not a plug for my business, I'm simply advertising a really solid cruiser and want to make it clear that this isn't the average flip post. I haven't seen very many 5 speed HDJ81s and usually when you do see them they are very high miles and very well used, to put it lightly. Although this one is not perfect, it is mechanically sound, low miles and not rusty. I originally posted it at $17K and I know that after it's lifted, snorkeled, bigger tires and has the ARB bumper, I can price it at $23K+. Yes, I know there's a guy on the East Coast who has posted some HDJ81s on Ebay for $12-14K. Every single day I look at the same auction houses he is getting these from, and these are the same cruisers I previously passed on when they were for sale in Japan. No disrespect, but you get what you pay for. I need to find my 5 speed HDJ81 a new home, but not going to give her away... or maybe I am...


The Good

  • HDJ81 w/ 5 Speed Manual Transmission 129,000 original miles
  • 1HDT Diesel, No blow by or oil usage
  • No leaks,
  • Factory Winch W/ Controller
  • All Fluids Changed including clutch Master
  • All Filters Changed
  • 75/90 Syn in all gear boxes, Redline Synthetic in Transmission
  • Changed Pinion Seals
  • Greased Drivelines and Steering
  • New Timing Belt and Tensioner
  • New 140 Amp Alternator to replace the anemic 60 amp stock one
  • Replaced 24/12 Starter Switch
  • Tested all grounds, batteries, charging system, starting system and glow system, all good
  • Installed In-Line Coolant Heater
  • New rear brake shoes and calipers, new front shoes and the rotors and calipers look good too
  • New Exhaust System
  • Front Knuckles rebuilt at some point by PO, no drips or noise
  • Invoice in glove box says clutch was done 50K kilometers ago
  • No rust on body, very very minor underneath
  • Tires are stock size w/ 70% tread depth
  • Headlight Washers, Sunroof, Spare Tire Carrier, A/C, CD Player
  • Center Diff Lock Only
  • Limited Slip Differential in rear
  • Good interior, no rips or or cracks, seat bolsters still good, could use a good detail though
  • Original Paint, no clear coat issues like most have
  • I purchased this truck 6 hours North of me in Alberta, imported to the US and have a clean clear Montana title that will transfer to all 50 States! The PO told me that the BEBs had been done, but had no invoice to prove such. There's a good 8 years of maintenance history that comes with the vehicle, although I can tell by the work done that all of the invoices are not in there.
  • Spare Tire is Garbage
  • Window motors are slow (cleaning out the tracks would work wonders)
  • Some very minor surface rust underneath, which would easily be removed with a wire wheel
  • License plate bolts need to be re-tapped
  • A/C needs a shot of Ref.
  • Some scratches on body (most will buff out)
  • Fender flares are scratched up pretty good (could just respray w/out painting it all, or remove)
  • Running boards are bent
  • Mudflaps are missing
  • Missing some speaker covers
  • Some inner door handle bezels are cracked
This was my Wife's daily driver this winter. It's a solid truck, if I trust it to put my own family in it, you can too!
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Jul 3, 2005
Bay Area
105km/h @ 2600 rpms - does this have 3.73s or 4.11s..? and what tire size was that hyw vid done on?


May 30, 2008
105km/h @ 2600 rpms - does this have 3.73s or 4.11s..? and what tire size was that hyw vid done on?
in Europe there where only 2 diesels Mr T considered strong enough for the 3.70 gears ; HJ61 with 12HT and H55 and the other HDJ80 with 1HDT and H151.

I guess it would be the same for the JDM market and that might be why these Cruisers run so much better then the auto full time 4wd units.
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